Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Going Dark For A While . . . And Giving Thanks

Hello Readers:

So what happened in the last month since I've been gone? I celebrated a birthday, my brother celebrates a milestone one today (Happy Bday again S., love you) and tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

During this time, I've taken to heart what Socrates spoke about an "unexamined life" and taken a hard look at mine. I want to rediscover ME and take a break of talking (in my case, writing) about the muddled world around me.

So I want to say thanks for reading. This blog served the purpose it was created for - you got to see how I really think along the way; I don't suffer fools.

But a person who loves to have fun also. I can't deal with people who are too serious. Funny, some folks have confessed that seeing me for the first time intimidated them until they saw the other side - the silly side.

I'm OUT getting to know the next phase in my journey . . . Peace