Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Much For Bi-Partisan

Yesterday, a historical stimulus package to the tune of $819 Billion was passed in the House with NO SINGLE REPUBLICAN VOTE! Read that one more time (or as they say in the hood, one more again). So much for change. This is after 10 days when the nation was on cloud nine that there will be a new way of doing things in Washington only to be brought back to earth that Washington doesn't change so fast.

Seriously, President Obama wined-and-dined (literally) with key figures in the Republican party (did Dubya ever do that with the Democratic party?) about this stimulus bill. He even took out the family planning money from the bill. Here's what I don't get: Do you keep having children when the nation is almost close to depression? But then again, we just had a California woman give birth to Octoplets a few days ago, so who am I to judge.

Then he made a third of the bill about tax breaks (something confounding to this blogger), which hasn't been proven to stimulate the economy. Seriously, how would I know I've been given a tax break by a $1,000 in my paycheck spread over the year? And would that make me jump whoopee to go to the mall and buy a new outfit - something the retail market REALLY needs me (and many) to do?

But be that as it may, I understand Washington doesn't run on logic but on compromise to suit different parties. That is why I still find it confusing that the Republicans all made a pact not to vote for this bill even as thousands keep losing jobs. Is it more urgent to them to save the state of the economy or the state of their losing party?

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

I'm no psychiatrist or psychologist but I think I can safely see what "crazy" looks like, and I look no further than soon-to-be ousted Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich (Blago).

How do you explain who has been found on tape for trying to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat with all kinds of expletives only to go around any media outlet who will allow him to say all some of the most damning things that make him look really bad even for his lead defense attorney (who defended R. Kelly) to resign?

You can't explain it but your eyes are glued to the TV as if watching a trainwreck that's left you spellbound and dumbfounded at the same time. Blago actually likened himself to Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and disciples in the Bible being persecuted. Hmmm, the disciples in the Bible were persecuted for what's right and just. The same goes for MLK and Gandhi. Blago on the other hand, is not being indicted for what he did, in his words as "mostly right." But the few things THAT WERE ILLEGAL AND UNETHICAL.

And the nerve of this guy to say he was considering Oprah Winfrey to the senate seat. How many black people will he throw under the bus. Then Oprah had to call into her friend's radio show to state her piece - she had no clue what Blago was talking about.

I wish the Media would stop attaching a microphone to this guy. But I know that will be an unfulfilled wish especially when the media's mantra is: "If it bleeds, it leads." This guy keeps bleeding scum and like flies the media can't help but buzz around the subject.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank You ZO

How do I make a proper send-off to one of the good guys in sports? It's so easy to write when a player has done something illegal or unethical. But I think it is necessary to give the right coverage to guys who's unsung works extend far beyond the courts. One of those guys is Miami Heat's Alonzo Mourning, who called it a career a few days ago.

Yes I could talk about Zo as the two-time defensive player of the year. The player who led the NBA a few years ago in blocked shots as a back-up. The man who's qualified to be a hall-of-famer in five years even after been sidelined by a rare kidney disease. And the man who exemplified passion in the critical game 6 which won the Miami Heat its first NBA championship.

But I'm more concerned about the man off the court. The only man apart from Dan Marino in South Florida who's made an indellible mark when it comes to charities. His annual "Zo Summer Groove" has raised millions for education, foster care, and recreation in the community. Or should I talk about his annual thanksgiving deliveries to economically disadvantaged families.

More importantly, I see a man who exemplified growth. As one sports writer said, "most improved person." Afterall, this was the guy who will live in YouTube infamy in the center (no pun intended about his position) of the Knicks and Heat rivalry in the late 90s to early 21st century. Who can forget Jeff Van Gundy (Knicks then coach) holding on Zo's legs while being dragged off the court.

But Zo has become the gentle giant off the court - he leaves his scowls, grunts, and bicep flexes on the court. Some say it might have to do with the life-altering disease. Anyway the growth came, I say it still had to be a personal decision.

