Friday, February 27, 2009

So What Michelle Wore Sleeveless

I thought the mind-numbing issues will die down after the election (ha!). But boy, was I wrong since folks seem to have a problem with the First Lady's right to bare arms.

It is no secret I love Michelle Obama's style and it's nice to see the First Lady truly have fun with fashion. But what I didn't expect was the etiquette police having a problem with Obama's penchant for baring her arms - going sleeveless.

Oh PUH-LEAZE! To the etiquette police, I say don't hate; appreciate. Appreciate you have a woman of substance who happened to have some sex appeal. Appreciate she worked hard to get those toned arms while juggling her responsibilities as a wife, mother and a professional woman.

The lady gets up at 4:30 in the morning to workout; I'm still trying to be that disciplined (consistently). Hey, it could be an example to all of us to PUT SELF FIRST.And as I heard, the White temperature is set higher than the previous administration who made the place so cold. So maybe she doesn't need to wear the proverbial jacket.

Also, didn't you guys (etiquette police) see her for two years while campaigning for her husband? You didn't notice she tend to bare her arms? Why do you expect her to change all of a sudden because she is NOW the First Lady? If you ask me, that would have been inauthentic on her part and isn't it refreshing to see someone who is comfortable in her own skin?

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