Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Going Dark For A While . . . And Giving Thanks

Hello Readers:

So what happened in the last month since I've been gone? I celebrated a birthday, my brother celebrates a milestone one today (Happy Bday again S., love you) and tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

During this time, I've taken to heart what Socrates spoke about an "unexamined life" and taken a hard look at mine. I want to rediscover ME and take a break of talking (in my case, writing) about the muddled world around me.

So I want to say thanks for reading. This blog served the purpose it was created for - you got to see how I really think along the way; I don't suffer fools.

But a person who loves to have fun also. I can't deal with people who are too serious. Funny, some folks have confessed that seeing me for the first time intimidated them until they saw the other side - the silly side.

I'm OUT getting to know the next phase in my journey . . . Peace

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hanging Out With The Boys

So what's bugging me today? I just found out it's wrong to hang out with one's own gender. Oh you didn't hear the story? Actually it's about our President (again) and the hoopla for hanging out with the boys to shoot some hoops and not inviting women. The horror.

The Prez called the news "bunk" and I'm thinking a more colorful word - the initials "B.S" come to mind. But where the Prez lost me was doing th P.C thing by inviting a female golfer to the White House to tee with him. Gosh, I definitely know I'm not called to politics. To me, that weakened his position. He didn't need to do that to show he's for feminist rights.

Now I'm unapologetically a feminist. Not in the way of thinking men are unnecessary (though sometimes I wonder), but to provide fairness in the field of life. But come on!

When I want to spend time with some friends as "girls night out," the invite means just what it says:NO BOYS ALLOWED. Not that I don't have love for the brothers but doggone it, I need a BREAK from you once in a while. What is so different with the Prez who has a wife, two daughters, a mother-in-law, and hired more women in his administration than any history?

Seriously people, give the guy a break and hanging out with his boys for some time to shoot some hoops could be a start.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Watching Oprah on Praying Robber

Pardon how this post will appear cuz I'm blogging from a handheld device and not my computer.

I'm going through a range of emotions with the 23 year old guy (Greg) who's black and robbed(well attempted to rob) the white lady(Angela) in the check cashing store but they ended up praying together.The robber later turned himself in and Oprah had all parties involved on the show; well Greg from his jail via satellite.

I actually cried watching this story - yeah even me the so-called tough chick cried because of the mercy and grace reflected in the story.

Greg said no one has ever spoken to him the way Angela did and he did not excuse himself for what he did even though he's been out of work for a year and was a former soldier but he was tired of feeling less than man who couldn't provide for his family.

Have you guys watched the movie "John Q?" You know how you were rooting Denzel's character John but you still felt bad in the end because he still had to go to prison? That's how I feel.

But then Oprah flipped the script with comedian Wanda Sykes who's had me laughing on topical issues only for Bebe and Cece Winans close the show with a great song called "grace." How appropo for the song to be dedicated to Greg.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stop Hatin . . . Appreciate The Prez Nobel Peace Prize

I'm supposed to be studying but you know what happens when I have something bugging me . . . I blog about the subject. Such as the hoopla over President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize.

Now I'd admit waking up Friday morning and hearing the news was a surprise. More like "really, wow!" But afterwards, I thought to myself "well, good for America!" Oh but I found out later that others didn't share the same sentiments. It felt as if the President stole something.

I really despise ignorance. And the sad thing is the 24 hours news cycle don't do justice to educating the masses how previous laureates won the influential prize. Granted I won't put President Obama in the same category as Mother Teresa - another Nobel Prize winner; infact, no one comes close. But you know someone who did and never got a Nobel Peace Prize? Mahatma Gandhi. I know right; the horror.

So for all the shouting talking heads who said the President hasn't accomplished anything, I say check your history. Yes, sometimes laureates have won for many years toiling in the struggle like previously mentioned Mother Teresa but others have won for just bringing awareness to an issue (such as Al Gore for climate change) or being a driving force behind a movement (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr for civil rights).

President Obama becomes the third African American and third sitting U.S. President in history to win the Nobel Peace Prize. The two African Americans (Ralph Bunche and MLK)were speaking out against racism and inequality. While they were doing so, the civil rights law was no where close (especially during Bunche's time)and about a year later after MLK won. Now the critics are right: you can't compare Obama to other U.S sitting Presidents because he's only been in the office for nine months. But guess what, the nomination was over just 11 days after his inauguration.

So what do you want him to do? Give up the prize? You must have bump your head! Don't hate because they wanted to bestow such honor to a person who represents an "aspiration" to what's yet to come. As previously stated, there have been many notables who got the prize just for that with less controversy. And the President struck the right tone by saying how surprised and humbled he was . . . and not to be compared to transformative figures who've won the prize. Ok, I disagree with the latter part of his speech. Obama became a transformative figure on Nov 4, 2008 when he became the first African American President.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Extra, Extra! Read All About It

More like Wear it as it proved in last night's (my morning) Project Runway which I wanted to live blog as I was watching a couple of hours ago but no capability here. Yes, Newspapers (a dying industry - just kidding) was the challenge for the episode. The designers went to the Los Angeles Times building and got stacks and stacks of paper to create a fashion forward outfit relevant for 2009 from when it was first introduced on the runways over 40 years ago.

These are the challenges I absolutely love (something from the grocery store, car and now, newspapers). And you got to see the private catfights from two lady designers: Irina and Althea (who won last week's challenge). Irina felt Althea shouldn't have won the challenge because she just did a suit (I agreed but she was the only one who made three pieces to others one or two-piece and she had the BEST walker for a model who sold the outfit).

Also, Althea won immunity - she cannot be eliminated for the next (this) challenge. Then Althea is also gossiping about how Irina's paper coat looks weird (Meow). More on those two later because the judges chose theirs as two of the three best outfits.

Another lesson learned from last night's Runway: THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS. In modern day speak: Thou shall not lie. Such was the memo sent to Johnny, though it came too late. You don't lie and how many times do these designers have to get it in their freaking heads: LISTEN TO TIM GUNN! There's a reason he's spent over 30 years in the fashion industry. Johnny flat out lied for why his paper colorful-faces dress was sub-par that a steam iron destroyed his first outfit. The guy was solving a cross-word puzzle when others were slaving over their outfits. NOT COOL!

Another memo goes to Nicholas: Don't be a legend in your own mind. Nicholas feel all the other designers there are not as talented as him. I'll give him this: He knows how to call the loser designers each week including him because he struggled really bad trying to figure out how to use paper to make an outfit. His outfit along with Johnny's and Georgina (not exact spelling but sounds like that) were the bottom three.

Now to the judges: The guest judges were Tommy Hilfiger, Eva Longoria Parker (love her) and editor of Marie (Zoe "Something"). They picked, as previously stated Irina and Althea's plus Christopher's (one of my fave designers). I didn't think Althea's should have been one of the top 3, I was floored by Louise outfit with something that looked like the "statement jewelry" in magazines attached to the dress. It just looked regal.