So to Zo, thank you for everything. For making the Heat a contender after your trade and making us what the NBA used to call "the Road Warriors," showing yourself a leader by example through your hardwork and mentoring those who came after you. I look forward to more of your works off the court.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inauguration Musings

We've had the pump and circumstance of the inauguration and I, like many others have been in a state of euphoria. But it didn't stop me from making some observations. So I'd like to give my musings on the historical inauguration:

Invocation By Rick Warren: Thank God, the whole outrage over who gives the invocation is over and I thought Warren gave a poignant prayer. What I didn't get were all the names for Jesus in the prayer. Was Warren trying to cover all ethnicities? He couldn't! I felt I just got took a brief theology class.

Benediction By Joseph Lowery: Oh the lovable civil rights icon! The 89-year old Lowery said a prayer that would rank as the funniest benediction I've ever heard. Even Barack Obama was trying to hold back a laugh. I had to open my eyes when he started on some rhymes: "When blacks won't get back, when whites will get right, when yellow will be mellow . . ." As Stephen Colbert said: That was the best Dr. Seuss EVER!

All Hail The Queen: Aretha Franklin that is! She gave a stirring rendition of "My Country Tis of Thee." I agree with Rolling Stone last December declaring as the "greatest singer ever!" Even though she later said she wasn't pleased with her performance because of the cold weather. Take it from me Queen, for us mortals, you were great!

Now about that "Hat," I LIKED IT! To which a family relative asked surprisingly "you liked it?" (with doubt in her voice). Another friend just said "hmmm." She's too diplomatic to disapprove of the hat. But I thought it fit the Queen's larger-than-life's persona. I found out later the folks across the Pond (the British) thought so too.

But my fellow Americans have been making a mockery of the hat including the lovable Ellen. Well, I guess I'll stand alone in this. So to the Queen: From one hat lover to another, you rocked!

Flub of the Oath: What's up Chief Justice Roberts! What was up with messing the oath up for a brother! Use index card for the 35-word oath next time and don't depend only on your wiz (straight As) brain.

Another thing: Why the re-do of the oath? According to Obama's camp, it was due to "an abundance of caution." Seriously, lighten up Barack! You were technically (according to the Constitution) President when the clock struck noon - when Yo-Yo Ma was playing the fake cello.

Prose Vs. Poetry: I love our new President's inaugural speech. I thought it was necessary for the times - less flowery but more on responsibility. But then some "experts" had to dampen my mood when I started driving and listening to the radio and called the speech more "prose than poetry." Oh PUH-LEAZE! We are in serious times. You shouldn't be looking for something that will always tingle your ears - that's from the Bible, a book not all based on poetry.

Speaking of poetry: I didn't get the inaugural poem by American Poet Elizabeth Alexander! I thought to myself I got As in high school and college literature, why did I find her poem "Praise song for the day" hard to comprehend. I'm just saying. . . Can we get Maya Angelou? Oh that will be like recycling Bill Clinton's first inauguration. Never mind.

It's Called "the Bump.": Since we have the real first Black President (taken away from Bill Clinton), we need to give some "chocolate" lessons to some of our "vanilla" friends. The first lesson will go to CNN's Erica Hill calling a dance move Obama did with a 14-year old girl the "booty bump." Seriously Erica, you didn't watch any "soul train?" Thank goodness our fellow mates in the Media quickly got the memo. It's called "the bump."

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Heart Michelle's Style

I have never paid attention to a living first lady's style until Michelle Obama. Noticed I said "living." Any fashionista would be lying if they haven't taken a peek at Jackie-O's classic style.

But Michelle is NO Jackie-O (regardless of how many folks tried to make the comparisons), she is who she is - a MODERN chic lady who is not afraid to mix high and low (or hi-lo, in fashion speak) pieces. While Jackie-O, depended on French, Haute Couture looks such as her passion for Oleg Cassini designs. The other Mrs O. (Michelle Obama) could rock J.Crew, Gap, White House Black Market (Remember that $148black and white dress on the View which became a sensation) with "designer" pieces like Narciso Rodriguez, and her staple, Chicago's Maria Pinto.

