Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Fashion Show Is NO Project Runway

I've been wanting to blog about this new show called "The Fashion Show" for a few weeks but there were more serious issues more pressing. But readers of this blog know I have a silly; often a lighter-side when it comes to my TV viewing habits. A friend told me a couple of years ago when she came to visit and she saw "Flavor of Love" on my TV. She looked at me with a thoughtful look and said: "You know Mo, some people will not know you hold a graduate degree with some of your ridiculous TV viewing habits." That got a laugh for me but hey, Flavor of Love was some riveting television. Though I can't believe Flava would flip his socially conscious (even with a few screws loose) image of Public Enemy for that show. It was funny! And don't knock the funny. But I digress.

Back to this Fashion Show. Let me just say this: I'M NOT BUYING IT! (All pun from one of the show's host, Isaac Mizrahi is intended). Though I LOVE Mizrahi and his credibility as a fashion designer. Don't care for Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child credibility for fashion - just check out the costumes DC wore for a few years in their career and I rest my case. And it's not because she's a singer; hey I LOVE GWEN STEFANI'S style and applaud her for creating a fashion line.

I just think this show was a rip off from Project Runway. And I don't care how you imitate one of my guilty pleasures on TV, you can NEVER duplicate it! I'm sorry. Rowland is no Heidi Klum. She may use the "hanging by a thread" line all she wants but I want to hear Klum say "Awwfidezen (goodbye)" to someone or to the Fashion Show.

And Mizrahi doesn't bring the pananche of Tim Gunn. Who am I to see looking through his glasses at up-and-coming designers unique designs and use some $100 words for why it's all wrong. I mean like "Kotto, what are you doing here . . . I see classy but is it "avant-garde?" She gives some reasonings for her direction and Gunn still looks skeptical "Well Make it work" He said as he walks to the next designer.

See no one makes it work on "The Fashion Show." And I've watched four episodes and they are BORING. This is where I miss Nina Garcia, one of the Judges on Project Runway; Runway fanatics know you don't bore Nina! Sew something crazy that will leave folks scratching their heads but DON'T EVER BE BORING. Who's the final judge I'm missing? Oh, Michael Kors. Love Kors! You knew (as a viewer) he's going to refer an outfit to a Jewish Relative somewhere or an iconic TV show or Film. I'm like Dang, Michael how many movies have you watched?

And there are more things I could fuss about like the no innovation of ideas from this crop of designers and their producers. I mean seriously, Runway had people go into the grocery store and make eye-catching designs from produce while the Fashion Show wanted to see how they could "hem." Are you kidding me! I'm not seeing anyone tearing apart a car and make a red-carpet design from the car furnishings or attachments.

So for those neophytes who don't know why Runway is not on the air for a year and half (the horror). Well it's this thing called "litigation" or law suits for regular folks. There's been a war going on with Bravo and Lifetime - two cable channels. Runway was supposed to finish its season last year with Bravo and start its new home at Lifetime. But I guess Bravo, after the deal was done, saw what they are going to miss and have been throwing road blocks at Lifetime and Project Runway ever since. So the viewers are left wanting of new episodes until they get their act together.

In the meantime, Bravo brings this new show that looks like "Runway" but it sucks. I'm just saying . . .So to Bravo and Lifetime, I don't care how you negotiate and renegotiate your terms, please make it work and bring us OUR PROJECT RUNWAY.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Filibuster This SCOTUS Pick!

First of all, this was the least surprising news to me; the Supreme Court Justice (otherwise known as SCOTUS) pick that is. I knew it was going to be a Latina and I knew it was going to be a woman. (So pat on the back to me).

And as I told a friend, I don't care how much the President and his wife kept saving face it doesn't have to be a woman, he's going to choose a WOMAN.

Second, I'd like to say Kudos to Sonia Sotomayor for this historic nomination. You are well-deserving of the honor.