I would have pulled Christopher's as the winner with the bottom part of the dress looking like feathers and the top like a leather bustier (hard-paper). But I think because Irina (even though her coat was magnificent) hasn't won a challenge, she got the top prize and IMMUNITY. And Johnny, was sent packing.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye, Kanye. Quite Contrary

So here I was waiting to watch the tribute to Michael Jackson by many especially that of Janet (Ms. Jackson if you're nasty). And it seemed the night at the VMAs was going fine until you knew it, Kanye West who wasn't even in the category to win an award got on stage and took away a teenager's (Taylor Swift) moment of winning her first VMA. What the hell?

Hey Kanye, how about picking on someone your own size? I didn't see you get on stage when Eminem won. You acted like a bully and gosh what alternate universe do you live in that makes you think you're the king and the rest of us are your subjects. Have you lost your ever-loving mind? Too late, you already did with some help from Hennessy.

And to cheapen the moment of both Swift's and the King of Pop (which contrary to your view, you're NOT his reincarnation) to the point that nobody is talking about the great duet dance of Janet with her video brother or the new generation dancing of her brother legendary moves only your CLASSLESS move is beyond appaling.

I don't care how many apologies you've issued, yes you are sorry and I don't mean it in the way you think. You're sorry for getting on that stage, you're sorry for dragging Beyonce to your tirade, and you're sorry for acting like an ignorant negro (yeah I said it).

Speaking of Beyonce, a woman you Kanye could learn an ounce of "class" from instead of being two letters removed from the word: She has gained a whole new level of respect from this girl by bringing back Swift to the stage to have her stolen moment when she could relish it for herself for winning "Video of the Year." And you, Kanye . . . have just lost a fan.

P.S. I intentionally chose not to embed that infamous video; afterall, we've seen it enough.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Runway Season 6

For those fans who expect me to be serious most times, sorry to disappoint you but it's fall (well technically on September 22nd) and for all fashionistas out there, this is the best season ever! This is time to show your real style and one show ALL (even those who won't admit it) fashionistas have to make a date with is PROJECT RUNWAY! Even folks who aren't fashionistas are Runway fans like my TV friend Jon Stewart (miss you the last three weeks) as seen with Tim Gunn (a genius) promoting the new season.

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Runway has given us four episodes of the new season and it's time for me to give my musings: It's freaking great! Even a new city (Los Angeles) didn't dampen the show from it's previous home, the fashion capital - New York. And my three favorite designers (pictured above and in other) are Ra'mon, Epperson, Christopher.

What no women? Well there are a few bright spots that tickle my fancy like Louise with her vintage but edgy designs but the guys are my favorite not only for their obvious talents (and clothes of theirs I could see myself wearing) but their compelling life stories: Ra'mon was studying to be guess this - a neurosurgeon (isn't it great not to see a stereotypical rapper or athlete- in the words of Seinfeld: Not that there's anything wrong with that) but almost in his final year, quit med school to follow his passion for fashion.

Then Epperson, a 49-year old man, he could be a father to some of the designers (said his oldest child is 26) has had a life as a successful window designer (have you seen Macy's or Barneys in New York during the holidays?) but wanted to give his hidden desire of making his own designs a try.

Lastly, Christopher (who won the first episode challenge) is there with raw talent even if he's never been professionally trained in the fashion schools or regular formal education and according to the poll of Lifetime, he's leading all designers as "fans favorite."

My favorite episode so far was Episode 3 with "Rumble on the Runway" where it was a team challenge and they had to create a "surfer" and "avantgarde" look that will complement each other. You talk about drama! First of all, I knew there will be trouble when Qristyl (who I thought should have gone in the first episode), the team leader (pronounced Crystal - don't even want to go there) picked Epperson. I was like "hmmn, all your skin folk, ain't your kin folk" (to quote a great writer). Just because both of them were black, doesn't mean they were going to get along. And I was right - the drama was epic! In the words of Qristyl (who was supposed to be the team leader but Epperson thought he was), it was "a bad marriage." Their vision was conflicting and they were in the bottom two because their garments showed the confusion.

Second, was when Mitchell (the team leader in embedded video) picked Ra'mon as teammate and you knew (and Mitchell said) it that he wanted to ride on Ra'mon's coattail because he's been in the bottom two for two weeks in a row. Ra'mon did almost all the work even with time deadline and threat of elimination from Tim Gunn if one design didn't make it to the Runway. And their looks won but another history was made: first time the teammate (not to talk of the leader) of the winning look was eliminated.

I'm looking forward to more episodes but those are my musings so far . . .

Ellen In, Paula Out

Y'all didn't think I was going to let "Idol" news slip by without offering my opinion with all the buzz even though the season ended months ago.

First of all, let me be clear: Paula Abdul is not my favorite judge, that honor goes to Simon Cowell. My reveal tells you a little thing about me: tell me the truth regardless of how it stings. Simon does that very well and love him or hate him on Idol, he is the voice of reason - for the most part.

But Paula with all her oft-loopiness served a purpose: You also need someone who could be gentle especially when you're just a kid plucked from obscurity into a national limelight. I think Paula gets that because from being counted out from a young girl in ballet training to being a one-time multi-platinum pop diva, she knows the rigours. That's why I think it was wrong to let her walk away. It was wrong not paying her a comparable salary to the big boys club. It shows the fight many women still keep fighting in this country by being paid 77 cents to the guy's Dollar for the same job. Then the bombshell a couple of days ago: Ellen DeGeneres will replace Paula. Say what!

Second thing, I happen to like Ellen. I think she's adorable and I know she "performs" in front of millions each day but to JUDGE A SINGING COMPETITION? Come on! And granted Paula is no "accomplished" singer; face it, she ain't Whitney (Welcome back Ms. Houston). But she has sang and can recognize tone, pitch, melody, etc you need for music. I'll never forget a couple of seasons ago, Simon was ready to write off this female singer from the audition, and Randy was on the fence. Paula was the only one who stood for her saying she should try and sing a "Dolly Parton" song because it seems she has a voice like Dolly's. The problem was: This singer didn't know any Dolly Parton song. So they gave her some time while auditioning others to find and practice a "Dolly" song. She came back and nailed the audition, went to Hollywood.

Now do you think Ellen is going to figure that out? I don't know. And I get all the "voice of the people" reason Ellen gave when she announced the news because I judge those singers and I'm not in the music industry and most times I'm right and other times I'm wrong. But I still want the final word to be from an expert and that, Ellen is not. Do I think the experiment will work? I think so . . . like I said Ellen is adorable and people tune in for the most part to see someone get a shot at their dreams, even it's a pie-in-the-sky one for those who can't even carry a tune (another reason people watch).