I wondered why I like her classic style while mine could be thought of as "chic yet edgy." Well, there are two reasons: First I'm of a different age - I could get away with some things but even if I get to be of her decade, I'll still retain my "edgy" sensibilities but with a twist. And second, I have a different background (both personally and professionally) than hers I've which reflects in the pieces I choose for myself.

My style is affected by my African,American and British influences. So I gravitate towards embellishments (African), LOVE my jeans and T-Shirts (American) and could rock knits, sweaters and vests (British) like no other. Then you mixed that with a profession where black, grey, and navy are the unspoken "power" colors, you wonder how I get fascinated with a woman (Michelle) who's not afraid of COLOR.

I'm taking baby steps when loud colors are concerned - leave them to accessories. I do have a penchant for red shoes and considered it a breakthrough a year ago when I left a clothing store not buying anything black (bought a fushia cardigan and yellow blouse through the store ladies persuasion). Like I said baby steps.

But Michelle shows you can be modern, feminine yet mean business while embracing COLOR. Also, she epitomizes having both substance and style - and that it doesn't take away from the former if you're having fun with the latter. LOVE HER!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Obamas' Love Story

This video was sent to me by a family member and I must say it's a wonderful video. It got the romantic side of me that masquerades (sometimes) as a cynic. Wow, it's a new day in America when Clay Aiken could sing "something about us" about a great love story (Obamas') that's not limited to fiction. Take note America: This is a montage of a love story . . .

Proud To Be An American

There will be time and numerous occasions to put the hyphen to specifically identify what type of American I am. But today, permit me to just say "I am an American." There have been a few times I took pride in being called an American, a couple of which in recent memory was the aftermath of 9-11 and today, seeing a rewrite of history with our sworn 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama.

Yes, I'm proud that after seven years of the devastating tragedy that befell this country; the name "Hussein" or any that sounds Arabic or Islamic wasn't considered a derogatory term (quite popular around the world actually). But a man could raise up his right hand with the other on the Bible and recite: "I, Barack Hussein Obama . . ." The people spoke with their votes and chose hope over fear. They saw that just because a tyrant (Saddam Hussein) shared a certain name, doesn't define everyone who hold the said name. We actually judged a man by what a great American once said: By the content of his character.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Heroes of 1549

"OMG! There's a plane in the Hudson!" Those were my words in a family member's showroom yesterday as I tried to use the computer to find a University's address and directions for an event I had to be in two hours. "What!" Replied someone else.

As I got to the University, I saw for a few seconds a press conference from New York's Mayor and Governor as I headed into the event's location. It wasn't until I got home late last night did I see what has captured millions of Americans and folks around the world's attention. Wow!

Thank God for NO casualty. Thank God for that PILOT- Capt. Sulley! Who's stock has just gone up into the stratosphere. I would love to know you're my pilot. But I've never flown U.S. Airways (unless maybe when I was a baby) Can I say maybe Airforce One might be calling him? And Kudos to the rest of flight crew, coast guards, folks on the ferris and the passengers!

You get to see the core decency and courage of everyday people. Capt. Sulley making sure he went through the plane twice to make sure no passenger was left behind, a co-pilot taking the shirt off his back to a cold and injured passenger, and another passenger giving up his coat to another passenger. I'm grateful for some goodnews in the midst of everything going on; I believe most Americans went to bed with a smile on their faces. I know I did.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't Punish Me With Brutality

I don't like talking about race all the time. Sometimes, I intentionally post some light-hearted musings to avoid some heated issues of the day because like many, I'm too angry about them and I would like time to think objectively. But in the words of Marvin Gaye: "What's going on?"

So it was late last and this week of various police brutalities focused on black men regardless of status (actor Jeffery Wright being tasered while he was face down, a promising baseball player, Robbie Tolan shot in his Texas driveway and an unarmed 22-year old man shot and killed in Oakland).

The above video is with Wright along with Josh Brolin in New Orleans while filming the movie "W." Recently, the video was released and the charges were dropped against them (hmmm).