I got all that out of the way. Now to the nitty-gritty for all the hoopla that's happened in the last couple of days with the SCOTUS pick especially with the Republican party. I'm going into the mind of Barack Obama on choosing Sotomayor. I like that he knows when to pick a fight, it's like a strategic chess move - CHECK MATE! Darth Vader (I mean former VP Dick Cheney) kept wanting folks to stay on the "dark side," Obama knew when to take a shot at him at both the White House Correspondence dinner as a guy who's working on his Memoir "how to shoot friends and interrogate people" and speaking about GITMO on the same day last week.

Only for the next few days to choose, to the HORROR of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan and co, a LATINA. I mean to them they are yelling WTF! What do you call all the nonsense that's dominated cable news with folks questioning her intelligence ('scuse me, she was second in her graduating class), her ethnicity (can you believe someone said they can't pronounce her name and it should be more Anglo-fied), and oh, she's of the fairer sex; she's a WOMAN! (So they've used stereotypical phrases like "emotional.")

So to all those folks and some in the SENATE who has expressed their OUTRAGE. I say FILIBUSTER THIS! Filibuster this SCOTUS pick when the President has a 67 percent approval rating and his wife over 80 percent. Filibuster this SCOTUS pick when 56 percent of women voted for the sitting President and you're demonizing a very accomplished woman as light in smartness compared to her male counterparts. Filibuster this SCOTUS pick when the largest minority group now are Hispanics and might I add, the group of under 40 voted over two-thirds for the current President and you're using all kinds of ethnic stereotypes from the cuisine she likes to the sound of her name.

You keep saying inflammatory words like calling her a racist, bigot because of taking her words out of context some years ago about her varied experience will give her a better judgment when it comes to complexity of ethnic relationships than a white man and see how long you stay in your wilderness experience as a party. Think about it, you can choose to keep wondering in this wilderness by looking at days far foregone and make a typical 11-day journey in the wilderness to be 40 years. I double dare you to filibuster this!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Liberty University Debacle

I heard the story a couple of nights ago that really make me want to scream at some so called "Christians" of which I say I'm one but unlike these Christians; I must have being cut from a different cloth. Seriously, I don't get some of these Christian folks. The story is about the late Jerry Faldwell's college - Liberty University which shut down the Students Democratic club a week ago and the reason? It doesn't support their "moral views."

Do these Christians read their Bible carefully. It is a complex book; that's why Paul said you should "rightly divide the Word of Truth so you won't be ashamed." When you don't do so, that's why people shake their heads to wonder what in the world were you thinking. This is a university right? So you guys should be able to discuss opposing views and have critical thoughts without any repercussion. That's what you do in college. Oh, it also happened in the Bible A LOT.

Even the disciples had opposing views on how they saw different things especially with ordinances. Did you read anything on Paul reprimanding Peter on his views about the Gentiles? Did you read anything about Christians who felt more superior because they didn't eat pork or "unclean thing" than other Christians who did?

You, Liberty (what irony, more like bondage) University officials are in the wrong and acting like a cult to shut down a club for some flimsy excuse of moral values and anyone who questions your views. Might I add that the so-called Republican Club you want to be the only one on your campus took us to a fictitious war, tarnished our good name (your Bible says something about that) around the world, and mutilate folks with harsh techniques all in the name of getting information. And I want to know if all those actions justify morality just because you think another party (Democratic) is pro-choice and support gay rights?

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Adam Didn't Win "Idol"

I know, I will admit if I'm wrong. I thought I called it about two months ago that Adam Lambert will win American Idol. So what happened Wednesday night with the huge upset? Well, I think America is not as free thinking as I thought.

The winner Kris Allen was a dark horse in the competition from the gitgo who really found his stride as the weeks progressed. Don't get me wrong, Allen is mad talented. He can play the guitar and keyboards but his SINGING ability wasn't on the same level as Adam Lambert. And you know what I say about American Idol: It is a SINGING COMPETITION!

But like Adam he took risks (reason Danny Gokey didn't make the finals and I said he was playing it too safe) but unlike Adam, he was accessible. He was a guy you could bring home to Mama. Oh let's be honest. Adam, with all his guy-liner (eye liner for us ladies), black nail polish and the "ambiguous" sexuality wasn't gonna fly with regular America who just want the down home Apple pie. I'm just saying . . .

