Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Give It Up for Jenny Sanford

It's been a while since I gave my "Kudos" to a very impressive person. My kudos for someone who's fascinated me over the last week is Jenny Sanford, the First Lady of South Carolina. Ok, I know Michael Jackson's death has overshadowed most news. Like Stephen Colbert satirized last night, this is the best time to do something bad and get away with it since the whole Media is concerned about the King of Pop.

Colbert went on to say the only mistake the Governor of South Carolina made wasn't the affair but that he confessed about the so-called affair that had everyone looking for him for days a day before the big news - MICHAEL JACKSON DIES. Anyhoo, I don't care about Sanford's affair (if you've read this blog long enough), I do think he was stupid for not leaving the state in capable hands and let the staff know where he was going. But I digressed.

As I was saying I am so impressed with the better half of the couple who had some sense; Jenny Sanford. Can I just say to Jenny: THANK YOU FOR NOT STANDING BY YOUR MAN (In the literal sense) as if you had something to be ashamed of or to "support" him in his moment(s) of indiscretion. Thank you for releasing that mind-blowing statement to show you are in the words of Maya Angelou "a phenomenal woman" and that you have such a self-worth about who you are and for your sons to see as an example that you refused to play the victim. I mean the woman was out bike riding a few days ago when reporters asked her about her "husband's career" when she said that was the least of her concerns. What! Can "Glamour" have Jenny as a nominee for their "Women of The Year?" She got my vote!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Still In A State of Shock Over MJ's Death

I can't stop crying, there's still the overwhelming sadness that the King of Pop is really gone. I didn't believe it when a colleague yelled "Michael Jackson is dead!" I was like please, the guy has been rumored to be dead for many years. But she said she was really serious.

Then I went to a "credible" website and I can't describe the feeling, I felt the rug was pulled under me. I didn't want to believe my musical icon, the guy who captured my imagination even with all the off-stage antics I didn't understand is gone.

Michael Jackson has been part of my life before I was born; my parents were fans. As a toddler I was watching my parents VHS videos of the Jackson 5 and you know the lead singer was who I was really looking at While "Off the wall" record was playing in the background especially on Saturdays, that was when the Motown greats were always been played. And at the top of the pile, you guessed it MJ.
I became a girl and one of my Uncles brought "Thriller," the VHS video for me perhaps to take my mind off a death in the family that I still didn't understand the concept of death. I just knew one of my grandparents was said to have gone to a better place. I won't lie, I was scared of Thriller. Horror movies have never been my forte but I was drawn to it too. Before I knew it, I was watching that video multiple times in the day till the groundbreaking dance moves became second nature.

Thriller started my love affair with perfecting the gift of dance. No, I never made dance a career but I found time for it to be a great hobby. I was always a studious person, so I could escape in books but another place I'm very comfortable with is the dance floor and who better to learn from than the one who excelled at it - bar none. The guy was "bad." I remember running from school to make sure homework was done ahead of time just so I could catch the latest MJ video.

The guy could incorporate the ballet, paso doble, and a "Fred Astaire" all in one choreography. Wow! MJ showed you regardless of how asexual he might be in his personal life, there was nothing more sexy (other than a sense of humor) than a guy who could dance while he took command of the stage. One of the reasons, "Smooth Criminal" remains my all-time favorite MJ video. Don't even get me started on his sense of style that became part of our pop culture.

That's all I can say now. I'm sad because I was waiting for something more from MJ just like millions of fans and he was working on that "comeback." Too bad we never got to see it. Well I sent a text to that Uncle who gave me that "Thriller" album just telling him how sad I was (still am). He understood . . . he had a heavy heart too.
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's The Hypocrisy, Stupid!

Another one bites the dust. Another polician that is, admitting to an affair while married. But for this blogger, that is the least surprising thing because I've said it before, if there was a stock on Wall Street to buy on knowing a politician will cheat, I'll take it.

The latest politican is Rep. John Ensign of Nevada admitting to an affair with his married campaign aide. But why is this story "juicy." It is because Ensign is the latest "hypocrite!" He was one of the premiere folks on capitol hill calling for then President Clinton's impeachment in 1999 then called for then Sen. Larry Craig (you know, the airport bathroom incident) to resign because such character didn't show "leadership."

But to be noted, Ensign started his affair two months later after he made such comments against Craig and the affair lasted for eight months (till last August). And to think this guy touted himself a born-again Christian (he's still a man regardless) and a former member of Promise Keepers - an organization for men which promotes integrity with God and family. Hmmm

Here's one thing I know for sure: Americans hate hypocrites. We are not trying to put politicians on any pedastal as being perfect with no flaws. All we are asking is for you to be straight with us. If you have sin in your life, doggone it, don't cast the first stone. But Ensign OBVIOUSLY didn't read that part of the Bible.

Say what you want about Clinton. He NEVER ran on "moral values." Shucks, before he was ever elected President, you knew he was creeping but he ran on the economy. It's like Clinton said yeah, say what you want about my personal life but "it's the economy, stupid!" And with that phrase, he won the election. Even during his impeachment, he still got a lot of Americans support who told him not to resign NOT because they agreed with his affairs or the infamous "blue dress" but because they knew he was still a great President -flaws and all and he didn't say he was the perfect husband.

