Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas And See You In The New Year

Hope everyone have a very Merry Christmas and reflect on what it really means - Peace, goodwill towards men and of course, the birth of Jesus Christ. It has less to do with having so much money (or none) and buying gifts but more on celebrating its meaning.

I've had to reflect on that critically especially during this time of a crummy economy and knowing I can't buy the gifts I bought last year. I've had to think about being an American in a foreign land many years past and how other countries celebrated this Holy time. I remember the practice I saw in one African country, they shared food with their neighbors, the less unfortunate and elders in the land. Nobody goes hungry during that week between Christmas and the New Year.

So I'm going to keep such actions in the forefront of my mind while I stand firm on the Promise and Hope of what Christmas brought . . . Have a Merry Christmas!

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When Are You Straightening Your Hair?

I dropped the bombshell a couple of months ago that I took the "relaxer" off my hair. The reason behind this had nothing to do with reconnecting with my "roots" just practical reasons of like not dropping $100 everytime I needed to get my hair done or wondering what the heck to do with my hair two to three weeks later - it grows so quickly. And as much as some friends and family think I'm one of the few ladies of color who doesn't give a damn about my hair (I do, I just don't want to spend four to five hours in a salon), I believe folks should let me be on what I want to do with my hair.

Why do folks think just because I'm wearing my hair in its natural state, it means I'm lacking of some sort in the "beauty" department? Granted, for a few weeks after I made the radical choice of chopping most of my hair including any signs of "relaxer", I went through a grieving process - after all, this was a 16-year love affair I just ended. And my senses were more heightened to any sister I saw on TV or on the streets with a fab relaxed look. But then I got over it!

I'm feeling more at home in my coarse (yet soft to the touch), multi-cultural/tribal curly head of hair. Some days are good hair days and some days, let's just say it's a "tangled mess." I recently went to get the ends trimmed. A black lady who was at the barbershop the day I made the bold move (but didn't cut my hair) did the honors of trimming. She just kept feeling my hair and saying "OMG, it is so soft and very curly. . ." What was she expecting! I felt like Akeem in "Coming To America" as she kept palming my head while asking what kind of products I used. Should I tell her I use "tomatoes and berry juice" like Akeem(psyche). Seriously, what's wrong with negroes?

But then she asked me when I'm going to put the relaxer back in my head. What's wrong with what I have I thought to myself. I told her I don't know yet. She was surprised and asked if I considered some texturizer. I told her I don't like it. Here's what I don't get with incessant ways of her (and others) asking me when I'll change my current look.

Do I not fit a certain mode of acceptance? Newsflash: I've never been part of a mode of beauty - I don't seek it. I believe what makes each individual beautiful is his/her uniqueness. But the ironic thing is the folks who really appreciate the "new" do are white ladies. Imagine that? A couple of them who knew me at a corporate building said they liked the look; one said she preferred this new me. Not so with some "sisters" wondering what I'm trying to prove - absolutely nothing to you.

Actually, the only one I prove anything to is the one I see in the mirror. Can I get the hair to be flexible? Sometimes (like I am). But on other days, just like me it wants to do its own thing and no spraying of magic potion (though I'm still seeking one that will be just right for my kind of hair) will change that. And you know what, that's cool too. Perhaps one day I'll go back to my relaxing ways; I never say never. It wouldn't change my philosophy about beauty if I do but I'm getting comfortable (and patient) seeing this side of me. I just wish others will learn to embrace this side too.

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What Happened To Full Disclosure?

I haven't given my two cents on the world of finance in a while and for good reason; I was waiting to see how the story will unfold. I supported the Wall Street bailout but these days I'm beginning to think why in the world did I support the $700 Billion claim especially when I'm NOT seeing the fruits of the labor. It's like dating a guy and vouching for his character only after the breakup, you wonder "what did I ever see in him?"

In my defense, I wrote that $700 billion must come with some oversight and parameters for benchmark results. Well, what do you know - That didn't happen! The economy has sinked to a new low the past three months, with credit even getting tighter for small businesses which had led to more unemployment.

