Friday, February 20, 2009

A Bunch Of Musings

There have been a lot of stuff going on in the news that I've been itching to blog about but I've been out but here are my thoughts on some of the stuff:

Being "Young" Is Not An Apology: The three culprits who've been using this line are: Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez and Chris Brown. Phelps on the "bong" picture. Seriously, what was Phelps thinking? He was one of the most popular figures in the world last summer and something didn't click that this is a bad idea especially when he had a DUI four years prior after another Olympics. So what is the lesson here: Phelps need to find a hobby that wouldn't get him in trouble after the highs (no pun intended) of the Olympics.

The next is A-Rod who's straight up lying. He doesn't want to say the "S" (Steroids) word but he knew he's taking something as an athlete he doesn't know of for two freaking years. Come on! And when you look at the statistics of those years (2001 through 2003), A-Rod hit 20 more home runs more than the years he didn't juice. But he didn't know what he was taken . . . give me a break!

And Chris Brown, I'm just dumbfounded he'll lay a hand (allegedly) on a woman regardless of his age. Folks should stop justifying he's just 19. He needs some serious help and I'm a Christian but I don't think just speaking with a Pastor will cut it - he needs psychological help!

The OctoMom: St. Francis says we should "seek to understand rather than being understood" and the book of Proverbs states "in all thy getting, get understanding." Can I just say this: I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS WOMAN! I'm trying but I'm left scratching my head how a woman after six kids will have another eight without a husband or justifiable means to take care of the children. It makes absolutely no sense.

The NY Post Monkey Business: The NY post was in the wrong. I don't care if they tried to justify the cartoon about another monkey tragedy in Connecticut. If that was the case, then the cartoonist won't need to put a caption stating the stimulus bill because the reader would get it.

But the timing of this cartoon is just ill-advised considering its BLACK HISTORY MONTH and we have the first African American President. He-llo, are you guys thinking?

Also, for the cartoonist to try to justify the strange depiction by being sarcastic to ask if anyone would think he'll draw a cartoon showing the assassination of a President. Hmmm No, no one said that, we're saying you're showing a racist picture in a poignant time of history - GET THE PICTURE?

Welcome Madam Secretary: I'll end on a good note by seeing a new image on the world stage - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
What a defining and diplomatic image to show the world as Clinton exited off the plane landing in Tokyo with an Asian-inspired lining of her coat. America is BACK!