Do I think Ellen's pick is a fair one? Nope! I think it's another dig at Paula saying she wasn't really a "singer." And that's my truth . . . coming from a fan of Simon's.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Lion Sleeps

Like many Americans, I woke up to the big news of the day that Sen. Ted Kennedy or "Uncle Teddy" as he's lovingly called passed during the night. If you've noticed, I've taken an intentional break from blogging while I figure out the next direction to take my online habits. But I would be remiss if I didn't put in an entry for a political figure that I ACTUALLY admire greatly.

Yes, even me who thinks politics is a dirty game and I've used a significant amount of time to blog about the shenanigans. But I'm also a big believer in still being part of the process; the main reason I vote. And I'd like to thank Uncle Teddy for given me that right to do so with the Voters Right Act and changing the voter's age to 18. Yes, all you kids (I can't believe I'm saying that) who "Barack-ed" the vote last year and the minute amount of you who couldn't wait to cast your vote for the opposing party, you got that right from Uncle Teddy.

If you are a woman in college able to play sports and equally use working facilities to train, you got Uncle Teddy to thank for passing Title IX. If you are an immigrant or the child of an immigrant (like I am), you have Uncle Teddy to thank for the Immigration Act because of his fundamental belief that we are a "nation of immigrants," a nod to his Irish roots.

Time will not permit me to talk about Disability Act, Medicare, law against Hate against sexual orientation, Medicaid, Martin Luther King Holiday, OMG Civil Rights Act. You name it, in almost 50 years, Uncle Teddy has had a hand in it. He showed with his failed bid for Presidency, that you didn't have to rise to highest office of the land to live a life of significance.

And as a part-time Bostonian, I mourn and reflect on this Lion's legacy today. One of my Uncles said in jest some years ago about Uncle Teddy that he didn't have to ever campaign for re-election in Massachusetts, he just won on default and no one dares run against him. We laughed at it because it was so true.

Just in case you're wondering about the title and if I'm in denial - no I'm NOT. I'm a person of faith and I don't see death as others do. I see it as a passage and in the biblical sense, I used the word "sleeps" intentionally. So as I said at a friend's memorial five years ago, "I'm not saying goodbye, I say see you later."

In the meantime, I hope we could glean something from Uncle Teddy's life - a complex one to say the least. I'm not denying the fact that he definitely wasn't perfect but he showed us no matter how "muddled" our lives could be even from our own faults, we can grow up, our better selves are still ahead of us and fighting for a "just America" as he used to say, is a worthy cause.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank You, Bubba.

Politics aside, you may not care for President William Jefferson Clinton as your ideal candidate but as an American, as a person who cares to see a wife, mother, daughter, sister reunited with her loved ones, you have to give A BIG THANK YOU in the case of journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee.
Bubba is back! And the past couple of days have been one of those time capsules that make you say what a great country! I mean his wife lost to our now President and he made it known he was upset but when your country needs you, put all differences aside and step up to the plate, support your President, get out of your wife's way as Secretary of State and do what's required.
For this cynic, I won't lie, it was moving to see Former VP Al Gore give a bear hug to Bubba (can't help it) as he got came down the steps of the plane and I thought for a moment "what if?" What if Gore became President, would America's image have been tarnished that bad. But we got Barack because Bush was that bad (Oh admit it). So with a hand to my heart, I'd like to say Thank you, President Clinton. And as a nice present, here's something from Jon Stewart that also show my sentiments:

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Jon Stewart Is "Most Trusted"

Give it up for one of my favorite guys on Television, Jon StewAdd Imageart for winning the poll as most trusted newsmaker in America. Wow! In light of Walter Cronkite's passing (RIP), this poll was taken to see the pulse of who could replace the "anchorman's" legend. And most folks chose Jon Stewart.

Ok so, I've been a fan of Stewart since college. I normally have a good radar for folks who are full of B.S. and those who are authentic even if they are hosting a "fake news show" ( a la Stewart) and I pegged Stewart as the latter.

But many seemed to come to the game late up till oh about five years ago (2004 elections) when Stewart's star as they say in Hollywood really started to rise. And he served notice to the so-called news media that he isn't just a comedian but a brilliant guy who causes us not to take for lack of a better word, the B.S.

His memorable moments for me include his guest appearance on the now defunct program "CrossFire" with Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala, which many people believed got cancelled after Stewart's showed the ridiculousness of their "outrage" on things that don't matter to most Americans. And of course, the Daily Show coverage of the Katrina event. They (the crew and its host) deserved all the awards they got. Who was the one that found out Dubya hired a person who's only emergency experience was been over Arabian horses (here's looking at you Brownie) to put him as head of Homeland Security? The Daily Show NOT the regular news media!

At one time, the news media brushed him off as just the court jester but they forgot the history of the court jester - he normally had the ear of the King and the ear of the people. And he could show the King the errors of his ways in an amusing fashion when his dignitaries would only say things to tickle his ears. Now any Media personality who's worth his dough listens to Stewart and tries to be on program to get an audience. Oh the sweet smell of success. Kudos to you Stewart.

An Officer And A Gentleman

There's one advantage to switching more to a weekly blog cuz of my schedule and that is you have some time to look at some news story from various ends before writing your first reaction. But sometimes, I feel such advantage defeats the purpose of a blog - instant reaction.

What am I talking about? Oh the whole Skip Gates (aka Henry Louis Gates) and the Cambridge Officer, Sergent James Crowley incident. As a person who knows Boston quite well, let me say I'm not shocked by the incident. Just today, one of my Uncles told me a friend (who's black) of his gets stopped by the police most times he's going in to check on one of the properties he OWNS. I guess because they might not think a brother could won a property others rent from him.

Anyhoo, the story reached a bowling point when my President decided to answer the last question from the snoozefest (I mean the Healthcare Reform Press Conference) from Lynn Sweeney about Skip. Check it out:

But folks didn't hear the whole reasoning Obama made about racial profiling. What they focused on were two words: "Acted Stupidly" in relation to the Cambridge Police. I'm glad Obama didn't give a "politically correct" speech even though it would have served him better but the Cambridge Police did act stupidly if you slapped handcuffs on a 68 (not 58 per police report) year old man walking with a cane in his OWN HOME.

Now I truly believe that a little guilt should be given to Gates for overreaction but think about the irony of the situation, Skip is a Professor who's made his life's mission studying about race, tracing black folks' "roots," etc, to be the subject of what he's taught. I also believe that there was some serious EGO going on with Sergent James Crowley to make an example of Skip for standing to him which he had the right - it WAS HIS HOME. Do I think race played a significant role in all this? Well in the words of an Aunt: I don't care about the whole spin, all I know is if Skip was a white man, he wouldn't have been placed in handcuffs. And for me: I'll say in the words of the X-files - THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Richard Jefferson's Foul Play

I'm an NBA fan (as followers of this blog know) but I wouldn't have thought during the off-season, many players (literally and figuritively speaking) would have much action going on off-the- court.