So checking out the business news (a habit since undergrad), I felt like shouting out when I saw most of these financial institutions can't give a basic accounting of what happened to the tax-payer's funds. Oh I was about to scream! That goes against everything I believe in being a proper steward and do these companies know a certain principle called FULL DISCLOSURE?

I mean a bank executive said this: "We're choosing not to disclose that." Are you freaking kidding me! He-llo you don't have any choice in the matter. First of all, you're not a private company (you're publicly traded) and second of all, YOU GOT BAILED OUT BY TAX PAYERS' MONEY. So you better start giving the fundamental principles of your profession - full disclosure!

I feel we were duped. The government is not giving sanctions on this particular fiasco but they could ask the Detroit Big 3 to show them all kinds of ways they could improve their products (rightfully so) for only $14 billion. There's something very fishy about this . . .

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Flash Is Amazing

(AP Photo / Alan Diaz)

You can have your King James (Lebron James) , but give me Flash (Dwyane Wade) anyday. Whoa! Christmas came early in Miami with the yearly match-up of the Heat and the Lakers and what a game last night.

Speaking of a game, is there something wrong with me as a girl getting frustrated when a guy is texting me in the middle of a tense fourth quarter? I felt like Robin Givens (without the attitude) character in Boomerang when I'd rather be watching the game than responding to your text. But I digress.

Anyhoo, back to the game last night. My (and others in the room) heart was racing so bad in the last two minutes of the game. One of the folks I was watching the game with was saying she couldn't take the game anymore (she was SCARED). Phil Jackson got a technical and the Heat's Udonis Haslem couldn't make a free throw when the game was tied. Then Haslem missed another two free throwes a minute later and a minute to go before the end of the game.

But get the ball to Flash (did you see the shot from 33-footer to close the third quarter?) and you've got a chance. Even with a terrific job of defense from Kobe Bryant, he was still unguardable. He did everything from key block shots to leaping higher than Kobe for a critical jump ball. I guess because of his injury for most part of last season, I almost forgot how good, nay GREAT Flash really is. He willed his team even with urgent missed free throws to win the game and a little help from Kobe's last shot that popped out on its way going in at the buzzer.

And all of us let out a collective sigh of relief!

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Why The Outrage Over Warren?

I like to think of myself as a progressive - not as the labeled voter per se but as a thinker. On the voting side, I hate labels though my voter's registration card identifies me with a party. But I'm more in the thinking of Chris Rock (can you tell I'm a fan of his comedy?) when he said "there are some things I'm very liberal about, and there are some things I'm very conservative about . . ."

During our recent election, my ballot would have confused any poll taker to figure out what box to label me based on how I voted. So over some months leading to the election, I had my criticism for the ultra-conservative folks but recently, my ire has been towards far-left liberals - THEY ARE BUGGING ME! And they are getting on my nerves with their whining on President-Elect's so-called choices for his cabinet positions and now, his choice for who to do the invocation (opening prayer) at the inauguration, Pastor Rick Warren.

Yes, the "Purpose Driven Life" 30 million plus books sold Pastor is making many on the far left upset with Obama because of Warren's stand on Prop 8 and some controversial sayings about gays. Reportedly, Warren has said some stuff with comparing the gay lifestyle to pedophilia and the like. I find that last statement hard to believe but if it is true, then that is some ignorance on the part of Warren. Statistically, pedophilia is overwhelmingly (over 70 percent) related to heterosexuals. But one dumb quote should not make the whole narrative of one's life.

Hel-lo the 30 million people (present company included) who bought the famed book could see there's more to Warren than just gay-bashing. This is a guy who was criticized by some of his faith (i.e. Pat Robinson and the late Jerry Falwell) because of his methods of teaching. He was one of the first preachers to shed light on AIDS, talked about poverty and admonished folks about the state of our environment. And might I add, the guy does "reverse tithing." That is, he gives 90 percent of what he makes away and lives off 10 percent. Tell me which other preacher does that?

