Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sign Of The Times: Jeans

There was a time when you were told to wear your "Sunday's best" when going to Church but what if the parishioners of today are really wearing their "Friday or Saturday's best," that is, the old dependable jeans.

That is what I noticed today after service, a typical Sunday when most ladies bolt for the ladies room and while standing I noticed all the eight ladies (including yours truly)save one in skirt were in all kinds of jeans - boot cut, straight leg, trouser-form and the skinny jeans.

I wondered if this trend reflects the sign of the times (the lean times) and when folks crave something familiar or simple, in this case jeans. Then I thought of the history of this wardrobe staple when the trend was started by farmers who needed something comfortable to wear while they toiled. Far from the "designer labels" the jeans have become. I mean there are $700 jeans. The horror!

During 2007 thanksgiving, I remembered spending time with a matriarch of the family who was fascinated by us young folks wearing jeans everywhere but yet so fashionable. She was one of the first (in her day) to be hired by companies as image consultants for the workplace. The jeans have crept into the workplace too (to my delight).

As a young girl seeing my Dad in his usual uniform - the suit and tie, I told him I hope when I get to the workplace things will be a bit lax and not that stuffy. Well, it did- - a little bit. It was during the time I got to college the term "business casual" started being a buzz word. But sometimes you still have to wear that "uniform" called the suit.

However, the Church is normally the place that seems to be behind the times when it comes to traditions. So imagine my surprise after leaving the ladies room and getting into the lobby, the trend was at least one in two individuals including the guys. Yes, there were the traditional types who still wore their "Sunday's best" but it's nice to see most folks don't have to feel pressured on what to wear and could follow that old creed to come as they are.