The news story that broke a couple of days ago was former New Jersey Nets and newly acquired San-Antonio Spurs player called a time-out on his $2 million wedding two hours before event. I remember thinking how did he break it off with the girl? Were both of them cool with it that the marriage wasn't going to work out? Then I thought, ok this doesn't go well with the "gay rumors" that have plagued Jefferson for a few seasons. In the words of "Seinfeld" - not that there's anything wrong with that! (Being gay that is)

Only to find out today, that this Negro broke up with the fiancee via e-mail 48 hours before the wedding but didn't tell his folks who were on their way to the wedding till two hours before the event. Now I cry FOUL to that move. I won't call him a punk, but that was a "punkish" move.

Let me go all Carrie on you from Sex and The City for a minute: When you become of age as a man, you need to learn the rules of the breakup. You need to learn how to be what's the word I'm looking for . . . CLASSY! Show that the person you were involved with (not to talk of about to marry) means something more to you than just a cheap thrill. And that means you don't break up with the girl with a phone, a stand off, an E-MAIL, text, or a "post-it" note. Get it?

And the nerve for you to buy her off (which you said wasn't so) with a "Six-figure settlement" afterwards when the news broke for her to "move on" is more CLASSLESS - what is she ? A high-priced hooker? Do these brothers think? Your defense was she's still one of your best friends. Huh! Gosh, I hate to think how you treat your enemies, if that was a "best friends" action.

In closing, my memo to you is to get your head together for yourself. Go see some therapist or something and learn why a 29-year old (ok, that's a year too young in my books to consider marriage for a guy) still doesn't know who he is - gay or straight.

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Project Runway Is Coming Back!

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Lawsuit over, hello Project Runway! Will be back on my TV screen on August 20th. Y'all know I've lamented on one of my guilty pleasures on TV been gone for almost two years.

I have one more month to wait for Gunn's critical eye on the designers and folks who don't take his advise, might find themselves on the chopping block or hated by the TV viewers - what was that girl's name from the last season who only made "vintage" dresses with her signature feather hat and red lipstick? I can't remember but "that one."

And looking at Lifetime Promos for the show, I say eat your heart out "The Fashion Show." You can't touch this. The contestants have riveting story lines and I'm really going to see what innovation is all about.
Hopefully all the gang such as Michael Kors and Nina Garcia all make it back. It won't be the same without them.

The Question Is . . .

So in my extremely busy schedule, I managed to catch the highlights of the snoozefest (need those these days) called the SCOTUS confirmation hearings for Sonia Sotomayor. I get it that every nominee has to go through this protocol, what I don't get is that in the year 2009, with a historic President, I can still count on U.S. Senators to play up racial and sexist stereotypes during the hearings.

As a woman and a person of color, it made me wince when words like "major meltdown," "temparament," "got some 'xplaining to do" - I'm looking at you Sen. Lindsay Graham could perpetuate the ridiculous stereotype women (for the first two instances) and folks of color (showing you're hip with some colloquaism) have had to deal with.

Anyhoo, if you don't believe me, here are some highlights from the good folks of The Daily Show:
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Another point I want to make is why do we keep having these hearings when you will NEVER know how these nominees are really going to vote when they get to the Supreme Court? It's called the "Ginsberg Rule" - named after one of our nine SCOTUS, who will give vague answers about controversial topics such as gun laws, abortion, etc. And many nominees after her have followed the same rule. Use "hypothetical" "abstract" as words that say you can't give an opinion on an instance. So what these senators have is to go by their records - the cases they've already JUDGED on.

The person Sotomayor is going (SHE WILL BE CONFIRMED) to replace David Souter was known to have hoodwinked the Senators because former President George H.W. Bush nominated him and many thought he was going to be "CONSERVATIVE" that some Democrats fought his nomination but over 20 years in the Supreme Court, he was known as the court's most LIBERAL of the judges.

What's the lesson here amidst the ridiculous questions of her heritage, gender, etc. The lesson is as long as she's undeniably qualified (not like Dubya's Harriet Mayers he tried to nominate but never served on a bench) and wasn't a proven racist (a word some conservatives have just found) then just go right ahead and confirm her.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Palin Confuses Me

Hi Y'all, normally I don't post around this time but I betcha knew I wasn't going to let the bombshell from Wasilla, Alaska get away (wink). I'm talking about the hockey Mom Governor of Alaska resigning from her office when she still had 18 months left to go on her first term. What was that of a press conference?

I'll give Palin this: congratulations on confusing one of the most logical persons I know with that press conference; ME! I kept on wondering WHAT IS SHE SAYING? Why is she rushing through a press conference? And then she used the game of basketball (and no newsflash I'm a student of the game for over two decades) as an analogy and I was more befuddled.

The idea that a point guard (i.e. Palin) knew when to pass the ball to win the game. Yeah but the point guard doesn't leave the game without finishing the play and definitely not leaving in the middle of the season without some season/career ending injury. Oh! Is there some injury done to Palin she didn't want us to know about, so she has to get out of office. This is fishy.

Look, I'll respect her more if she just said "I'm tired of the mudslinging (even though she gives it more than she can take), I've got a multi-million book deal and I'd like to be the female-version of Rush Limbaugh where I can say things that is not founded on facts and be the darling of a certain group in the GOP." How tough is that . . . oh I'm sorry, that sounds too much like the truth - that can be tough.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Give It Up for Jenny Sanford

It's been a while since I gave my "Kudos" to a very impressive person. My kudos for someone who's fascinated me over the last week is Jenny Sanford, the First Lady of South Carolina. Ok, I know Michael Jackson's death has overshadowed most news. Like Stephen Colbert satirized last night, this is the best time to do something bad and get away with it since the whole Media is concerned about the King of Pop.

Colbert went on to say the only mistake the Governor of South Carolina made wasn't the affair but that he confessed about the so-called affair that had everyone looking for him for days a day before the big news - MICHAEL JACKSON DIES. Anyhoo, I don't care about Sanford's affair (if you've read this blog long enough), I do think he was stupid for not leaving the state in capable hands and let the staff know where he was going. But I digressed.

As I was saying I am so impressed with the better half of the couple who had some sense; Jenny Sanford. Can I just say to Jenny: THANK YOU FOR NOT STANDING BY YOUR MAN (In the literal sense) as if you had something to be ashamed of or to "support" him in his moment(s) of indiscretion. Thank you for releasing that mind-blowing statement to show you are in the words of Maya Angelou "a phenomenal woman" and that you have such a self-worth about who you are and for your sons to see as an example that you refused to play the victim. I mean the woman was out bike riding a few days ago when reporters asked her about her "husband's career" when she said that was the least of her concerns. What! Can "Glamour" have Jenny as a nominee for their "Women of The Year?" She got my vote!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Still In A State of Shock Over MJ's Death

I can't stop crying, there's still the overwhelming sadness that the King of Pop is really gone. I didn't believe it when a colleague yelled "Michael Jackson is dead!" I was like please, the guy has been rumored to be dead for many years. But she said she was really serious.