Be that as it may, how many of us has agreed to everything the Pastors of our churches preach? I know I haven't. Sometimes, I've been in a church where a statement from the pulpit have gone from one ear and out the next. It doesn't stop me from respecting the Pastor the next day or for him/her not to pray for me during a notable event of my life.

So why would you think the President-Elect of all people choose not to follow the same example? Is he supposed to pick someone to pray (I can't believe folks are fighting over this) who he agrees with on every issue? Well, he did pick Rev. Joseph Lowery, a civil rights pioneer, who's also spoken for gay rights to do the benediction. But I noticed, the so-called base aren't acknowledging such balance - yeah balance; what a unique word!

Seriously liberals, what do you want Obama to do? Tell some (0r most) evangelicals who didn't support him "screw all ya!" Or could he try to live up to the promise he gave on election night that though he didn't get their votes, he hears their voices and will be their President too. In my opinion, I think Obama showed courage in this choice, and a word I don't use for most politicians, character.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jungle Fever, Jungle Love?

Colleague: "So Mo, would you ever date a white guy?"
AAW: "If the guy is as cool as Jon B. or has the soul of Michael McDonald I'll date him. You?"
Colleague: "Do I have to go out (literally) with her?"
AAW: " That's not nice . . ." He shrugged.

That was 10 years ago as a young college student when I first had the conversation about interracial relationships with a colleague struggling to have me "pegged." He was the type of guy who really wanted to figure out my "blackness" and because I said I had no race preference in my dating relationships, he made it known I'll end up with a white guy. Well his bet is still lingering and I still hold the same principles. I'm like Chris Rock on interracial dating: "brothers have been using their equal rights for years, what are sisters waiting on?"

But a certain brother (Joseph Williams) at the Boston Globe still has an issue with catching the jungle fever in a recent piece. Seriously! How long do we need to keep having this discussion? But calculating his age (about 46), he's of a different mindset than many of my peers. On my college campus, interracial dating was so prevalent that a couple of my friends who transferred from another state university told me they've never seen anything like it - a bit of culture shock for them. I digress.

Back to this buzz-generating column, the writer asked these questions: Is an attraction to a white woman a form of racial self-hatred? If I flirt with her, does it mean I've rejected my African-American sisters? Answer: To the former, No; It just means you're not totally free yet to think dating a person of an outside race means you don't like yourself. And to the latter (eye rolling), I say PUH-LEAZE get a grip!

How ridiculous does that (second question) sound? Just because I find "McSteamy" (Eric Dane) drop-dead gorgeous doesn't mean I won't melt if I see the hot chocolate Morris Chesnut - I'm just saying. I appreciate beauty and rugged good looks any form it comes. So if I pick a real-life version of McSteamy, it doesn't mean I reject my African-American brothers. And if I date a prototype of Chesnut, it doesn't mean I'm proving my "blackness."

Could it be I find something in common with a person regardless of race? Perhaps his faith, intelligence, wit or humor? It is quite simple; too bad this writer (Williams) should make it complicated by talking about "echoes of history impossible for him to ignore." I say life is just too short.

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Blagosphere and Other Stuff

I've ignored my "political" side for a reason - it's a jungle out there! But I've got a few things on my mind about the whole "Blagosphere" (a pun for all things about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich) and some other things happening in our political world:

Blago's Tangled Web: Oh not to be caught in Blago's (Blagojevich) web. I thought Florida's political world was corrupt but according to a survey, Illinois upped Florida by two spots (number 6 to Florida's number 8). Who would have thunk it? The Land of Lincoln (Honest Abe) himself; gosh he must be rolling over in his grave. Any political figure from Illinois has been denouncing Blago left and right from Rahmbo (Rahm Emmanuel) to our President-Elect, Barack Obama.

