Monday, February 9, 2009

51st Grammy Musings

I'm a huge music fan, so of course, I've got to make time for the biggest night in music; the Grammys. But last night's Grammy awards was pedestrian to say the least with some flashes of brilliance.

Let's start with the first picture (Robert Plant and Alison Krauss) on my left: My first thought was "who's Robert Plant?" Then I got news he's the front man for Led Zepplin. OK! Led Zepplin, heavy metal kind of genre is not my cup of tea. But the two kept getting all kinds of awards and I know Krauss is a talented woman but their performance was just a snoozefest (channel changer) for me.

The next is Lil Wayne. Picture me rolling my eyes. I've had some spirited debates with some of my family members about his lyrics. What's lo-lo-lo-lollipop? And some of his lyrics make absolutely NO SENSE! But the Grammys rewarded him with eight nominations and four wins. Anyhoo, I missed his performance with one of my faves, Robin Thicke; it must have been during my channel-changing moments of the night. But then again, I'm glad I missed it. I want to keep the best part of Thicke in my precious memories.

Another thing about Lil Wayne. Can we establish some new rules: New rules, if you didn't work on the album don't come on stage to accept the award. Wayne had all these folks get on stage after he won for best rap album (why?) , that was straight up ghetto. My bad, I forgot as he told "Ms Katie" (Katie Couric), he's GANGSTA!

Now onto ColdPlay. Can I just say this? Even after watching lastnight's 60 Minutes piece about the group, I STILL DON'T GET THEM! They are touted as U-2 lite but I like U-2; I guess I'm not into quirky performances. And what was up with the outfits as if I'm stuck in a broadway production of Joseph and the technicolor coats. Ugh! I heard this morning that I missed Coldplay's front man Chris Martin with Jay-Z's performance - I say THANK GOODNESS!

I did say there were flashes of brilliance. So I do have some good news. I HEART the Rev. Al Green and Justin Timberlake's performance accompanied by Boys 2 Men as backup and Keith Urban (one of the "country" guys I like) on guitar.
Isn't it great that no matter how many times I've heard Green's iconic hit "let's stay together," it still sounds new when the Reverend sings it. And to think they were not scheduled to perform at the event but only practiced for two hours after Chris Brown and Rihanna pulled out for some alleged domestic dispute. Wow! I say Bravo to Green, JT, Urban and Boys 2 Men.

Who else? Oh Jennifer Hudson, even this cynic had a tear in her eye after she got the award from Whitney Houston (looking good, crack is truly whack - great to see her off it) and her performance was amazing.

Ok I saw the "Rat Pack" performance and to be honest I couldn't concentrate on the lyrics with the spectacle before me. But I knew M.I.A's lyrics already and I think she's amazing but hmmm, what was up with Mickey Mouse sheer outfit on her VERY PREGNANT (due last night) frame. Then Kanye West with the trapped in the 80s haircut. But knowing Kanye, he thinks he's the best looking of the bunch - nay, of everyone!

Another performance that was cool was the country group "Sugarland." But I must say, after being a fan of the group with uplifting songs as "I Ain't Settling," it was weird to hear the lady (Jennifer Nettles) whaling "stay" to a long gone boyfriend who's cheating on her and saying she's down on her knees, and tired of being lonely and begging please . . . gosh, I have a hard time typing those words. Where's the female empowerment? The brother should be the one who in the words of the Temptations : "ain't too proud to beg" . . . I'm just saying. That was one giant step backwards for feminists!

One more gripe: Please Grammy folks, don't ever put the genius of Stevie Wonder with the Jonas Brothers. OMG! I know you want to corner a certain (tween) demographic to watch the show, then you shouldn't be so old with the way you give the awards (Seriously, Plant and Krauss?). Leave Stevie to perform ALONE! Or if you wanted to pair him with more contemporaries, put him with Robin Thicke or Not some Jonas Brothers jumping all round trying to relate.