Then there is the story of the underdog. We are a nation that loves the underdog story whether in movies or real-life. I mean we even built a statue for "Rocky" in Philadephia and he is a fictional character. The fact that it seems the American Idol Judges seem to have it in the can for Adam made people really vote for Kris Allen who showed in the Finale he came to play . . . and sing and in the process, shocked the partial Judges. So that's my take. Do I think America made the right choice? I don't know.

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I.N. of The Week - James Harrison

It's been a while since I gave some folks in the black community my infamous award. But here we go: THIS IS I.N.N - Ignorant Negro News. The Ignorant Negro for this week is Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison. OMG!

Some of my friends know this about me: it makes me wince when I see a black person playing into regular stereotypes on TV: You know the types, can't speak a complete sentence on TV, making ridiculous analogies. My favorite skit show of all time: In Livin' Color even featured this on one of the episodes with regular late night news with the reporters always picking the most ignorant brother or sister on the street to speak about some breaking news.

Back to Harrison about being this week's I.N. The President invited the Steelers to the White House as is CUSTOMARY for any championship team. But Harrison felt the President did the wrong thing because what if they didn't win the Super Bowl, would he have invited them then? You don't invite the first runner -up to the White House. Duh! Or any team that didn't win anything. Check this Harrison, Psst, the President has A LOT OF THINGS TO DO. This is a wonderful diversion for him out of all the serious things to honor your team.

And how does that look Harrison, first Brother to be President in the U.S. (Clinton doesn't count), for you to diss him when you made a record breaking feat of a touchdown in the Super Bowl? Slap to my forehead and an imaginary slap upside the head of your head Harrison. Perhaps the concussions through your career have affected your thinking ability. And even though you went to college (Kent State), we can clearly see you didn't spend much time in the classroom. So you choose not to go to White House because of your irrational theory, hey perhaps you'll like the dubious honor from this blogger: Ignorant Negro (I. N) of the Week.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Women Sizing Other Women

Another thing on my mind: It's about the fairer sex, my counterparts - WOMEN. I was rushing into my office building a couple of days ago and there must have been some meetings and conference sessions going on because some folks were coming out all dressed to the professionial "nines" and they weren't familiar faces I see everyday.

Anyway, as I got closer to the double doors one particular woman, standing close to the doorway old enough to be an Aunt looked at me up and down, up and down as I took my long strides towards the building. I wondered what I did to this woman but I wasn't shocked - it wasn't the first time and as I live, it wouldn't be the last.

I've seen it and I've heard other lady friends complain to me about it in the professional and personal world. Some of these women are so insecure, that another woman who just happens to look good is seen as a threat. Pardon me for not looking dowdy to make you feel good about yourself. Pardon me for having enough self-confidence that is not based on how I look but being Who's I am and the experiences that have shaped me not to walk with my head down so you'll feel superior.

It is ridiculous. I'll give guys this: You never see a guy eye another new kid on the block and wonder "what's wrong with him looking all GQ?" They will ask in a minute (especially if the guy is getting some play from the ladies) where he shops or for some help with their wardrobe.

Not so with most women. And I say "most" because not all women are always hating. In the same week (last Sunday to be exact), I walked into a gas station I've visited a few times to fill my tank and get some beverage. After I paid, the lady attendant wanted to know if I was in her words: "from around here." I asked why she asked. She said, "I've been thinking from the times you've walked in, she must be from New York or some place." I laughed and told her it wasn't the first time I heard that even though I've been living in South Florida over 10 years. Then she asked "are you a Model?"I really laughed at that and told her I hate cameras or having my picture taken. There was no guile in her observation but she just offer a sincere compliment about my style and I thanked her. Now is that so hard.