Then I went to a "credible" website and I can't describe the feeling, I felt the rug was pulled under me. I didn't want to believe my musical icon, the guy who captured my imagination even with all the off-stage antics I didn't understand is gone.

Michael Jackson has been part of my life before I was born; my parents were fans. As a toddler I was watching my parents VHS videos of the Jackson 5 and you know the lead singer was who I was really looking at While "Off the wall" record was playing in the background especially on Saturdays, that was when the Motown greats were always been played. And at the top of the pile, you guessed it MJ.
I became a girl and one of my Uncles brought "Thriller," the VHS video for me perhaps to take my mind off a death in the family that I still didn't understand the concept of death. I just knew one of my grandparents was said to have gone to a better place. I won't lie, I was scared of Thriller. Horror movies have never been my forte but I was drawn to it too. Before I knew it, I was watching that video multiple times in the day till the groundbreaking dance moves became second nature.

Thriller started my love affair with perfecting the gift of dance. No, I never made dance a career but I found time for it to be a great hobby. I was always a studious person, so I could escape in books but another place I'm very comfortable with is the dance floor and who better to learn from than the one who excelled at it - bar none. The guy was "bad." I remember running from school to make sure homework was done ahead of time just so I could catch the latest MJ video.

The guy could incorporate the ballet, paso doble, and a "Fred Astaire" all in one choreography. Wow! MJ showed you regardless of how asexual he might be in his personal life, there was nothing more sexy (other than a sense of humor) than a guy who could dance while he took command of the stage. One of the reasons, "Smooth Criminal" remains my all-time favorite MJ video. Don't even get me started on his sense of style that became part of our pop culture.

That's all I can say now. I'm sad because I was waiting for something more from MJ just like millions of fans and he was working on that "comeback." Too bad we never got to see it. Well I sent a text to that Uncle who gave me that "Thriller" album just telling him how sad I was (still am). He understood . . . he had a heavy heart too.
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's The Hypocrisy, Stupid!

Another one bites the dust. Another polician that is, admitting to an affair while married. But for this blogger, that is the least surprising thing because I've said it before, if there was a stock on Wall Street to buy on knowing a politician will cheat, I'll take it.

The latest politican is Rep. John Ensign of Nevada admitting to an affair with his married campaign aide. But why is this story "juicy." It is because Ensign is the latest "hypocrite!" He was one of the premiere folks on capitol hill calling for then President Clinton's impeachment in 1999 then called for then Sen. Larry Craig (you know, the airport bathroom incident) to resign because such character didn't show "leadership."

But to be noted, Ensign started his affair two months later after he made such comments against Craig and the affair lasted for eight months (till last August). And to think this guy touted himself a born-again Christian (he's still a man regardless) and a former member of Promise Keepers - an organization for men which promotes integrity with God and family. Hmmm

Here's one thing I know for sure: Americans hate hypocrites. We are not trying to put politicians on any pedastal as being perfect with no flaws. All we are asking is for you to be straight with us. If you have sin in your life, doggone it, don't cast the first stone. But Ensign OBVIOUSLY didn't read that part of the Bible.

Say what you want about Clinton. He NEVER ran on "moral values." Shucks, before he was ever elected President, you knew he was creeping but he ran on the economy. It's like Clinton said yeah, say what you want about my personal life but "it's the economy, stupid!" And with that phrase, he won the election. Even during his impeachment, he still got a lot of Americans support who told him not to resign NOT because they agreed with his affairs or the infamous "blue dress" but because they knew he was still a great President -flaws and all and he didn't say he was the perfect husband.

Another example that won a reelection was San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom. Ok, can I just say this: That guy is freaking handsome! If he wasn't a politician, he could be a movie star. So in some ways I see his allure (though it doesn't excuse what he did). He also had an affair with the wife of his campaign manager, who was supposed to be one of his friends. Double whammy! But when it happened, he was straight with it and gave an apology the way it was supposed to be given. "Whatever you heard is true (didn't sugarcoat anything) . . ." For this blogger, that's half the victory - know how to make a good apology and don't justify anything.

But why is it other politicians haven't fared so well especially those were loudest in their criticism. Take for example Florida's Rep. Mark Foley. This guy was so gong ho on moral values, he voted against anything with gay rights and championed children's causes with Adam Walsh. Only to find out he was sending explicit messages to under-age male pages. What the hell! This was how bad it was for him that he'll never hold office in Florida -an unknown contender didn't even have to campaign and he won by a landslide!

The two examples that fared well are Democrats, the ones that didn't are Republicans. What's the lesson here? It seems Democrats never run on moral superiority but their counterparts do; thus a greater fall from grace.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Shut Up PeTA

Unless you're living under a rock these past few days, you've seen the awesome hand-eye coordination our President has with the swatting of the pesky fly buzzing in the White House and messing with his interview with CNBC John Harwood. And the action has generated a lot of "buzz" on the Web and other Media with various parodies. But the group not laughing is PeTA - you know, the activist group for animals who sometimes get on my last nerves for publicity stunts.

Can you believe PeTA had the audacity to release a statement against President Obama for killing the fly instead of being compassionate? Are you freaking kidding me? PeTA likened the fly to a "human being" and this was part of its statement to the President: “He isn’t the Buddha, he’s a human being and human beings have a long way to go before they think before they act.” I'm confused!

The fly is an insect and insects are pests - okay take away bees with their stinging ability which still pollinate flowers and produce honey. Not only that, many of them carry diseases. So 'xcuse us for finding creative ways to kill those pests. And can I say this: they(PeTA) are always going for the big guns like Michael Vick (I agree what he did was heinous but there are other crimes against humans(not pets) that didn't generate such outrage) and now the President. You know we in South Florida just got the "cat killer" who's been killing and mutilating cats around the neighborhood for months, you didn't hear PeTA enraged about that.

So yes, I'd like PeTA to spare us the self-righteous rap on how they are the compassionate and considerate ones when it comes to animals by attacking folks for the slightest of reasons. Just shut up already! And if you like flies that much, hey how about we send a bunch of them to you and you can have fun with them in a "considerate" way.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Been A Long Time . . . But I'm On Vacation

I know you guys are wondering what's up with my weekly posts. Well I'm on vacation (a mini-vacation actually) and I return to work in a few days. Normally, I "unplug" when I take some much needed time off. I've done that to some extent but writing this post tells you I haven't followed my normal mantra.

