Friday, July 24, 2009

Jon Stewart Is "Most Trusted"

Give it up for one of my favorite guys on Television, Jon StewAdd Imageart for winning the poll as most trusted newsmaker in America. Wow! In light of Walter Cronkite's passing (RIP), this poll was taken to see the pulse of who could replace the "anchorman's" legend. And most folks chose Jon Stewart.

Ok so, I've been a fan of Stewart since college. I normally have a good radar for folks who are full of B.S. and those who are authentic even if they are hosting a "fake news show" ( a la Stewart) and I pegged Stewart as the latter.

But many seemed to come to the game late up till oh about five years ago (2004 elections) when Stewart's star as they say in Hollywood really started to rise. And he served notice to the so-called news media that he isn't just a comedian but a brilliant guy who causes us not to take for lack of a better word, the B.S.

His memorable moments for me include his guest appearance on the now defunct program "CrossFire" with Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala, which many people believed got cancelled after Stewart's showed the ridiculousness of their "outrage" on things that don't matter to most Americans. And of course, the Daily Show coverage of the Katrina event. They (the crew and its host) deserved all the awards they got. Who was the one that found out Dubya hired a person who's only emergency experience was been over Arabian horses (here's looking at you Brownie) to put him as head of Homeland Security? The Daily Show NOT the regular news media!

At one time, the news media brushed him off as just the court jester but they forgot the history of the court jester - he normally had the ear of the King and the ear of the people. And he could show the King the errors of his ways in an amusing fashion when his dignitaries would only say things to tickle his ears. Now any Media personality who's worth his dough listens to Stewart and tries to be on program to get an audience. Oh the sweet smell of success. Kudos to you Stewart.