Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank You, Bubba.

Politics aside, you may not care for President William Jefferson Clinton as your ideal candidate but as an American, as a person who cares to see a wife, mother, daughter, sister reunited with her loved ones, you have to give A BIG THANK YOU in the case of journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee.
Bubba is back! And the past couple of days have been one of those time capsules that make you say what a great country! I mean his wife lost to our now President and he made it known he was upset but when your country needs you, put all differences aside and step up to the plate, support your President, get out of your wife's way as Secretary of State and do what's required.
For this cynic, I won't lie, it was moving to see Former VP Al Gore give a bear hug to Bubba (can't help it) as he got came down the steps of the plane and I thought for a moment "what if?" What if Gore became President, would America's image have been tarnished that bad. But we got Barack because Bush was that bad (Oh admit it). So with a hand to my heart, I'd like to say Thank you, President Clinton. And as a nice present, here's something from Jon Stewart that also show my sentiments:

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