Anyhoo, there's been a bunch of things on my mind (can you believe that) going on around us like "what's up with all the hate,"and I mean the recent shootings at a Church against an abortion doctor and at the Holocaust Musuem in DC.

And oh, the Rev. Wright found himself in the news again with his "them jews" comment about folks surrounding the President. Gosh! Can he just keep quiet? Sorry, he calls himself a Prophet - so that defeats the purpose. Well, I guess we could choose not to listen.

Sarah Palin vs. David Letterman. Letterman was wrong at first with the offensive joke - I don't care which daughter he was referring to (even though we know by now he was referring to the 18-year old and not the 14-year old). But Palin is being opportunistic by likening Letterman to a perverse old man. That's just wrong. And can I say this: Palin gives me a major headache when she tries to explain a point. Something I don't need when I'm taking some time off.

The Iran Elections. OMG! My first reaction yesterday after they called it for the Napoleon complex Ahmidinajad (forgive spelling) was "I can't believe we'll have to deal with this guy for few more years." Something is really fishy about that election. As I was watching one Iranian-American Scholar explain the "questionable" election, it's like saying Barack Obama lost the last election among African-Americans to his opponent, John McCain. That's why Ahmidinajad claiming a 67 percent victory in places he shouldn't have won seems "rigged."

That's it for now . . . I need to enjoy the rest of my time. Peace!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Give Peace A Chance

So the President embarked on a five-city tour from the Middle East to Europe. And there is one thing I could take away from the stops form the Speech at Cairo University addressing Muslims, Palestine and Isreali relationships to speaking at Normandy against the holocaust and that is "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE."

The President quoted from every religious book from the Holy Bible to the Holy Quran and that in spite of our differences we can all have a common ground. I've talked about my diverse background and I'm not ashamed to say I grew up among Christians and Muslims.

And the image demonizing most Muslims after 9-11 just because of a few knuckleheads who committed the most atrocious acts against humanity is also unconscionable.

But it shows how ignorant some folks at home (in America) are taking swipes at the President for even engaging Muslims (who are over a billion people on earth) by calling the Middle-East tour "an apology tour." What!

Anyway, sometimes I scratch my head that how come I as an American don't understand some of my fellow countrymen (and women) sometimes. Please Jon Stewart take it away and show the ignorance . . .

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Fashion Show Is NO Project Runway

I've been wanting to blog about this new show called "The Fashion Show" for a few weeks but there were more serious issues more pressing. But readers of this blog know I have a silly; often a lighter-side when it comes to my TV viewing habits. A friend told me a couple of years ago when she came to visit and she saw "Flavor of Love" on my TV. She looked at me with a thoughtful look and said: "You know Mo, some people will not know you hold a graduate degree with some of your ridiculous TV viewing habits." That got a laugh for me but hey, Flavor of Love was some riveting television. Though I can't believe Flava would flip his socially conscious (even with a few screws loose) image of Public Enemy for that show. It was funny! And don't knock the funny. But I digress.

Back to this Fashion Show. Let me just say this: I'M NOT BUYING IT! (All pun from one of the show's host, Isaac Mizrahi is intended). Though I LOVE Mizrahi and his credibility as a fashion designer. Don't care for Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child credibility for fashion - just check out the costumes DC wore for a few years in their career and I rest my case. And it's not because she's a singer; hey I LOVE GWEN STEFANI'S style and applaud her for creating a fashion line.

I just think this show was a rip off from Project Runway. And I don't care how you imitate one of my guilty pleasures on TV, you can NEVER duplicate it! I'm sorry. Rowland is no Heidi Klum. She may use the "hanging by a thread" line all she wants but I want to hear Klum say "Awwfidezen (goodbye)" to someone or to the Fashion Show.

And Mizrahi doesn't bring the pananche of Tim Gunn. Who am I to see looking through his glasses at up-and-coming designers unique designs and use some $100 words for why it's all wrong. I mean like "Kotto, what are you doing here . . . I see classy but is it "avant-garde?" She gives some reasonings for her direction and Gunn still looks skeptical "Well Make it work" He said as he walks to the next designer.

See no one makes it work on "The Fashion Show." And I've watched four episodes and they are BORING. This is where I miss Nina Garcia, one of the Judges on Project Runway; Runway fanatics know you don't bore Nina! Sew something crazy that will leave folks scratching their heads but DON'T EVER BE BORING. Who's the final judge I'm missing? Oh, Michael Kors. Love Kors! You knew (as a viewer) he's going to refer an outfit to a Jewish Relative somewhere or an iconic TV show or Film. I'm like Dang, Michael how many movies have you watched?

And there are more things I could fuss about like the no innovation of ideas from this crop of designers and their producers. I mean seriously, Runway had people go into the grocery store and make eye-catching designs from produce while the Fashion Show wanted to see how they could "hem." Are you kidding me! I'm not seeing anyone tearing apart a car and make a red-carpet design from the car furnishings or attachments.

So for those neophytes who don't know why Runway is not on the air for a year and half (the horror). Well it's this thing called "litigation" or law suits for regular folks. There's been a war going on with Bravo and Lifetime - two cable channels. Runway was supposed to finish its season last year with Bravo and start its new home at Lifetime. But I guess Bravo, after the deal was done, saw what they are going to miss and have been throwing road blocks at Lifetime and Project Runway ever since. So the viewers are left wanting of new episodes until they get their act together.

In the meantime, Bravo brings this new show that looks like "Runway" but it sucks. I'm just saying . . .So to Bravo and Lifetime, I don't care how you negotiate and renegotiate your terms, please make it work and bring us OUR PROJECT RUNWAY.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Filibuster This SCOTUS Pick!

First of all, this was the least surprising news to me; the Supreme Court Justice (otherwise known as SCOTUS) pick that is. I knew it was going to be a Latina and I knew it was going to be a woman. (So pat on the back to me).

And as I told a friend, I don't care how much the President and his wife kept saving face it doesn't have to be a woman, he's going to choose a WOMAN.

Second, I'd like to say Kudos to Sonia Sotomayor for this historic nomination. You are well-deserving of the honor.

I got all that out of the way. Now to the nitty-gritty for all the hoopla that's happened in the last couple of days with the SCOTUS pick especially with the Republican party. I'm going into the mind of Barack Obama on choosing Sotomayor. I like that he knows when to pick a fight, it's like a strategic chess move - CHECK MATE! Darth Vader (I mean former VP Dick Cheney) kept wanting folks to stay on the "dark side," Obama knew when to take a shot at him at both the White House Correspondence dinner as a guy who's working on his Memoir "how to shoot friends and interrogate people" and speaking about GITMO on the same day last week.

Only for the next few days to choose, to the HORROR of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan and co, a LATINA. I mean to them they are yelling WTF! What do you call all the nonsense that's dominated cable news with folks questioning her intelligence ('scuse me, she was second in her graduating class), her ethnicity (can you believe someone said they can't pronounce her name and it should be more Anglo-fied), and oh, she's of the fairer sex; she's a WOMAN! (So they've used stereotypical phrases like "emotional.")

