Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hanging Out With The Boys

So what's bugging me today? I just found out it's wrong to hang out with one's own gender. Oh you didn't hear the story? Actually it's about our President (again) and the hoopla for hanging out with the boys to shoot some hoops and not inviting women. The horror.

The Prez called the news "bunk" and I'm thinking a more colorful word - the initials "B.S" come to mind. But where the Prez lost me was doing th P.C thing by inviting a female golfer to the White House to tee with him. Gosh, I definitely know I'm not called to politics. To me, that weakened his position. He didn't need to do that to show he's for feminist rights.

Now I'm unapologetically a feminist. Not in the way of thinking men are unnecessary (though sometimes I wonder), but to provide fairness in the field of life. But come on!

When I want to spend time with some friends as "girls night out," the invite means just what it says:NO BOYS ALLOWED. Not that I don't have love for the brothers but doggone it, I need a BREAK from you once in a while. What is so different with the Prez who has a wife, two daughters, a mother-in-law, and hired more women in his administration than any history?

Seriously people, give the guy a break and hanging out with his boys for some time to shoot some hoops could be a start.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Watching Oprah on Praying Robber

Pardon how this post will appear cuz I'm blogging from a handheld device and not my computer.

I'm going through a range of emotions with the 23 year old guy (Greg) who's black and robbed(well attempted to rob) the white lady(Angela) in the check cashing store but they ended up praying together.The robber later turned himself in and Oprah had all parties involved on the show; well Greg from his jail via satellite.

I actually cried watching this story - yeah even me the so-called tough chick cried because of the mercy and grace reflected in the story.

Greg said no one has ever spoken to him the way Angela did and he did not excuse himself for what he did even though he's been out of work for a year and was a former soldier but he was tired of feeling less than man who couldn't provide for his family.

Have you guys watched the movie "John Q?" You know how you were rooting Denzel's character John but you still felt bad in the end because he still had to go to prison? That's how I feel.

But then Oprah flipped the script with comedian Wanda Sykes who's had me laughing on topical issues only for Bebe and Cece Winans close the show with a great song called "grace." How appropo for the song to be dedicated to Greg.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stop Hatin . . . Appreciate The Prez Nobel Peace Prize

I'm supposed to be studying but you know what happens when I have something bugging me . . . I blog about the subject. Such as the hoopla over President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize.

Now I'd admit waking up Friday morning and hearing the news was a surprise. More like "really, wow!" But afterwards, I thought to myself "well, good for America!" Oh but I found out later that others didn't share the same sentiments. It felt as if the President stole something.

I really despise ignorance. And the sad thing is the 24 hours news cycle don't do justice to educating the masses how previous laureates won the influential prize. Granted I won't put President Obama in the same category as Mother Teresa - another Nobel Prize winner; infact, no one comes close. But you know someone who did and never got a Nobel Peace Prize? Mahatma Gandhi. I know right; the horror.

So for all the shouting talking heads who said the President hasn't accomplished anything, I say check your history. Yes, sometimes laureates have won for many years toiling in the struggle like previously mentioned Mother Teresa but others have won for just bringing awareness to an issue (such as Al Gore for climate change) or being a driving force behind a movement (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr for civil rights).

President Obama becomes the third African American and third sitting U.S. President in history to win the Nobel Peace Prize. The two African Americans (Ralph Bunche and MLK)were speaking out against racism and inequality. While they were doing so, the civil rights law was no where close (especially during Bunche's time)and about a year later after MLK won. Now the critics are right: you can't compare Obama to other U.S sitting Presidents because he's only been in the office for nine months. But guess what, the nomination was over just 11 days after his inauguration.

So what do you want him to do? Give up the prize? You must have bump your head! Don't hate because they wanted to bestow such honor to a person who represents an "aspiration" to what's yet to come. As previously stated, there have been many notables who got the prize just for that with less controversy. And the President struck the right tone by saying how surprised and humbled he was . . . and not to be compared to transformative figures who've won the prize. Ok, I disagree with the latter part of his speech. Obama became a transformative figure on Nov 4, 2008 when he became the first African American President.