Another example that won a reelection was San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom. Ok, can I just say this: That guy is freaking handsome! If he wasn't a politician, he could be a movie star. So in some ways I see his allure (though it doesn't excuse what he did). He also had an affair with the wife of his campaign manager, who was supposed to be one of his friends. Double whammy! But when it happened, he was straight with it and gave an apology the way it was supposed to be given. "Whatever you heard is true (didn't sugarcoat anything) . . ." For this blogger, that's half the victory - know how to make a good apology and don't justify anything.

But why is it other politicians haven't fared so well especially those were loudest in their criticism. Take for example Florida's Rep. Mark Foley. This guy was so gong ho on moral values, he voted against anything with gay rights and championed children's causes with Adam Walsh. Only to find out he was sending explicit messages to under-age male pages. What the hell! This was how bad it was for him that he'll never hold office in Florida -an unknown contender didn't even have to campaign and he won by a landslide!

The two examples that fared well are Democrats, the ones that didn't are Republicans. What's the lesson here? It seems Democrats never run on moral superiority but their counterparts do; thus a greater fall from grace.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Shut Up PeTA

Unless you're living under a rock these past few days, you've seen the awesome hand-eye coordination our President has with the swatting of the pesky fly buzzing in the White House and messing with his interview with CNBC John Harwood. And the action has generated a lot of "buzz" on the Web and other Media with various parodies. But the group not laughing is PeTA - you know, the activist group for animals who sometimes get on my last nerves for publicity stunts.

Can you believe PeTA had the audacity to release a statement against President Obama for killing the fly instead of being compassionate? Are you freaking kidding me? PeTA likened the fly to a "human being" and this was part of its statement to the President: “He isn’t the Buddha, he’s a human being and human beings have a long way to go before they think before they act.” I'm confused!

The fly is an insect and insects are pests - okay take away bees with their stinging ability which still pollinate flowers and produce honey. Not only that, many of them carry diseases. So 'xcuse us for finding creative ways to kill those pests. And can I say this: they(PeTA) are always going for the big guns like Michael Vick (I agree what he did was heinous but there are other crimes against humans(not pets) that didn't generate such outrage) and now the President. You know we in South Florida just got the "cat killer" who's been killing and mutilating cats around the neighborhood for months, you didn't hear PeTA enraged about that.

So yes, I'd like PeTA to spare us the self-righteous rap on how they are the compassionate and considerate ones when it comes to animals by attacking folks for the slightest of reasons. Just shut up already! And if you like flies that much, hey how about we send a bunch of them to you and you can have fun with them in a "considerate" way.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Been A Long Time . . . But I'm On Vacation

I know you guys are wondering what's up with my weekly posts. Well I'm on vacation (a mini-vacation actually) and I return to work in a few days. Normally, I "unplug" when I take some much needed time off. I've done that to some extent but writing this post tells you I haven't followed my normal mantra.

Anyhoo, there's been a bunch of things on my mind (can you believe that) going on around us like "what's up with all the hate,"and I mean the recent shootings at a Church against an abortion doctor and at the Holocaust Musuem in DC.

And oh, the Rev. Wright found himself in the news again with his "them jews" comment about folks surrounding the President. Gosh! Can he just keep quiet? Sorry, he calls himself a Prophet - so that defeats the purpose. Well, I guess we could choose not to listen.

Sarah Palin vs. David Letterman. Letterman was wrong at first with the offensive joke - I don't care which daughter he was referring to (even though we know by now he was referring to the 18-year old and not the 14-year old). But Palin is being opportunistic by likening Letterman to a perverse old man. That's just wrong. And can I say this: Palin gives me a major headache when she tries to explain a point. Something I don't need when I'm taking some time off.

The Iran Elections. OMG! My first reaction yesterday after they called it for the Napoleon complex Ahmidinajad (forgive spelling) was "I can't believe we'll have to deal with this guy for few more years." Something is really fishy about that election. As I was watching one Iranian-American Scholar explain the "questionable" election, it's like saying Barack Obama lost the last election among African-Americans to his opponent, John McCain. That's why Ahmidinajad claiming a 67 percent victory in places he shouldn't have won seems "rigged."

That's it for now . . . I need to enjoy the rest of my time. Peace!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Give Peace A Chance

So the President embarked on a five-city tour from the Middle East to Europe. And there is one thing I could take away from the stops form the Speech at Cairo University addressing Muslims, Palestine and Isreali relationships to speaking at Normandy against the holocaust and that is "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE."

The President quoted from every religious book from the Holy Bible to the Holy Quran and that in spite of our differences we can all have a common ground. I've talked about my diverse background and I'm not ashamed to say I grew up among Christians and Muslims.

And the image demonizing most Muslims after 9-11 just because of a few knuckleheads who committed the most atrocious acts against humanity is also unconscionable.

But it shows how ignorant some folks at home (in America) are taking swipes at the President for even engaging Muslims (who are over a billion people on earth) by calling the Middle-East tour "an apology tour." What!

Anyway, sometimes I scratch my head that how come I as an American don't understand some of my fellow countrymen (and women) sometimes. Please Jon Stewart take it away and show the ignorance . . .

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