Friday, June 5, 2009

Give Peace A Chance

So the President embarked on a five-city tour from the Middle East to Europe. And there is one thing I could take away from the stops form the Speech at Cairo University addressing Muslims, Palestine and Isreali relationships to speaking at Normandy against the holocaust and that is "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE."

The President quoted from every religious book from the Holy Bible to the Holy Quran and that in spite of our differences we can all have a common ground. I've talked about my diverse background and I'm not ashamed to say I grew up among Christians and Muslims.

And the image demonizing most Muslims after 9-11 just because of a few knuckleheads who committed the most atrocious acts against humanity is also unconscionable.

But it shows how ignorant some folks at home (in America) are taking swipes at the President for even engaging Muslims (who are over a billion people on earth) by calling the Middle-East tour "an apology tour." What!

Anyway, sometimes I scratch my head that how come I as an American don't understand some of my fellow countrymen (and women) sometimes. Please Jon Stewart take it away and show the ignorance . . .

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