But none gave me a kick in the guts than the so-called "Candidate No. 5," Jesse Jackson Jr. Not him! As readers of this blog know, I recommended Jackson for Obama's former senate seat. Now seeing him all entangled in Blago's web, I doubt he will get the seat. It will be better for a special election to be held than Blago appointing him - too much cloud over his head. Well, Jackson gave his press conference but I thought his sit-down interview with CNN's Don Lemon was more revealing:

SNL's Spoof of Gov. David Paterson: Let me be clear, I LOVE New York Gov. Paterson. I love his razor-sharp mind and wit. But most of all I love his honesty. I find his candor refreshing for a politician in an age where most of his counterparts choose to be politically-correct or Clintonesque ("It depends what is, is"). The fact that he's legally blind is just an afterthought. Seriously! Is Stevie Wonder less genius because he's blind?

So imagine my surprise when I saw the SNL spoof Saturday night:

I like SNL and I say nobody is off-limits! After all, Eddie Murphy was brilliant in his spoof of Stevie Wonder on SNL in the eighties. At the time, it was considered edgy and later, Wonder came in to SNL to show he could take a joke by singing along with Murphy.

But I thought SNL went about five minutes too far into joke for it not to be no longer funny. It's like a good movie that forgot to be edited thirty minutes after. Yeah Paterson is blind. SNL couldn't spoof him without that fact but he's no bumbling fool - that's where (I think) SNL crossed the line.

This is more like the Paterson I know on the Colbert Report:

President Bush Gets Shown The Shoes:

What can I say? The President really fulfils the term "lame-duck." I mean excellent reflexes; working out pays off :-)

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

NPR Got It Wrong

Last week I read the heartbreaking news that two (and one of my favorite) NPR shows has been cancelled. The two shows were Day to Day and News and Notes (a fave). NPR's reasoning was due to the crummy economy and like many of their Media counterparts, they had to do some layoffs.

I get the reasoning. Trust me, I get when you have to make major cutbacks; I can read a company's financial statements like no one's business. But what I don't get is that the two shows cut were based in the west coast and save, for "Tell Me More" (another fave) have great diversity programming from all the other NPR shows.

I've been a fan of N&N since college; when it was "The Tavis Smiley Show." To me, it brought some flavor to sometimes NPR's stale delivery - I'm just saying. I love NPR for the most part, but there are some shows I felt I'd rather go to the dentist chair to listen to his drill than another moment hearing the host's voice. I just couldn't relate and it wasn't because of my age then (I still don't like those shows).

Day to Day had financial information from Michelle Singletary (did I mention she's black) when most financial information were given by boring old white guys who've spent too much time on Wall Street but didn't know how to break the Wall Street lingo to folks on Main Street. Singletary brought that to Day to Day; common sense approach to money like "Big Momma" taught her.

Also, Brian Unger brought his humorist take on all things political and pop-culture. It made you take a second look on what our public figures were selling us. Day to Day was able to accomplish all these while tackling the serious news. But now, (come March 20th) that will be gone!

While I had to listen to Day to Day on Mondays and Tuesdays; it was a five-day event for News & Notes. This was the show from an African-American perspective. And can I just say, in the mostly vanilla world of NPR, it was nice to have some chocolate five days a week. The show had think-tanks of color from the world of politics, business, and the media; something rare in the world of television. Also, just because I'm an African-American, it didn't mean I agreed with everything the show broadcasted. I happen to be a friend of the show, and a few times I've used my keystrokes to great use to ask "what was that all about?" (What's up Farai and GB!)

But that was the great thing about N&N, it was interactive with its listeners/bloggers. A few months ago when I got too busy with my personal life to give my "piece," I was called out on the website by a producer (GB) to ask where in the world I was. I never expected the "shout out" but at least it showed they paid attention than most media outlets who operate in a vacuum.

