Saturday, September 12, 2009

Runway Season 6

For those fans who expect me to be serious most times, sorry to disappoint you but it's fall (well technically on September 22nd) and for all fashionistas out there, this is the best season ever! This is time to show your real style and one show ALL (even those who won't admit it) fashionistas have to make a date with is PROJECT RUNWAY! Even folks who aren't fashionistas are Runway fans like my TV friend Jon Stewart (miss you the last three weeks) as seen with Tim Gunn (a genius) promoting the new season.

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Runway has given us four episodes of the new season and it's time for me to give my musings: It's freaking great! Even a new city (Los Angeles) didn't dampen the show from it's previous home, the fashion capital - New York. And my three favorite designers (pictured above and in other) are Ra'mon, Epperson, Christopher.

What no women? Well there are a few bright spots that tickle my fancy like Louise with her vintage but edgy designs but the guys are my favorite not only for their obvious talents (and clothes of theirs I could see myself wearing) but their compelling life stories: Ra'mon was studying to be guess this - a neurosurgeon (isn't it great not to see a stereotypical rapper or athlete- in the words of Seinfeld: Not that there's anything wrong with that) but almost in his final year, quit med school to follow his passion for fashion.

Then Epperson, a 49-year old man, he could be a father to some of the designers (said his oldest child is 26) has had a life as a successful window designer (have you seen Macy's or Barneys in New York during the holidays?) but wanted to give his hidden desire of making his own designs a try.

Lastly, Christopher (who won the first episode challenge) is there with raw talent even if he's never been professionally trained in the fashion schools or regular formal education and according to the poll of Lifetime, he's leading all designers as "fans favorite."

My favorite episode so far was Episode 3 with "Rumble on the Runway" where it was a team challenge and they had to create a "surfer" and "avantgarde" look that will complement each other. You talk about drama! First of all, I knew there will be trouble when Qristyl (who I thought should have gone in the first episode), the team leader (pronounced Crystal - don't even want to go there) picked Epperson. I was like "hmmn, all your skin folk, ain't your kin folk" (to quote a great writer). Just because both of them were black, doesn't mean they were going to get along. And I was right - the drama was epic! In the words of Qristyl (who was supposed to be the team leader but Epperson thought he was), it was "a bad marriage." Their vision was conflicting and they were in the bottom two because their garments showed the confusion.

Second, was when Mitchell (the team leader in embedded video) picked Ra'mon as teammate and you knew (and Mitchell said) it that he wanted to ride on Ra'mon's coattail because he's been in the bottom two for two weeks in a row. Ra'mon did almost all the work even with time deadline and threat of elimination from Tim Gunn if one design didn't make it to the Runway. And their looks won but another history was made: first time the teammate (not to talk of the leader) of the winning look was eliminated.

I'm looking forward to more episodes but those are my musings so far . . .