Friday, September 18, 2009

Extra, Extra! Read All About It

More like Wear it as it proved in last night's (my morning) Project Runway which I wanted to live blog as I was watching a couple of hours ago but no capability here. Yes, Newspapers (a dying industry - just kidding) was the challenge for the episode. The designers went to the Los Angeles Times building and got stacks and stacks of paper to create a fashion forward outfit relevant for 2009 from when it was first introduced on the runways over 40 years ago.

These are the challenges I absolutely love (something from the grocery store, car and now, newspapers). And you got to see the private catfights from two lady designers: Irina and Althea (who won last week's challenge). Irina felt Althea shouldn't have won the challenge because she just did a suit (I agreed but she was the only one who made three pieces to others one or two-piece and she had the BEST walker for a model who sold the outfit).

Also, Althea won immunity - she cannot be eliminated for the next (this) challenge. Then Althea is also gossiping about how Irina's paper coat looks weird (Meow). More on those two later because the judges chose theirs as two of the three best outfits.

Another lesson learned from last night's Runway: THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS. In modern day speak: Thou shall not lie. Such was the memo sent to Johnny, though it came too late. You don't lie and how many times do these designers have to get it in their freaking heads: LISTEN TO TIM GUNN! There's a reason he's spent over 30 years in the fashion industry. Johnny flat out lied for why his paper colorful-faces dress was sub-par that a steam iron destroyed his first outfit. The guy was solving a cross-word puzzle when others were slaving over their outfits. NOT COOL!

Another memo goes to Nicholas: Don't be a legend in your own mind. Nicholas feel all the other designers there are not as talented as him. I'll give him this: He knows how to call the loser designers each week including him because he struggled really bad trying to figure out how to use paper to make an outfit. His outfit along with Johnny's and Georgina (not exact spelling but sounds like that) were the bottom three.

Now to the judges: The guest judges were Tommy Hilfiger, Eva Longoria Parker (love her) and editor of Marie (Zoe "Something"). They picked, as previously stated Irina and Althea's plus Christopher's (one of my fave designers). I didn't think Althea's should have been one of the top 3, I was floored by Louise outfit with something that looked like the "statement jewelry" in magazines attached to the dress. It just looked regal.

I would have pulled Christopher's as the winner with the bottom part of the dress looking like feathers and the top like a leather bustier (hard-paper). But I think because Irina (even though her coat was magnificent) hasn't won a challenge, she got the top prize and IMMUNITY. And Johnny, was sent packing.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye, Kanye. Quite Contrary

So here I was waiting to watch the tribute to Michael Jackson by many especially that of Janet (Ms. Jackson if you're nasty). And it seemed the night at the VMAs was going fine until you knew it, Kanye West who wasn't even in the category to win an award got on stage and took away a teenager's (Taylor Swift) moment of winning her first VMA. What the hell?

Hey Kanye, how about picking on someone your own size? I didn't see you get on stage when Eminem won. You acted like a bully and gosh what alternate universe do you live in that makes you think you're the king and the rest of us are your subjects. Have you lost your ever-loving mind? Too late, you already did with some help from Hennessy.

And to cheapen the moment of both Swift's and the King of Pop (which contrary to your view, you're NOT his reincarnation) to the point that nobody is talking about the great duet dance of Janet with her video brother or the new generation dancing of her brother legendary moves only your CLASSLESS move is beyond appaling.

I don't care how many apologies you've issued, yes you are sorry and I don't mean it in the way you think. You're sorry for getting on that stage, you're sorry for dragging Beyonce to your tirade, and you're sorry for acting like an ignorant negro (yeah I said it).

Speaking of Beyonce, a woman you Kanye could learn an ounce of "class" from instead of being two letters removed from the word: She has gained a whole new level of respect from this girl by bringing back Swift to the stage to have her stolen moment when she could relish it for herself for winning "Video of the Year." And you, Kanye . . . have just lost a fan.

P.S. I intentionally chose not to embed that infamous video; afterall, we've seen it enough.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Runway Season 6

For those fans who expect me to be serious most times, sorry to disappoint you but it's fall (well technically on September 22nd) and for all fashionistas out there, this is the best season ever! This is time to show your real style and one show ALL (even those who won't admit it) fashionistas have to make a date with is PROJECT RUNWAY! Even folks who aren't fashionistas are Runway fans like my TV friend Jon Stewart (miss you the last three weeks) as seen with Tim Gunn (a genius) promoting the new season.