So to all those folks and some in the SENATE who has expressed their OUTRAGE. I say FILIBUSTER THIS! Filibuster this SCOTUS pick when the President has a 67 percent approval rating and his wife over 80 percent. Filibuster this SCOTUS pick when 56 percent of women voted for the sitting President and you're demonizing a very accomplished woman as light in smartness compared to her male counterparts. Filibuster this SCOTUS pick when the largest minority group now are Hispanics and might I add, the group of under 40 voted over two-thirds for the current President and you're using all kinds of ethnic stereotypes from the cuisine she likes to the sound of her name.

You keep saying inflammatory words like calling her a racist, bigot because of taking her words out of context some years ago about her varied experience will give her a better judgment when it comes to complexity of ethnic relationships than a white man and see how long you stay in your wilderness experience as a party. Think about it, you can choose to keep wondering in this wilderness by looking at days far foregone and make a typical 11-day journey in the wilderness to be 40 years. I double dare you to filibuster this!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Liberty University Debacle

I heard the story a couple of nights ago that really make me want to scream at some so called "Christians" of which I say I'm one but unlike these Christians; I must have being cut from a different cloth. Seriously, I don't get some of these Christian folks. The story is about the late Jerry Faldwell's college - Liberty University which shut down the Students Democratic club a week ago and the reason? It doesn't support their "moral views."

Do these Christians read their Bible carefully. It is a complex book; that's why Paul said you should "rightly divide the Word of Truth so you won't be ashamed." When you don't do so, that's why people shake their heads to wonder what in the world were you thinking. This is a university right? So you guys should be able to discuss opposing views and have critical thoughts without any repercussion. That's what you do in college. Oh, it also happened in the Bible A LOT.

Even the disciples had opposing views on how they saw different things especially with ordinances. Did you read anything on Paul reprimanding Peter on his views about the Gentiles? Did you read anything about Christians who felt more superior because they didn't eat pork or "unclean thing" than other Christians who did?

You, Liberty (what irony, more like bondage) University officials are in the wrong and acting like a cult to shut down a club for some flimsy excuse of moral values and anyone who questions your views. Might I add that the so-called Republican Club you want to be the only one on your campus took us to a fictitious war, tarnished our good name (your Bible says something about that) around the world, and mutilate folks with harsh techniques all in the name of getting information. And I want to know if all those actions justify morality just because you think another party (Democratic) is pro-choice and support gay rights?

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Adam Didn't Win "Idol"

I know, I will admit if I'm wrong. I thought I called it about two months ago that Adam Lambert will win American Idol. So what happened Wednesday night with the huge upset? Well, I think America is not as free thinking as I thought.

The winner Kris Allen was a dark horse in the competition from the gitgo who really found his stride as the weeks progressed. Don't get me wrong, Allen is mad talented. He can play the guitar and keyboards but his SINGING ability wasn't on the same level as Adam Lambert. And you know what I say about American Idol: It is a SINGING COMPETITION!

But like Adam he took risks (reason Danny Gokey didn't make the finals and I said he was playing it too safe) but unlike Adam, he was accessible. He was a guy you could bring home to Mama. Oh let's be honest. Adam, with all his guy-liner (eye liner for us ladies), black nail polish and the "ambiguous" sexuality wasn't gonna fly with regular America who just want the down home Apple pie. I'm just saying . . .

Then there is the story of the underdog. We are a nation that loves the underdog story whether in movies or real-life. I mean we even built a statue for "Rocky" in Philadephia and he is a fictional character. The fact that it seems the American Idol Judges seem to have it in the can for Adam made people really vote for Kris Allen who showed in the Finale he came to play . . . and sing and in the process, shocked the partial Judges. So that's my take. Do I think America made the right choice? I don't know.

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I.N. of The Week - James Harrison

It's been a while since I gave some folks in the black community my infamous award. But here we go: THIS IS I.N.N - Ignorant Negro News. The Ignorant Negro for this week is Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison. OMG!

Some of my friends know this about me: it makes me wince when I see a black person playing into regular stereotypes on TV: You know the types, can't speak a complete sentence on TV, making ridiculous analogies. My favorite skit show of all time: In Livin' Color even featured this on one of the episodes with regular late night news with the reporters always picking the most ignorant brother or sister on the street to speak about some breaking news.

Back to Harrison about being this week's I.N. The President invited the Steelers to the White House as is CUSTOMARY for any championship team. But Harrison felt the President did the wrong thing because what if they didn't win the Super Bowl, would he have invited them then? You don't invite the first runner -up to the White House. Duh! Or any team that didn't win anything. Check this Harrison, Psst, the President has A LOT OF THINGS TO DO. This is a wonderful diversion for him out of all the serious things to honor your team.

And how does that look Harrison, first Brother to be President in the U.S. (Clinton doesn't count), for you to diss him when you made a record breaking feat of a touchdown in the Super Bowl? Slap to my forehead and an imaginary slap upside the head of your head Harrison. Perhaps the concussions through your career have affected your thinking ability. And even though you went to college (Kent State), we can clearly see you didn't spend much time in the classroom. So you choose not to go to White House because of your irrational theory, hey perhaps you'll like the dubious honor from this blogger: Ignorant Negro (I. N) of the Week.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Women Sizing Other Women

Another thing on my mind: It's about the fairer sex, my counterparts - WOMEN. I was rushing into my office building a couple of days ago and there must have been some meetings and conference sessions going on because some folks were coming out all dressed to the professionial "nines" and they weren't familiar faces I see everyday.

Anyway, as I got closer to the double doors one particular woman, standing close to the doorway old enough to be an Aunt looked at me up and down, up and down as I took my long strides towards the building. I wondered what I did to this woman but I wasn't shocked - it wasn't the first time and as I live, it wouldn't be the last.

I've seen it and I've heard other lady friends complain to me about it in the professional and personal world. Some of these women are so insecure, that another woman who just happens to look good is seen as a threat. Pardon me for not looking dowdy to make you feel good about yourself. Pardon me for having enough self-confidence that is not based on how I look but being Who's I am and the experiences that have shaped me not to walk with my head down so you'll feel superior.

It is ridiculous. I'll give guys this: You never see a guy eye another new kid on the block and wonder "what's wrong with him looking all GQ?" They will ask in a minute (especially if the guy is getting some play from the ladies) where he shops or for some help with their wardrobe.

