Friday, February 27, 2009

Watermelon Doesn't Equal Black

Another mind-numbing issue is the stereotypical view some folks still equate to black people. The latest is a California politician (A PUBLIC SERVANT) sending an email to a group of friends showing watermelons on the White House lawn in jest to forget the Easter egg hunt. Seriously, this was supposed to be a joke?

How dumb was this politician who's soon to resign over the watermelon fiasco to think an email couldn't be leaked out. And didn't he think that action would look wrong to some of his constituents who are African Americans?

I'm African-American and I don't remember the last time I ate watermelons (not in the past couple of years) and it has nothing to do with the stereotypical view (along with fried chicken) when it comes to people of color. Those two dishes haven't been in my regular diet for a while but I won't mind watermelons in a fruit salad.

Gosh, think, think, think . . . it is not a difficult exercise especially to those elected as public servants to be FOR THE PEOPLE!

Watermelon email