Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Palin Confuses Me

Hi Y'all, normally I don't post around this time but I betcha knew I wasn't going to let the bombshell from Wasilla, Alaska get away (wink). I'm talking about the hockey Mom Governor of Alaska resigning from her office when she still had 18 months left to go on her first term. What was that of a press conference?

I'll give Palin this: congratulations on confusing one of the most logical persons I know with that press conference; ME! I kept on wondering WHAT IS SHE SAYING? Why is she rushing through a press conference? And then she used the game of basketball (and no newsflash I'm a student of the game for over two decades) as an analogy and I was more befuddled.

The idea that a point guard (i.e. Palin) knew when to pass the ball to win the game. Yeah but the point guard doesn't leave the game without finishing the play and definitely not leaving in the middle of the season without some season/career ending injury. Oh! Is there some injury done to Palin she didn't want us to know about, so she has to get out of office. This is fishy.

Look, I'll respect her more if she just said "I'm tired of the mudslinging (even though she gives it more than she can take), I've got a multi-million book deal and I'd like to be the female-version of Rush Limbaugh where I can say things that is not founded on facts and be the darling of a certain group in the GOP." How tough is that . . . oh I'm sorry, that sounds too much like the truth - that can be tough.

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