Not so with most women. And I say "most" because not all women are always hating. In the same week (last Sunday to be exact), I walked into a gas station I've visited a few times to fill my tank and get some beverage. After I paid, the lady attendant wanted to know if I was in her words: "from around here." I asked why she asked. She said, "I've been thinking from the times you've walked in, she must be from New York or some place." I laughed and told her it wasn't the first time I heard that even though I've been living in South Florida over 10 years. Then she asked "are you a Model?"I really laughed at that and told her I hate cameras or having my picture taken. There was no guile in her observation but she just offer a sincere compliment about my style and I thanked her. Now is that so hard.

I do the same with other women. I think envy or jealousy is really draining. And if you're secure in who you are, another person's beauty, style, accomplishment, man, children, stuff wouldn't make you less of who you are. All the aforementioned is not limited to a few people. Hel-lo, beauty is truly in the eye of beholder. And women should stop having the crab mentality to pull other women down so all of them don't get ahead because they failed to see the value in each of their own lives.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Don't Be Ridiculous

So I've got this on my mind because it's been in the News lately and it's the whole subject of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" concerning gays in the Military. I'm serious, Bubba (Former Pres. Bill Clinton) will go down in infamy for that line. I know he was thinking it was a way to avoid the drama and let Gays serve in peace but it backfired.

Think this through for a minute. Since 1993, over 12 thousand gays have been discharged from the Military after having admitted or folks making assumptions that they are gay. The recent one is a Platoon Leader Dan Choi, who faces discharge because he came out in March. But the Obama administration is staying silent even after the President (then Senator) promised on the campaign trail to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." So much for campaign promises.

Look, this (Don't ask, Don't Tell) absolutely makes no sense. Most of the Arabic translators in the Military are gay and many of them have been discharged over this mess. And do they still realize we're living in a post 9-11 world and these linguistic skills are critical to the way we engage the rest of the world and those who "harbor terrorists.?"

But no, we will rather torture (oh, I'm sorry, use enhanced interrogation techniques) and beat the living daylights out of them. But what happens after all that is done and the person doesn't speak English, you still didn't get your information and the person who could help, you fire because he has a boyfriend. What The Hell! How's that keeping us safer.

We civilians work with people of various sexual orientations and it doesn't bankrupt the company. I remember speaking with a colleague a couple of months ago who had a problem with how another employee dealt with him because of his sexual preference. You guessed what I said to him "so what . . . what's that going to do with the job you do."And I still had to encourage him to recognize these particular individuals were also dealing with culture shocks living in South Florida. They came from a culture they want to believe NOBODY is gay.

So here's my beef today: Think Obama Administration. Repeal this stupid law that is doing nothing to take our country forward and more importantly, keep it safe.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Couple Of Musings Before I go

Guys, this is what you get when I've been in hibernation, a bunch of postings. I needed a few laughs Thursday night and my guys at Comedy Central - Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert helped me out. Laughter is good medicine especially when it's intelligently done.

The Year 2050: I alluded to this year during last year's election about the year Whites will stop being the "majority." So the guys at the Daily Show had some fun with it especially since we have our first African-American President.
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I love that the Daily Show crew parodied last year's CNN "Black in America" graphics. And did you see my boy, Robin Thicke (LOVE HIM) teaching the kids not to be sentenced to a life of "whiteness?" Disclaimer: to my white readers, love you! It's all in fun.

The National Day of Prayer: Hey guys, did you miss last Thursday's National Day of Prayer? Well some folks at Fox (my fave - NOT) didn't let us forget it because the President said it should be a moment in privacy to offer prayers for our country. I would love to go to the brilliant satirical character of Stephen Colbert on if this critique of how we pray is warranted.

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Have a good weekend . . .

An Influential Week

So Time Magazine released it's 100 World Most Influential People. Ok some folks on the list I get but Zach Efron? Come on! He's influential in the world of my 6-year old Goddaughter who will hijack my better TV so she doesn't miss something from Disney.

Anyhoo, there are some I concur with the Poll. Of course, the Obamas. Sarah Palin - not so much. Now Tina Fey, hooray! She just showed us what we were all thinking of Palin. I'm just saying. . .

Oprah - you gotta give it to the Big "O" - did you see the fiasco she caused with KFC grilled chicken this week?

The ladies of the View - here, here! The elections would not have been the same without them and yes, that includes Hasselbeck.

George Clooney - Whoa! A few folks in my family know I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON CLOONEY! Even though he's old enough to be one of my Uncles (and I don't date beyond a certain age group, I'm not trying to replace them - my Uncles that is). I must say the twice "sexiest man alive" dubbed man deserved the honor not because he's easy on the eyes but gosh he's smart. He had me when he came on Oprah some years ago and Oprah asked him that for him to be so handsome, how did he work on being smart. And Clooney's classic response: "I've always been smart, I think I work on being handsome." Oprah couldn't contain herself with laughter and a certain twenty-something girl fell in love with him again after first laying eyes on him as Dr. Doug on ER as a teenager.

Ok, focus, focus. Who else is on the list? Hmn, Sen. Ted Kennedy (Roar for the Lion of the Senate). Secretary Hillary Clinton (a woman who came this close for President with 18 million votes deserve a tip of the hat), Suze Orman (you have got to catch the hilarious take of Kristin Wiig on SNL paroding her money-pinching ways). That's it . . . there's a lot more but you could pick up the magazine to browse yourself.

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Thanks GrandPa!

I don't mean to start this week's postings with "remembrances" but hey, in my young life after losing two close friends in their prime; I've come (and still try) to understand death is a part of life and sometimes reminds us to put things in perspective. So it is last week when I lost my last surviving GrandParent - my Dad's father.

To tell you the truth, I really didn't want to blog about anything this week not just because of my time-consuming work, but I was also fighting a virus (which might spell flu), and I just wanted to be with my family or alone with my thoughts.

Then I thought to myself, part of what makes life with all its winding road worth living is to just keep moving because it definitely goes on. So after getting the news late one evening (at the office), I had a ten-minute diversion to gather my thoughts. Found a way to still work another two hours and drove home. I've got on a few loved ones nerves about my keen sense of focus. Do I grieve? Yes! I know how to literally shut down and UNPLUG when I need to. I know what it means to have the wind knocked out of you and I know what it means to have my faith shaken and perhaps, stirred.

But one thing I know how to do better than most is to rise up again. I've never taken anti-depressants, don't drink to numb my pain or to gain any pleasure. I just choose to be even-keeled. So it is with this man I just lost. I hope I live long and vibrant as he did. The last time I saw him, he was as fit as men 20 years his junior, standing upright as he walked from the farm and a day of hunting.

The word in my family and apparent to the eye: my siblings and I definitely got our height and built from him. I'm one of the shortest (according to inches) in the group. But I'm taller than the average American woman. It shows with the amount of time I spend finding pants to fit my legs - let's just say I always look for "long" version. He never tried to impress anyone (sounds like a girl I know very well) but just lived by the value of hardwork for its own sake and being content with whatever possession he has. That alone is worth leaving as a legacy.