Saturday, October 24, 2009

Watching Oprah on Praying Robber

Pardon how this post will appear cuz I'm blogging from a handheld device and not my computer.

I'm going through a range of emotions with the 23 year old guy (Greg) who's black and robbed(well attempted to rob) the white lady(Angela) in the check cashing store but they ended up praying together.The robber later turned himself in and Oprah had all parties involved on the show; well Greg from his jail via satellite.

I actually cried watching this story - yeah even me the so-called tough chick cried because of the mercy and grace reflected in the story.

Greg said no one has ever spoken to him the way Angela did and he did not excuse himself for what he did even though he's been out of work for a year and was a former soldier but he was tired of feeling less than man who couldn't provide for his family.

Have you guys watched the movie "John Q?" You know how you were rooting Denzel's character John but you still felt bad in the end because he still had to go to prison? That's how I feel.

But then Oprah flipped the script with comedian Wanda Sykes who's had me laughing on topical issues only for Bebe and Cece Winans close the show with a great song called "grace." How appropo for the song to be dedicated to Greg.