So NPR I'm asking you to take a second look. It is appalling in a multi-racial and multi-ethnic America, only one show (Tell Me More) in your lineup after March 20th will truly reflect the great diversity of our society.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Oprah's Weighty Confession

Photo: Matthew Rolston
If I didn't love Oprah before, I absolutely do now. Wow! That was big (no pun intended) of Oprah to admit she put on 40 pounds in the year. A writer once said something about honesty I'm trying to aspire to: With others do it with care but with yourself, be ruthless. (Paraphrased)

I think most folks take that advise in its reverse form - they are ruthless with others (OMG, what is she wearing?) but are so careful with themselves (I've just put on a few pounds). I remember I was at a party last March when a lady at my table said she was a size 6, a member of her family (I think her Mom or Aunt) asked "which size 6?" All of us at the table busted out laughing because we knew she was NO SIZE 6 (more like a healthy 10) but we were more diplomatic than the one who voiced our thoughts.

But I'm glad Oprah took the right approach and got ruthless with the truth that was apparent to many viewers; she had put on some weight and it wasn't the proverbial 10 pounds the TV inflates. In so doing, she shows she was just as vulnerable and susceptible to the battle of the bulge millions are waging everyday. This, I believe is why the said millions have loved Oprah for over two decades regardless of her mounting wealth and indifference to the shifts of her waistline - the woman is REAL!

When I first heard this story on Wednesday morning, I won't lie it gave the motivation I needed to change into my workout clothes and get my butt off the couch when excuses were already being formed in my head why I didn't need to do any exercise that day. And as I read the "O" Issue delivered to my mailbox last night, I was not only forced to look at Oprah's journey in the love/hate (more on the latter) relationship she had with her body but more of how I treated my own.

I felt for her especially when she talked about the fateful day the legendary Tina Turner and Cher graced her stage. I watched that show and I had no idea Oprah felt so awkward to be in these ladies presence; she felt she was the oldest among the women when the opposite is true. At the end, she has come to accept the fact that her goal now isn't to be thin but for her body to be healthy and strong. And I say isn't that great advice for us all?

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Hate Shopping for Makeup

I want to get something off my chest and it's the auduous task of shopping for makeup. Granted, I started the act of makeup wearing much later in life than many of my peers but that's not the main reason I hate shopping for cosmetics. It all has to do with being a person of color and choosing makeup that enhance my natural skin tone rather than mask it.

What is wrong with the cosmetics industry when it comes to marketing to women of color. Hey, we are not all four or six shades. Some of us have backgrounds of various ethnicities. Even my sisters and I don't wear the same shade. So why does the makeup counter lady feel I would be just perfect with a shade another person wore only to get home and see I have been duped.

For example, the best makeup experience I've had was with a certain makeup company which catered to my belief about makeup - IT SHOULDN'T FEEL OR LOOK AS IF I'M WEARING ANY. So for about two years I was in skin heaven. Once, I went for a facial and the facialist was surprised when she started washing my face that I had makeup on. She said it matched my face to a "T" and better, it was great for my skin.

I even smiled to myself when one of the guys I worked with said to another guy convincingly "Mo- doesn't wear makeup." It amazes me what guys fill their time with talking about women. Why let them in on my little secret that I do, my shade for this company was "true honey."

But then I went back to makeup purgatory when the company decided to discontinue the line. WHAT! Yeah that's what I said to the makeup counter lady when I heard the devastating news. She said there was not much request for that shade. HE-LLO, you're looking at the one who requests it. And she told me she doubts if they are bringing the line back since it's been in the works (for discontinuation) in a while. Just my luck but she told me to move to "true amber" which is close. It wasn't. I could see the difference. On to another makeup line. . .

My search still continues for that match. I've wasted money or just gave the makeup to friends who liked the shade. I'll give most of these makeup product ladies some props; they agree that I have yellow undertones to my skin; thus I have a warm skin tone. So why in God's green earth would you sell me a makeup that is geared towards "Neutral skin tone?" IT DOESN'T MATCH!

So I want to say something the multi-billion industry we call the cosmetics industry. Do a better job with creating and marketing to women of color and PLEASE don't stick with Tan, Caramel, Dark, and Deep. We are way more than those four categories. Also, do your research! America is changing so fast to a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural country and I (and others like me) don't have the patience till 2042 when we become the majority.

