Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Give It Up for Jenny Sanford

It's been a while since I gave my "Kudos" to a very impressive person. My kudos for someone who's fascinated me over the last week is Jenny Sanford, the First Lady of South Carolina. Ok, I know Michael Jackson's death has overshadowed most news. Like Stephen Colbert satirized last night, this is the best time to do something bad and get away with it since the whole Media is concerned about the King of Pop.

Colbert went on to say the only mistake the Governor of South Carolina made wasn't the affair but that he confessed about the so-called affair that had everyone looking for him for days a day before the big news - MICHAEL JACKSON DIES. Anyhoo, I don't care about Sanford's affair (if you've read this blog long enough), I do think he was stupid for not leaving the state in capable hands and let the staff know where he was going. But I digressed.

As I was saying I am so impressed with the better half of the couple who had some sense; Jenny Sanford. Can I just say to Jenny: THANK YOU FOR NOT STANDING BY YOUR MAN (In the literal sense) as if you had something to be ashamed of or to "support" him in his moment(s) of indiscretion. Thank you for releasing that mind-blowing statement to show you are in the words of Maya Angelou "a phenomenal woman" and that you have such a self-worth about who you are and for your sons to see as an example that you refused to play the victim. I mean the woman was out bike riding a few days ago when reporters asked her about her "husband's career" when she said that was the least of her concerns. What! Can "Glamour" have Jenny as a nominee for their "Women of The Year?" She got my vote!

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