About Robbie Tolan (son of Hall of Fame Baseball player Bobby Tolan)was shot because of racial profiling - he lives in a predominately white neighborhood and the Police thought his SUV was stolen. Tolan is recovering from the hospital, we don't know if the same can be said of his career as a baseball player. But thank God he (the most important factor) survived.

The same could not be said of Oscar Grant (in the photo). An unarmed black man shot and killed by a Bart's cop. He was just 22 years old! The guy was already face down to the ground but the cop shot him anyway. And folks of a different race marvel at the outrage that took place in Oakland? They were ANGRY! That could be your brother! That could be your son!

You wonder why in a city (Oakland) on election night not one crime was committed but rather the streets were filled with jubilation because of a giant step forward in history. Only for two months later, to find out history hasn't really changed for them: they would rather be gunned down before asking questions. And the same streets filled with the promise of the future in November could show a people's anguish and outrage in January.

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Stop Picking On Miami

I'm calling a time-out on all these surveys especially from people who don't live in the city. My beef today has to do with today's news that Miami is the fattest city in the country. GIVE ME A BREAK! Of all times when folks (present company excluded) are trying to fulfil their New Year's Resolution (for the upteenth time) of losing weight, then you put a wet blanket on the said goal of showing how "fat" they really are.

Let me just say for the past five years this city has been placed on many infamous lists in the country:

  • Rudest Drivers (for two consecutive years): Well I won't disagree with the theory. When we got the dubious honor, I believed many saluted with their middle fingers as they made their drive yet again in the hellish I-95. Besides, the way I normally find my patience is visiting another country. For six months after my travels, my patience could be that of Job - it makes me realize we don't have it that bad in South Florida.

  • Rep. Tom Tancredo Likened Us To A Third World Country: And he said he was afraid for his life during the Republican Primaries after the stupid comment to come to Miami. Hmmm. Anyway, Miami Herald's Pulitzer-Prize Writers: Dave Barry and Leonard Pitts gave him a serious tongue lashing with their pens (or keystrokes). I don't think I need to waste my time.

  • Most Attractive People: This honor was in 2007 and I must say I concur. But we don't stop being attractive after 2007 nor were we not attractive before the so-called year. And another thing, I wonder how the people of Philadelphia felt being called the least attractive the same year.

  • Least Intelligent People: This was also in 2007 and it makes me feel about the notion that if you're attractive you can't be smart. Who are these poll takers? Let me remind you that the biggest book fair around the world takes place in Miami every November. And it takes a great deal of patience during that week to find places to park, buy books or get into the seminars. That will not happen if the people are not intellectually curious.
  • Worst Sports Fans: An honor placed on us last year and to that we say WHATEVER! Pardon us for stressing WINNING! There are many attractions in the city that could hold our attention besides sports. This ain't Wyoming! So yes we put pressure on our athletes. You win, WE WILL COME. You CONTINUALLY LOSE, we go to South Beach, Las Olas or City Walk.

And now today, it becomes the fattest city because we have three times the regular fast food chain and longer commutes. PUH-LEAZE! Have you been here? We also have many who take care of their bodies whether holistically or surgically (why don't you put that as Number 1). Other than Brazil, this is the bikini capital of the world. You think they get those bodies by being fat. Let the locales criticize! Like how clothing seems optional around here. We know our city better and not some snowbird (tourist) who visits for a few weeks in the year.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is "Misunderestimate" A Word?

I thought I've heard everything there is to hear about our seven days left President and his unique take on the English Language until yesterday when he gifted me with another "Bushism" in his final press conference. The said word is "misunderestimate."

What in the world is that? I know of "underestimate" and "mis-quote, understood," but "misunderestimate?" Seriously, does this guy keep inventing words as he goes along? There are just too many Bushisms that have left me at a loss for words but let me oblige you a few:
  • The ground keeps me grounded (at his Texas Ranch in one of his many vacations)
  • Too many OB-GYNS are not able to practice their love on women (as a woman, I say EEEWW)
  • Families can't put food on their children (it's food on the table Mr. President)
  • Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you can't get fooled again. (It's fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me).