Recently, I went to a bookstore to find a solution to this nagging problem. One book that kind of made me understand my plight was one by Bobby Brown (the famed makeup artist, who perfected the natural look). She had a chapter for "global beauty" - those of us mixed with parents from other parts of the world. Finally! She said this is the section (of our society) the beauty industry is still having a problem to perfect. Bummer! I decided to look at the back of the page to see the copyright notes - it was in 1997. OMG, that's over a decade and I'm still seeing the problem in makeup counters.

So beauty industry get to work. I don't want to mix two or three shades as one makeup person suggested last week; I've got work to do. And do you know the kind of person I am? It takes me five minutes to do hair and makeup and I'm out the door. I hate all the primping but I still want to look quite polished. Think "effortlessly chic." Ok, I'm begging you to look at this opportunity. It could be a very rewarding and profitable venture.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Adios Boston Legal

One of my favorite shows closed its curtains last night, the fictional law firm of Crane, Poole, and Schmidt. Gosh, I'll miss my crazy gang.

Yeah I know it's on reruns somewhere but it won't be same. I'm not going to see the brilliant Alan Shore going after a rogue judge on topical issues ripped from the headlines nor am I going to see the crazy Crane, Denny Crane with his antics for closing a case while battling the mad cow (Alzheimers).

So yes I'll miss Boston Legal but I'll always remember the words of Alan Shore to Denny Crane after the devastating news he had mad cow, "in the meantime my friend, live big, live big."

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Say It Ain't So Blagojevich

I can't believe this but yet I'm not surprised. If what happened today is totally true (which the mounting allegations with wire tap evidence seem to prove), then Illinois Governor is really STUPID. In another language, El Stupido!!!

The adage "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" has just been proven once again. How do you explain a Governor (Rod Blagojevich) who got in his position because his predecessor (George Ryan) was going to jail for racketeering (among other crimes) get trapped for other unethical and illegal acts? I wrote a post last month asking Blagojevich to pick Jesse Jackson Jr, for President-Elect Barack Obama's former senate seat; only to hear this morning this Governor wanted to get paid on the side for a job he's entitled to do.

Can you be confounded and yet think this act is the statusquo? I know there are a few good men (and women) out there in politics but ten years ago I got out of being selected as a juror for a political corruption case because I told the judge I wasn't surprised when I heard the news because I've heard others like his since I became a resident and I'm not that impressed by politians. Yes you could hear the pin drop in the court room by my admission. Isn't it a shame a decade later, another politician is still letting history repeat itself by going to the bighouse?

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Out Still Next Week

Gotta take some time off to take care of some personal stuff. Hope to be back mid-next week to my blogging ways. Ciao!

Lebron In A New York State of Mind

Lebron: Start spreading the news, I'm leaving in two years, I've had enough of Cavs to New York, New York. Okay, I'm having a bit of fun with the loud rumors surrounding "King James" (Lebron James) desire to be with the New York Knicks. The problem is he is STILL a Cleveland Cavalier.

Let me be clear: I believe Lebron James will be a knickerboker (playing for the New York Knicks) come the fall of 2010. This guy has said he wants to be a "global icon" and a billionaire. For the latter, he has a great mentor, the Oracle himself, Warren Buffett. But the former in his mind, will involve him being in a major market and where else but the biggest market of them all, New York.

If you don't believe me. Then why is he given hints with wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap during the MLB playoffs over a year ago when the Yankees was playing against a Cleveland team (not a baseball fan; can't remember the moniker)? That was a WRONG PR MOVE.

I'm a Miami Heat fan and during their championship run against Dallas Mavericks in 2006, I said to a friend Terrell Owens deserved to be booed by the Dallas fans. Owens was wearing a Shaq Miami Heat jersey in DALLAS when he was just traded to the Dallas Cowboys just a few months prior to June. He's defense was he was Shaq's friend and was wearing a Maverick's hat (turned backwards that you couldn't see the logo). I don't know what goes on these athletes' heads? But I digress.

