Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's The Hypocrisy, Stupid!

Another one bites the dust. Another polician that is, admitting to an affair while married. But for this blogger, that is the least surprising thing because I've said it before, if there was a stock on Wall Street to buy on knowing a politician will cheat, I'll take it.

The latest politican is Rep. John Ensign of Nevada admitting to an affair with his married campaign aide. But why is this story "juicy." It is because Ensign is the latest "hypocrite!" He was one of the premiere folks on capitol hill calling for then President Clinton's impeachment in 1999 then called for then Sen. Larry Craig (you know, the airport bathroom incident) to resign because such character didn't show "leadership."

But to be noted, Ensign started his affair two months later after he made such comments against Craig and the affair lasted for eight months (till last August). And to think this guy touted himself a born-again Christian (he's still a man regardless) and a former member of Promise Keepers - an organization for men which promotes integrity with God and family. Hmmm

Here's one thing I know for sure: Americans hate hypocrites. We are not trying to put politicians on any pedastal as being perfect with no flaws. All we are asking is for you to be straight with us. If you have sin in your life, doggone it, don't cast the first stone. But Ensign OBVIOUSLY didn't read that part of the Bible.

Say what you want about Clinton. He NEVER ran on "moral values." Shucks, before he was ever elected President, you knew he was creeping but he ran on the economy. It's like Clinton said yeah, say what you want about my personal life but "it's the economy, stupid!" And with that phrase, he won the election. Even during his impeachment, he still got a lot of Americans support who told him not to resign NOT because they agreed with his affairs or the infamous "blue dress" but because they knew he was still a great President -flaws and all and he didn't say he was the perfect husband.

Another example that won a reelection was San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom. Ok, can I just say this: That guy is freaking handsome! If he wasn't a politician, he could be a movie star. So in some ways I see his allure (though it doesn't excuse what he did). He also had an affair with the wife of his campaign manager, who was supposed to be one of his friends. Double whammy! But when it happened, he was straight with it and gave an apology the way it was supposed to be given. "Whatever you heard is true (didn't sugarcoat anything) . . ." For this blogger, that's half the victory - know how to make a good apology and don't justify anything.

But why is it other politicians haven't fared so well especially those were loudest in their criticism. Take for example Florida's Rep. Mark Foley. This guy was so gong ho on moral values, he voted against anything with gay rights and championed children's causes with Adam Walsh. Only to find out he was sending explicit messages to under-age male pages. What the hell! This was how bad it was for him that he'll never hold office in Florida -an unknown contender didn't even have to campaign and he won by a landslide!

The two examples that fared well are Democrats, the ones that didn't are Republicans. What's the lesson here? It seems Democrats never run on moral superiority but their counterparts do; thus a greater fall from grace.