I just don't get it. In a nation of great communicators (there were many before Ronald Reagan was nicknamed "the great communicator") who founded our constitution, wrote great speeches and books we get Dubya. I truly believe Dubya fulfils the scripture "He uses foolish things to confound the wise." I've had headaches of different sorts if I had to be subjected to another speech. These days I see the speeches as some sort of amusement. Like with this video here:

There is joy in my heart because ONE MORE WEEK, I get a new President who understands syntax and agreement. Who will not give different folks on the Press Corp and his Administration weird nicknames. Obama will actually talk to me like I went to school and was raised to speak "the Queens English" . . . what a day and term(s) that will be.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Men At the 66th Golden Globes

Oh I didn't forget about the men even though they only need about 15 minutes to get dressed. The horror! But because of that outrageous amount of time most men (save for the metrosexuals - not my cup of tea) use to get dressed, I'll be more ruthless with my critics. There are no in-betweens; only BEST DRESSED and WORST DRESSED! (I'm not saying "least favorite"). There's just no excuse.

First of all, I want to give a moment of mourning for my favorite guy missing from the red carpet: GEORGE CLOONEY! Where was he? That guy always looks like he was born to wear the tux! He's our (well not mine) generation of Cary Grant - effortlessly elegant. The party was just not the same. That being said, let me give the honors to the rest of the men who came:

My Best-Dressed List: Ben Harper, Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy), and Tom Cruise. First with Ben: Now I'm not big on the black-on-black look on most guys. I think you've got to have the skin tone, fit, and confidence to pull it off. For example: On Ben Harper. LOVED IT!!! On Seal - HATED IT!!! - Now I like it when Seal wears all white - nice contrast to the skin tone or a dash of white with the tux. Back to Ben, the man gets some two snaps, snaps for shedding a tear for wife's win. How ROMANTIC!

McDreamy (with co-presenter Tina Fey) looks just like his nickname. If last night were in years past, I won't have given him my "best-dressed" honor. I just thought he looked so staid in the tux with the bow-tie (he ain't Clooney). Besides, any forty-something year old guy or guys who project young could do away with the bow-tie to look more modern. So thumbs up to McDreamy to shaking things up and going with the single tie look.

Last but not the least goes to Tom Cruise. He's been doing some image makeover lately about his past antics (jumping on the couch anyone?) The said image translated to the red carpet here - DEBONAIR! Cool points also, for bringing Mom along.

Worst Dressed Looks: Drum roll Please! Tony Shalhoub. I don't get how a Jewish man suddenly becomes Indian. I think he has an Indian wife (not sure). But still he gets panned (along with Glenn Close in the pic) for this look.

And the absolute WORST? Mickey Rourke . . . THERE ARE NO WORDS (The picture is worth a thousand words).

66th Golden Globe Fashions - Women

Allow my inner fashionista to give the critic about last night's Golden Globe Awards. Like many, the awards are just the end product of what has become one of my guilty pleasures for some years. Good to be nominated, and better if my favorite wins. But the best thing for me is to get the two most important answers to my questions: Who and what are you wearing?
Good to see the stars (most of them) followed the pulse of the nation and kept everything understated. The color of the night seem to be what's called "oyster," or "blush" but as usual, there were many stars in black. Now on to the most important stuff . . . here are my musings about the best dressed, the so-so look (lukewarm) and those who gave me a pause (I won't call them worst dressed):

Best Dressed goes to (In order of faves): Eva Longoria Parker , January Jones, Salma Hayek, and Kate Winslet. My absolute fave got two shots. Eva was just stunning in red. January Jones showed why she's today's version of Grace Kelly; she just does vintage so well. Salma Hayek, what can I say? Muy Caliente! The pale color of the dress doesn't take away from her hotness. And Winslet was not only the a winner of two awards but she gets two snaps snaps (as in Livin' Color) for her style. Winslet shows the truth in "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

My Luke-Warm looks go to J.Lo and Beyonce! These two didn't get the memo - TONE IT DOWN! Just because it states the "golden globes" doesn't mean you should follow the advice literally (a la J-Lo). And she's keeping her arms crossed because the cleavage is TOO revealing.