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Runway has given us four episodes of the new season and it's time for me to give my musings: It's freaking great! Even a new city (Los Angeles) didn't dampen the show from it's previous home, the fashion capital - New York. And my three favorite designers (pictured above and in other) are Ra'mon, Epperson, Christopher.

What no women? Well there are a few bright spots that tickle my fancy like Louise with her vintage but edgy designs but the guys are my favorite not only for their obvious talents (and clothes of theirs I could see myself wearing) but their compelling life stories: Ra'mon was studying to be guess this - a neurosurgeon (isn't it great not to see a stereotypical rapper or athlete- in the words of Seinfeld: Not that there's anything wrong with that) but almost in his final year, quit med school to follow his passion for fashion.

Then Epperson, a 49-year old man, he could be a father to some of the designers (said his oldest child is 26) has had a life as a successful window designer (have you seen Macy's or Barneys in New York during the holidays?) but wanted to give his hidden desire of making his own designs a try.

Lastly, Christopher (who won the first episode challenge) is there with raw talent even if he's never been professionally trained in the fashion schools or regular formal education and according to the poll of Lifetime, he's leading all designers as "fans favorite."

My favorite episode so far was Episode 3 with "Rumble on the Runway" where it was a team challenge and they had to create a "surfer" and "avantgarde" look that will complement each other. You talk about drama! First of all, I knew there will be trouble when Qristyl (who I thought should have gone in the first episode), the team leader (pronounced Crystal - don't even want to go there) picked Epperson. I was like "hmmn, all your skin folk, ain't your kin folk" (to quote a great writer). Just because both of them were black, doesn't mean they were going to get along. And I was right - the drama was epic! In the words of Qristyl (who was supposed to be the team leader but Epperson thought he was), it was "a bad marriage." Their vision was conflicting and they were in the bottom two because their garments showed the confusion.

Second, was when Mitchell (the team leader in embedded video) picked Ra'mon as teammate and you knew (and Mitchell said) it that he wanted to ride on Ra'mon's coattail because he's been in the bottom two for two weeks in a row. Ra'mon did almost all the work even with time deadline and threat of elimination from Tim Gunn if one design didn't make it to the Runway. And their looks won but another history was made: first time the teammate (not to talk of the leader) of the winning look was eliminated.

I'm looking forward to more episodes but those are my musings so far . . .

Ellen In, Paula Out

Y'all didn't think I was going to let "Idol" news slip by without offering my opinion with all the buzz even though the season ended months ago.

First of all, let me be clear: Paula Abdul is not my favorite judge, that honor goes to Simon Cowell. My reveal tells you a little thing about me: tell me the truth regardless of how it stings. Simon does that very well and love him or hate him on Idol, he is the voice of reason - for the most part.

But Paula with all her oft-loopiness served a purpose: You also need someone who could be gentle especially when you're just a kid plucked from obscurity into a national limelight. I think Paula gets that because from being counted out from a young girl in ballet training to being a one-time multi-platinum pop diva, she knows the rigours. That's why I think it was wrong to let her walk away. It was wrong not paying her a comparable salary to the big boys club. It shows the fight many women still keep fighting in this country by being paid 77 cents to the guy's Dollar for the same job. Then the bombshell a couple of days ago: Ellen DeGeneres will replace Paula. Say what!

Second thing, I happen to like Ellen. I think she's adorable and I know she "performs" in front of millions each day but to JUDGE A SINGING COMPETITION? Come on! And granted Paula is no "accomplished" singer; face it, she ain't Whitney (Welcome back Ms. Houston). But she has sang and can recognize tone, pitch, melody, etc you need for music. I'll never forget a couple of seasons ago, Simon was ready to write off this female singer from the audition, and Randy was on the fence. Paula was the only one who stood for her saying she should try and sing a "Dolly Parton" song because it seems she has a voice like Dolly's. The problem was: This singer didn't know any Dolly Parton song. So they gave her some time while auditioning others to find and practice a "Dolly" song. She came back and nailed the audition, went to Hollywood.

Now do you think Ellen is going to figure that out? I don't know. And I get all the "voice of the people" reason Ellen gave when she announced the news because I judge those singers and I'm not in the music industry and most times I'm right and other times I'm wrong. But I still want the final word to be from an expert and that, Ellen is not. Do I think the experiment will work? I think so . . . like I said Ellen is adorable and people tune in for the most part to see someone get a shot at their dreams, even it's a pie-in-the-sky one for those who can't even carry a tune (another reason people watch).

Do I think Ellen's pick is a fair one? Nope! I think it's another dig at Paula saying she wasn't really a "singer." And that's my truth . . . coming from a fan of Simon's.

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