Friday, June 26, 2009

Still In A State of Shock Over MJ's Death

I can't stop crying, there's still the overwhelming sadness that the King of Pop is really gone. I didn't believe it when a colleague yelled "Michael Jackson is dead!" I was like please, the guy has been rumored to be dead for many years. But she said she was really serious.

Then I went to a "credible" website and I can't describe the feeling, I felt the rug was pulled under me. I didn't want to believe my musical icon, the guy who captured my imagination even with all the off-stage antics I didn't understand is gone.

Michael Jackson has been part of my life before I was born; my parents were fans. As a toddler I was watching my parents VHS videos of the Jackson 5 and you know the lead singer was who I was really looking at While "Off the wall" record was playing in the background especially on Saturdays, that was when the Motown greats were always been played. And at the top of the pile, you guessed it MJ.
I became a girl and one of my Uncles brought "Thriller," the VHS video for me perhaps to take my mind off a death in the family that I still didn't understand the concept of death. I just knew one of my grandparents was said to have gone to a better place. I won't lie, I was scared of Thriller. Horror movies have never been my forte but I was drawn to it too. Before I knew it, I was watching that video multiple times in the day till the groundbreaking dance moves became second nature.

Thriller started my love affair with perfecting the gift of dance. No, I never made dance a career but I found time for it to be a great hobby. I was always a studious person, so I could escape in books but another place I'm very comfortable with is the dance floor and who better to learn from than the one who excelled at it - bar none. The guy was "bad." I remember running from school to make sure homework was done ahead of time just so I could catch the latest MJ video.

The guy could incorporate the ballet, paso doble, and a "Fred Astaire" all in one choreography. Wow! MJ showed you regardless of how asexual he might be in his personal life, there was nothing more sexy (other than a sense of humor) than a guy who could dance while he took command of the stage. One of the reasons, "Smooth Criminal" remains my all-time favorite MJ video. Don't even get me started on his sense of style that became part of our pop culture.

That's all I can say now. I'm sad because I was waiting for something more from MJ just like millions of fans and he was working on that "comeback." Too bad we never got to see it. Well I sent a text to that Uncle who gave me that "Thriller" album just telling him how sad I was (still am). He understood . . . he had a heavy heart too.
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