Now to Beyonce! Oh B! You're too beautiful to try to get all blinged out. My favorite look of yours was at the 2005 Oscars - a simple fitted black dress with dangling diamonds for earrings. Let the dress speaks for itself and have confidence that YOU could shine. Why didn't you follow that mantra here?

The Looks that gave me a PAUSE (In order): Renee Zellweger, Glenn Close, and Marisa Tomei. Let's start with Renee: I always look forward to what Renee is going to wear but I wasn't looking forward to was an "Addams Family" look-alike. OMG! She literally stopped me dead (no pun intended) in the tracks as I came out of the hallway to the livingroom. Who's the mortician? One more thing, repeat after me: Leave editorial looks to editorials (Vogue, W, WWD) and NOT THE RED CARPET!

Glenn Close - Ok, thread lightly because she made Fatal Attractions which scares a whole lotta people (particularly men). But how is it that a woman of her age (early 60s) with a banging bod decides to look matronly and cover everything up! And the pose looks like the female version of the Joker - I'm just saying . . .

Marisa Tomei - Another person with a great bod looking like she's about to read some fortunes. Gosh! These folks have money, they've got stylists (or those stylists should be fired pronto) and they decided to look like these . . .

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Year Of "So What"

I know everyone have set and perhaps, broke their New Year's resolutions already but I'm not in the league of trying to lose weight. In fact, I've chosen for some years not to say I'm trying to be in better shape because I'll get the same response - the rolling of the eyes or someone saying something sarcastic like "where?"

I'm taking another route this year especially after I saw Dubya at the end of last year saying: "So what a guy throws a shoe at me (shrug of the shoulders)," then I remembered his sidekick Darth Vader (I mean Dick Cheney) saying "so" when ABC's Martha Raddaz asked him about Americans feeling their administration made a mistake on Iraq. Imagine that!

I thought to myself "Wow," what if I could be that cavalier about many things going on in my life or in America and just say "so what!" After all, Pink (love her) made a hit song about the catchy phrase - So what she got a divorce; have her ex appear on the video about the failure. Talk about a gutsy girl.

So here are some of my musings to "So what". . .
  • So what I'm blunt. If you can't handle the truth, don't ask me my opinion. If you're dating a prince, I'll express my admiration and if you're dating a frog - boy will you get an earful. Or you'll just get silence. I'm not a politician and I'm not trying to win a base.

  • So what I'm quite tall and still not afraid to rock my high-heels (like the 4 and 1/2 inches I'm wearing today). I own my height and I think everyone should own (or fake) theirs. Besides, I get the insane pleasure of knowing a guy has to focus on my real eyes and not elsewhere and could catch him if he does.

  • So what I'm a girl who like sports and can question the fundamentals of an athlete's basketball game to the surprise of some but can still relate "sex and the city" (my girly side) to everyday life.

  • So what I'm a "Scorpio." I don't know what the fuss is about with this sign when I tell someone my birth date - "Oh you're a Scorpio . . ." Yes I am. And though I'm sweet, I'll sting you if you keep bugging the living daylights out of me - with a smile:-)

  • So what I'm smart, stylish and dare I say sexy. I don't think those traits should be mutually exclusive. And I'm tired of suppressing who I am to please others insecurities. In the words of Nelson Mandela "who are you not to be gorgeous, talented, . . .your playing small doesn't serve the world." I'm trying to follow his advice.

  • So what for the first time in my adult life I found myself unemployed even after doing everything right. I needed the rest at first (a humorous way to look at my plight), and I increased in knowledge of who I am during these times.

  • So what I fail at an endeavor or experienced a setback. At least I tried something. That's more to say than folks staying in the depths of their indecision.

