Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Been A Long Time . . . But I'm On Vacation

I know you guys are wondering what's up with my weekly posts. Well I'm on vacation (a mini-vacation actually) and I return to work in a few days. Normally, I "unplug" when I take some much needed time off. I've done that to some extent but writing this post tells you I haven't followed my normal mantra.

Anyhoo, there's been a bunch of things on my mind (can you believe that) going on around us like "what's up with all the hate,"and I mean the recent shootings at a Church against an abortion doctor and at the Holocaust Musuem in DC.

And oh, the Rev. Wright found himself in the news again with his "them jews" comment about folks surrounding the President. Gosh! Can he just keep quiet? Sorry, he calls himself a Prophet - so that defeats the purpose. Well, I guess we could choose not to listen.

Sarah Palin vs. David Letterman. Letterman was wrong at first with the offensive joke - I don't care which daughter he was referring to (even though we know by now he was referring to the 18-year old and not the 14-year old). But Palin is being opportunistic by likening Letterman to a perverse old man. That's just wrong. And can I say this: Palin gives me a major headache when she tries to explain a point. Something I don't need when I'm taking some time off.

The Iran Elections. OMG! My first reaction yesterday after they called it for the Napoleon complex Ahmidinajad (forgive spelling) was "I can't believe we'll have to deal with this guy for few more years." Something is really fishy about that election. As I was watching one Iranian-American Scholar explain the "questionable" election, it's like saying Barack Obama lost the last election among African-Americans to his opponent, John McCain. That's why Ahmidinajad claiming a 67 percent victory in places he shouldn't have won seems "rigged."

That's it for now . . . I need to enjoy the rest of my time. Peace!