I do the same with other women. I think envy or jealousy is really draining. And if you're secure in who you are, another person's beauty, style, accomplishment, man, children, stuff wouldn't make you less of who you are. All the aforementioned is not limited to a few people. Hel-lo, beauty is truly in the eye of beholder. And women should stop having the crab mentality to pull other women down so all of them don't get ahead because they failed to see the value in each of their own lives.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Don't Be Ridiculous

So I've got this on my mind because it's been in the News lately and it's the whole subject of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" concerning gays in the Military. I'm serious, Bubba (Former Pres. Bill Clinton) will go down in infamy for that line. I know he was thinking it was a way to avoid the drama and let Gays serve in peace but it backfired.

Think this through for a minute. Since 1993, over 12 thousand gays have been discharged from the Military after having admitted or folks making assumptions that they are gay. The recent one is a Platoon Leader Dan Choi, who faces discharge because he came out in March. But the Obama administration is staying silent even after the President (then Senator) promised on the campaign trail to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." So much for campaign promises.

Look, this (Don't ask, Don't Tell) absolutely makes no sense. Most of the Arabic translators in the Military are gay and many of them have been discharged over this mess. And do they still realize we're living in a post 9-11 world and these linguistic skills are critical to the way we engage the rest of the world and those who "harbor terrorists.?"

But no, we will rather torture (oh, I'm sorry, use enhanced interrogation techniques) and beat the living daylights out of them. But what happens after all that is done and the person doesn't speak English, you still didn't get your information and the person who could help, you fire because he has a boyfriend. What The Hell! How's that keeping us safer.

We civilians work with people of various sexual orientations and it doesn't bankrupt the company. I remember speaking with a colleague a couple of months ago who had a problem with how another employee dealt with him because of his sexual preference. You guessed what I said to him "so what . . . what's that going to do with the job you do."And I still had to encourage him to recognize these particular individuals were also dealing with culture shocks living in South Florida. They came from a culture they want to believe NOBODY is gay.

So here's my beef today: Think Obama Administration. Repeal this stupid law that is doing nothing to take our country forward and more importantly, keep it safe.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Couple Of Musings Before I go

Guys, this is what you get when I've been in hibernation, a bunch of postings. I needed a few laughs Thursday night and my guys at Comedy Central - Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert helped me out. Laughter is good medicine especially when it's intelligently done.

The Year 2050: I alluded to this year during last year's election about the year Whites will stop being the "majority." So the guys at the Daily Show had some fun with it especially since we have our first African-American President.
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I love that the Daily Show crew parodied last year's CNN "Black in America" graphics. And did you see my boy, Robin Thicke (LOVE HIM) teaching the kids not to be sentenced to a life of "whiteness?" Disclaimer: to my white readers, love you! It's all in fun.

The National Day of Prayer: Hey guys, did you miss last Thursday's National Day of Prayer? Well some folks at Fox (my fave - NOT) didn't let us forget it because the President said it should be a moment in privacy to offer prayers for our country. I would love to go to the brilliant satirical character of Stephen Colbert on if this critique of how we pray is warranted.

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Have a good weekend . . .

An Influential Week

So Time Magazine released it's 100 World Most Influential People. Ok some folks on the list I get but Zach Efron? Come on! He's influential in the world of my 6-year old Goddaughter who will hijack my better TV so she doesn't miss something from Disney.

Anyhoo, there are some I concur with the Poll. Of course, the Obamas. Sarah Palin - not so much. Now Tina Fey, hooray! She just showed us what we were all thinking of Palin. I'm just saying. . .

Oprah - you gotta give it to the Big "O" - did you see the fiasco she caused with KFC grilled chicken this week?

The ladies of the View - here, here! The elections would not have been the same without them and yes, that includes Hasselbeck.

George Clooney - Whoa! A few folks in my family know I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON CLOONEY! Even though he's old enough to be one of my Uncles (and I don't date beyond a certain age group, I'm not trying to replace them - my Uncles that is). I must say the twice "sexiest man alive" dubbed man deserved the honor not because he's easy on the eyes but gosh he's smart. He had me when he came on Oprah some years ago and Oprah asked him that for him to be so handsome, how did he work on being smart. And Clooney's classic response: "I've always been smart, I think I work on being handsome." Oprah couldn't contain herself with laughter and a certain twenty-something girl fell in love with him again after first laying eyes on him as Dr. Doug on ER as a teenager.