  • So what I'm this multi-dimensional, hard to figure out, can't-be-placed- in-a-box kind of girl. I'm logical yet have a deep abiding faith, analytical yet creative, realistic (to the outside world) but as a Matriarch of the family told me: "more idealistic" internally. If you can't deal with that . . . too bad, next

  • So what this year I decide to change the trajectory of my life and decide to (or at least try)live to the true meaning of my name . . .

So, what are your "so what" moments? Love to read the comments.

Senate: Let The Brother In

Democrats: Ya'll getting on my last nerves! Seriously, what was up with the spectacle with Roland Burris? I know you're mad (i.e Harry Reid) that the somewhat insane Blago gave you a "screw you" move by picking Burris. But come on, it's within Blago's rights as a sitting (albeit disappointing) Governor. Burris should NOT be made a scapegoat for Blago's alleged indiscretions.

Do you guys really think it looks good bickering on a legally appointed Senator? So what if he can't win in two years; there are other Dems in Illinois who could raise funds and fill the seat after 2010.

Besides, you have a Democratic President-elect who will be taking office in two weeks; don't you think he really needs to have more of you on his side to get the bills pass? In the words of Aretha Franklin: "You betta think." Stop the whining, forgo your bruised egos and get with the nation's program for goodness sake - Put Roland Burris in his rightful seat.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Back For 2009

Happy New Year!!! I'm back and I missed my blogging ways. So what did I really miss since I've been gone? A LOT! But here's my quick take on stuff the past two weeks:
  1. Caroline Kennedy Wants Hillary's Seat: Oh sweet Caroline! You know I don't fault you for being part of a dynasty. As I told some family members who disagreed with me; this nation was founded on dynasties - Adams, Bushes (God Help us), Kennedys, Rockfellers, etc You know. Even the New York Governor (a fave) is a son of New York's former Secretary of State. So if you want Hillary's former senator seat, go for it you know. But I've got to say this: It might help your case if you don't say "you know" so much after every sentence. You know.

  2. Blago Picks Burris: Slimy, Slimy, Slimy but within Blago's rights as Governor. That Governor sure knows how to stick it to the people who so wanted him out of his position yesterday. What he did by picking Roland Burris to replace Barack Obama was legal; ethical - well, that's another story.
  3. Bobby Rush Puts Race in Illinois Senate race: I hate (ok, despise) it when folks use racism for every subject matter. Such was the case with Bobbie Rush telling the Media last week not to "hang" or "lynch" the "appointee" (Burris) but separate him from the appointor" (Blago). First of all, what the hell (ok, heck or maybe just use WTH) was Rush talking about when the Media was within its rights to ask critical questions. Second, how dare he brings up the "lynch," hang, and plantation (for people in the Senate) words when we just elected America's first black President? Third, as astute (or is that stretching) as he is, why should he bring up such visual to perpetuate divisiveness. These are stuff that just makes me wanna holla!
  4. Don't Call It A Memoir: This makes the second time (the first was James Frey) the Big O (Oprah) has been fooled by another author calling his book a "memoir." This time, the author (Herman Rosenblaut) lives in my neck of the woods - South Florida. Let's establish some new rules for all these authors lying (or embellishing the truth) about memoirs: NEW RULES: I know you think calling a book a "memoir" will help move the book quickly off the shelves and you're right BUT if only a tiny part of what you call a "Memoir" actually happened - IT IS FICTION or you could use "semi-autobiographical." That way the Queen of all Media (and all the readers she influences) will know you embellished part of your life. By the way, what's so wrong with fiction? Heard of Stephen King or J.K Rowling?
  5. Charles Barkley DUI Arrest: Huh! This was a kick in the gut! Sir Charles happens to be one of my "favorite people." What was he thinking? The salacious details about the arrest is not for me to type - read the link for yourself. But come on! You supposed to be smarter than this! Let's establish new rules on folks especially celebrities with DUIs. New Rules: If you have to drink, DON'T DRIVE. Also, if you have to drink, HIRE A DRIVER - how difficult can that be when you can surely afford it.
Those are just a few things I needed to get off my chest . . .
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