Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Lessons From the "Miami Thrice"

I didn't want to make any post but I've been thinking a lot about the whole hoopla Lebron James caused last week. Ok, unless you were living under a rock, you heard Lebron caused a major shift in the basketball world; perhaps in the whole sports world.

Let me disclose one fact: I'm a HUGE Miami Heat fan and for a few days last weekend, I was filled with glee and thrilled other basketball teams are mad at us. However, I still think the way Lebron made his "decision" on ESPN was ill-advised. I totally respected his "decision" but not the way he went about it. Comprehende? It's like there are times you may need to breakup with someone. But as a pivotal "Sex and The City" episode showed us, you don't do it over a post-it note or in more recent faux pas: Text messages or on FaceBook. Seriously!

That being said, there are lessons to be learned about all these free agency debate. It's good, nay great to take control of your own destiny regardless of how others have envisioned your lot in life. The reason many are mad with Lebron, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh was they took the steering wheel of their careers and lives instead of owners, GMs and agents. These "Miami Thrice" guys figured they don't want an organization to run their bodies to the ground and no hardware (rings) to show for it. So to h*** to everyone who don't like it and spun their noses at them or burn their jerseys for their choice because secretly, those haters would want to be them. Hi haters!

So how're you going to take the reins of your life? Sometimes you have to bust of your confining environment and take your talents elsewhere where they will flourish. In Lebron's case, he said he was "taking his talents to South Beach . . ." I say to him, welcome aboard.