Ok, focus, focus. Who else is on the list? Hmn, Sen. Ted Kennedy (Roar for the Lion of the Senate). Secretary Hillary Clinton (a woman who came this close for President with 18 million votes deserve a tip of the hat), Suze Orman (you have got to catch the hilarious take of Kristin Wiig on SNL paroding her money-pinching ways). That's it . . . there's a lot more but you could pick up the magazine to browse yourself.

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Thanks GrandPa!

I don't mean to start this week's postings with "remembrances" but hey, in my young life after losing two close friends in their prime; I've come (and still try) to understand death is a part of life and sometimes reminds us to put things in perspective. So it is last week when I lost my last surviving GrandParent - my Dad's father.

To tell you the truth, I really didn't want to blog about anything this week not just because of my time-consuming work, but I was also fighting a virus (which might spell flu), and I just wanted to be with my family or alone with my thoughts.

Then I thought to myself, part of what makes life with all its winding road worth living is to just keep moving because it definitely goes on. So after getting the news late one evening (at the office), I had a ten-minute diversion to gather my thoughts. Found a way to still work another two hours and drove home. I've got on a few loved ones nerves about my keen sense of focus. Do I grieve? Yes! I know how to literally shut down and UNPLUG when I need to. I know what it means to have the wind knocked out of you and I know what it means to have my faith shaken and perhaps, stirred.

But one thing I know how to do better than most is to rise up again. I've never taken anti-depressants, don't drink to numb my pain or to gain any pleasure. I just choose to be even-keeled. So it is with this man I just lost. I hope I live long and vibrant as he did. The last time I saw him, he was as fit as men 20 years his junior, standing upright as he walked from the farm and a day of hunting.

The word in my family and apparent to the eye: my siblings and I definitely got our height and built from him. I'm one of the shortest (according to inches) in the group. But I'm taller than the average American woman. It shows with the amount of time I spend finding pants to fit my legs - let's just say I always look for "long" version. He never tried to impress anyone (sounds like a girl I know very well) but just lived by the value of hardwork for its own sake and being content with whatever possession he has. That alone is worth leaving as a legacy.

I Remember Jack Kemp

Jack Kemp came into my consciousness a few years ago while watching him as a guest on Tavis Smiley show on PBS. He definitely made an impression on me in less than 15 minutes of what he was talking about the then 2006 fate of the Republican party.

I was too young of a kid playing with my toys and watching Sesame Street to know what he did during Reagan era but after watching him that night, I read a few articles featuring Jack Kemp not because I cared about the party he represented but because of the person he was.

This was a man with a tremendous civil rights record. He has openly apologized for not doing enough while he was an NFL Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in the 60s - at the height of the civil rights unrest. But he made sure he spent the rest of his life making up for it by shining the spotlight in the inner cities and working with civil rights greats like Andrew Young and John Lewis. Did I mention Jack Kemp was a Republican?

After then Sen. Barack Obama won the election for President, Kemp wrote an Op-ed as a letter to his grandchildren and an admonition to his party. Here's part of the letter: "As president, I believe Barack Obama can help lift us out of a narrow view of America into the ultimate vision of an America where, if you’re born to be a mezzo-soprano or a master carpenter, nothing stands in your way of realizing your God-given potential . . . My advice for you all is to understand that unity for our nation doesn’t require uniformity or unanimity; it does require putting the good of our people ahead of what’s good for mere political or personal advantage."

His party will remember him well and perhaps get back to its winning ways if it takes heed to what Kemp said. RIP Kemp!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Is It Ok To Stash Some Cash?

I caught this story early this morning about the dentist who stashed some cash ($800K) from hubby only for the bank to reveal her personal account to the hubby and now the dentist is suing the bank. I've been wondering why that is such a tricky subject when it comes to women.