Then a few weeks ago, Lebron played in Madison Square Garden (MSG) wearing some New York pinstripes. Okay, if you insist you're a Cavalier, why keep milking this rumor? And this is where Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley (who I love) got upset. Barkley said if it was him, he will "shut the hell up." Then Lebron responded to Barkley calling him "stupid." Oh no he didn't! Oh yes he did.

Here's where I don't get if some folks (like Lebron) have home training. You're not only referring to someone who's old enough to be your father but he's a Hall-of-famer! Show some respect! And you know what, most folks (as I am) are on the side of Sir Charles in this feud.

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Plaxico Burress Mess

Hi folks, it's time for another edition of I.N.N (Ignorant Negro News). Unless you've chosen not to watch the news these past few days, then there's no way you missed this ridiculous story of a one-time Super Bowl hero, Plaxico Buress.

Why the drastic shift? If you asked me, it all started after he got the fat contract in the summer. Someone once said, "money doesn't change you, it just exaggerates what you already are." So if you were a disciplined person before a major hike in your net worth, you'll remain the same afterwards and vice-versa if you were not.

First of all, who wears sweatpants into a nightclub? At one time, I lived 10 minutes away from South Beach - the nightclub capital of the country (even New York doesn't top it). And though I don't partake of the lifestyle. I know you're supposed to have a dress code. But I guess since he was a multi-millionaire the bouncers gave him a pass. That was a dumb move on the bouncers' part and the guy wearing the sweatpants.

The gun Buress accidently shot himself was sliding down from where he thought he secured it in his sweatpants when it went off. Why, why, why was he wearing such outfit when he was carrying a gun? Have you heard of jeans or just some decent pants?

Second, he had no registration on the gun in New York which has made the city's Mayor really irate and saying he will see to it that Buress gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (three years in the big house).

And oh there is more! Anthony Pierce, his teammate is in deep (you know what) for trying to cover for him. Psss Pierce, let me hip you to something called "obstruction of justice." I know you don't want to be called a "snitch" but if it gets to affecting your family and livelihood; I say start "snitching." Or you could call it TELLING THE TRUTH.

The plot thickens with this drama. Now the doctor who treated Buress for the gunshot wound but lied about the name of who he was treating (for cover) is suspended. Hmmm Doc, what happened to your oath of ethics?

Anyway, now these ignorant negroes (Buress and Pierce) are facing charges that could sideline their careers. I wonder if these guys just operate in some sort of bubble and think laws don't apply to them and guess what, you guys are black - the more reason you should law-abiding citizens. (Read into that last sentence what you want but you know it's the truth).

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Meet The Team Of Rivals

It finally happened after all the rumblings about President-Elect's National Security Team, with Sen. Hillary Clinton (Sec. of State) being the loudest one of them all. The positions included Attorney General (Eric Holder), Homeland Security (Janet Napolitano), Defense(Robert Gates), National Security Advisor (Gen. Jim Jones) and U.N. Ambassador (Susan Rice).

I've said it before (over a week ago) that I admire the positions though I was surprised with Clinton for Secretary of State (even though I believe she'll do a great job).

But my post today is really geared to the far-left liberals and there own rumblings about the way Obama is loading up his cabinet. Psss, liberals: How about we have a little conversation. You guys are beginning to bug me just like the ultra-conservative folks during the campaigning season.

There is a difference between how you campaign and how you govern. Some of you (liberals) still expect Obama to be doing the former instead of the latter. Say this after me: YOU GOVERN FROM THE CENTER!!! (One more time)

I'll give you a state example: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican. But sometimes you may not know he is really a Republican by the way he governs. He is a green (not in experience but with the environment) Governor. He extended the hours of the early voting registration to the angst of his Republican colleagues who felt he would benefit the other party (it turned out to be true), and he's fighting for felons to have their right restored to vote. You wonder why he has a high approval rating?

