Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Fashion Show Is NO Project Runway

I've been wanting to blog about this new show called "The Fashion Show" for a few weeks but there were more serious issues more pressing. But readers of this blog know I have a silly; often a lighter-side when it comes to my TV viewing habits. A friend told me a couple of years ago when she came to visit and she saw "Flavor of Love" on my TV. She looked at me with a thoughtful look and said: "You know Mo, some people will not know you hold a graduate degree with some of your ridiculous TV viewing habits." That got a laugh for me but hey, Flavor of Love was some riveting television. Though I can't believe Flava would flip his socially conscious (even with a few screws loose) image of Public Enemy for that show. It was funny! And don't knock the funny. But I digress.

Back to this Fashion Show. Let me just say this: I'M NOT BUYING IT! (All pun from one of the show's host, Isaac Mizrahi is intended). Though I LOVE Mizrahi and his credibility as a fashion designer. Don't care for Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child credibility for fashion - just check out the costumes DC wore for a few years in their career and I rest my case. And it's not because she's a singer; hey I LOVE GWEN STEFANI'S style and applaud her for creating a fashion line.

I just think this show was a rip off from Project Runway. And I don't care how you imitate one of my guilty pleasures on TV, you can NEVER duplicate it! I'm sorry. Rowland is no Heidi Klum. She may use the "hanging by a thread" line all she wants but I want to hear Klum say "Awwfidezen (goodbye)" to someone or to the Fashion Show.

And Mizrahi doesn't bring the pananche of Tim Gunn. Who am I to see looking through his glasses at up-and-coming designers unique designs and use some $100 words for why it's all wrong. I mean like "Kotto, what are you doing here . . . I see classy but is it "avant-garde?" She gives some reasonings for her direction and Gunn still looks skeptical "Well Make it work" He said as he walks to the next designer.

See no one makes it work on "The Fashion Show." And I've watched four episodes and they are BORING. This is where I miss Nina Garcia, one of the Judges on Project Runway; Runway fanatics know you don't bore Nina! Sew something crazy that will leave folks scratching their heads but DON'T EVER BE BORING. Who's the final judge I'm missing? Oh, Michael Kors. Love Kors! You knew (as a viewer) he's going to refer an outfit to a Jewish Relative somewhere or an iconic TV show or Film. I'm like Dang, Michael how many movies have you watched?

And there are more things I could fuss about like the no innovation of ideas from this crop of designers and their producers. I mean seriously, Runway had people go into the grocery store and make eye-catching designs from produce while the Fashion Show wanted to see how they could "hem." Are you kidding me! I'm not seeing anyone tearing apart a car and make a red-carpet design from the car furnishings or attachments.

So for those neophytes who don't know why Runway is not on the air for a year and half (the horror). Well it's this thing called "litigation" or law suits for regular folks. There's been a war going on with Bravo and Lifetime - two cable channels. Runway was supposed to finish its season last year with Bravo and start its new home at Lifetime. But I guess Bravo, after the deal was done, saw what they are going to miss and have been throwing road blocks at Lifetime and Project Runway ever since. So the viewers are left wanting of new episodes until they get their act together.

In the meantime, Bravo brings this new show that looks like "Runway" but it sucks. I'm just saying . . .So to Bravo and Lifetime, I don't care how you negotiate and renegotiate your terms, please make it work and bring us OUR PROJECT RUNWAY.

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