Now granted, I'm not married yet but a few years ago I was hanging out with some friends (single) and they were talking about going "joint," "separate," or joint and separate when it came to the money between couples. I discretely kept quiet (which was already a sign to these friends), "so what about you Mo?" Me: "What?" as if I didn't hear it the first time. One of the friends repeated the question. I gave a long (to them) pause. Me: Mmm.

They laughed because I normally have an opinion on most things. You'll know where I stand on black and white (figuratively speaking) issues. There are very minimal shades of grey when it comes to how I see things but I was left stumped. "I don't know . . . it will really have to depend on the guy." I didn't fool most of my friends on that response - one noted my gift of dance just came into play by me "dancing" on that issue. I just laughed it off.

I think money is a very touchy subject. You can tell a lot about a person by how he or she handles their dough. As one person once said: Money just exaggerates what you already are. If you're stingy when you're poor or broke, you'll be stingy when you get's some dough. And the reverse is true.

In this situation, I don't blame the woman (the dentist) all the way (she deserves some blame), there's something going on in that marriage that she felt she couldn't trust her husband to such info. And after the bank revealed her secret, she had to give the husband $155K to "save her marriage and restore order into her marital home." Huh? Ok, that tells me all I needed to know.

So ladies (and gentlemen), the floor is up to you: Do you feel it's ok to stash some cash? Or to reveal everything to your hubby or significant other? Spill . . . enquiring minds want to know.

Mo's Week In Review

Happy Friday everyone and let's go for the rundown for all things buzzing in my mind and our world:

Plane Photo Flop: This is one of those situations that make you scratch your head and ask "what the heck were they thinking?" I mean seriously, in a post 9-11 world, in New York close to Ground Zero, some members of our government thought it was a freaking good idea to fly a 747 low without clearing it first, with I don't know THE MAYOR OF THE CITY!

And the reason was even more mind-buggling - A PHOTO-OP EVENT. And can I just say this also cost tax-payers over $300K for this nonsense that caused panic in the hearts of New Yorkers all over again.

Sen Arlen Specter switches parties: I gotta admit, I've always liked Specter. I like his independent streak and because he was in the GOP (until a few days ago), a party I, like many others is struggling to understand made no difference.

But to see him switch parties during the President's 100 days tally was genius! Talk about a gift to him and the Democratic party. It wasn't a shock because word on the street was that Specter was getting too moderate for the far right party these days. And what bugs me is that this party (GOP) still call themselves the party of Ronald Reagan. Are they serious?

And let's be honest, Specter didn't switch as a matter of principle but a pragmatic and political one. I love that he admitted such seeing that the conservative base was mad at him for being one of three Republican senators who voted for the Stimulus bill and declining by 20 points if he ran as a Republican for the Primaries. But he used to be a Democrat until forty years ago and for that I say to Specter, welcome home.

The President's 100 Days (Who Cares): Obviously, the Media cares about these 100 days by shoving it down our TV screens. Hel-lo the man still has about 1000 days to go. That's like grading him for 10 percent of the work when the rest is yet to be looked upon and with a man coming in at a time not seen since the Great Depression. To show the RIDUN-CU-LOUS of all these 100 days stuff, take it away Jon from the Daily Show . . .

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The VP's Swine Flu Gaffe (and counting): You guys know I love Joe Biden. I proposed that he be picked as then Sen. Obama's running mate way before he was announced. And I know he has a gift of gab; something he's been trying to make for his struttering time as a youth. But come on! Sometimes, I feel the real Whitehouse dog is not "Bo" but "Joe" and I want to put a leash on him to tame him just a little bit.

No other times than yesterday's Swine Flu gaffe when Biden scared the Transportation industry (they are struggling already as is) when he said on Today show he'll advice for folks not to travel cuz they'll be in confined spaces. Oops . . . no no no Joe

The Clutch In Chief: Ok it's old news I'm a basketball fanatic but check out our President schooling the Lady Huskies Championship team at the White House. Granted, I'll give the girls a break; they were in dresses and high heels.