So you may not like that he picked Gates (from the Bush administration), but Gates has shown he is not an idealogue like his boss and have actually talked about diplomacy and brought a voice of reason since he was hired in 2006.

The other person you're up in arms about is Clinton. For that, I just say "get over it." Politics make strange bed fellows. And just like John F. Kennedy needed Lyndon B.Johnson after a contentious primaries, Obama needs Clinton. Like her or not, the woman is brilliant and there are 18 million voices to prove that. Also, she's a global brand name and don't you think Obama could use someone like that while he concentrates on the domestic debacle we call the economy?

So to the guys who are really left of me, I say have patience. Yes you voted for change and change you got. He is the only President-Elect facing mind-boggling challenges in over 70 years. Why fault him for bringing the most experienced hands to help him guide the ship?

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Monday, December 1, 2008

World AIDS Day

I live in a state that ranks third in new HIV cases and around a tri-county area in the top-five new cases. The alarming thing about this statistics is 70% of these new cases are with African-American and the Hispanic, a distant 13%.

One of the good news is the stigma is not as strong as it was in the 90s and far better than the 80s. The bad news is that most people still refuse to get tested. In their eyes, what they don't know can't kill them; but it sure can. Also, another good news is that they could live quite normal lives if the disease is diagnosed early. So please get tested and practice safe sex (I think that should go without saying).

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NBA Refs: Three Blind Mice

NBA refs have got into a few controversies in the past couple of years and watching a late night game between the Heat and the Clippers on Saturday that went into early Sunday morning made me realize fans frustration with the Zebras (Referees) who really showed they could be the proverbial three blind mice on the basketball court.

Here it was, seven seconds left in the game with the Heat down one and Dwyane Wade stole the ball from a Clipper and tipped it out to one of his teammates (Udonis Haslem) who was ready at the basket for a layup when the Zebras started whistling.

This viewer (as well as the commentators) was wondering what happened. A few minutes ticked on then we found out they said Wade stepped out of the court when he stole the ball. Huh! So they called the ball to go to the Clippers. Are you freaking kidding me? Well, the commentators shared my exact sentiments since they had an instant replay. Yes, Instant Replay - whatever happened to that technologically advance device? The Zebras seem to have forgotten about that.

Wade had every right to be ticked off! One of the few times I've seen him that livid. Then one of the Zebras told him he didn't make the call and the Heat coaches got involved. Meanwhile, I'm thinking this is wasting time and breaking the flow of the game. After about ten minutes went by, the refs called it for the Heat which made the Clippers VERY UPSET. I guess they couldn't see the game from the overhead monitors.

After a time-out, it was time to get into the game. Wade was fouled (as usual) but I guess the Heat was not over the limit so no foul shots (free throws) needed to be made. But the three blind mice did the unthinkable - they took off a second by mistake, which the commentators saw. Seriously, what's up with these Zebras! Anyway, the Heat lost because the shot missed the basket. But I will say this, they have EVERY right to be upset. Not only were there some controversial calls favoring the home team (Clippers) before the seven-second call but they broke the flow of the game. That's my rant . . .

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Cyber Monday Overload

I'm back! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did and I'm in a "Turkey Haze" and too much sweet potato pie consumption. But hey, I found out a great tidbit of info today not to make me feel guilty about the latter consumption; Sweet Potato is one of the most nutritious food you can have. So I'm not thinking about all the sugar and other fattening elements which make up a delicious sweet potato pie. But the foundation of the theory is it's HEALTHY and I'm sticking to that story :-)

Now today is Cyber Monday (did you shop on Black Friday?) and I'm having the opposite of a writer's block - I have an overload of "issues" I'd like to blog about. Before today, I had my rant against NBA refs made up in my mind and Lebron's New York drama. But then today is World AIDS Day, Obama rolled out his National Security Team, and the senseless Mumbai tragedy (my condolences to the victims).

I guess that's a good problem to have and I agree. However, there is this issue called time and weighing the best post to actually write . . .