Friday, July 24, 2009

An Officer And A Gentleman

There's one advantage to switching more to a weekly blog cuz of my schedule and that is you have some time to look at some news story from various ends before writing your first reaction. But sometimes, I feel such advantage defeats the purpose of a blog - instant reaction.

What am I talking about? Oh the whole Skip Gates (aka Henry Louis Gates) and the Cambridge Officer, Sergent James Crowley incident. As a person who knows Boston quite well, let me say I'm not shocked by the incident. Just today, one of my Uncles told me a friend (who's black) of his gets stopped by the police most times he's going in to check on one of the properties he OWNS. I guess because they might not think a brother could won a property others rent from him.

Anyhoo, the story reached a bowling point when my President decided to answer the last question from the snoozefest (I mean the Healthcare Reform Press Conference) from Lynn Sweeney about Skip. Check it out:

But folks didn't hear the whole reasoning Obama made about racial profiling. What they focused on were two words: "Acted Stupidly" in relation to the Cambridge Police. I'm glad Obama didn't give a "politically correct" speech even though it would have served him better but the Cambridge Police did act stupidly if you slapped handcuffs on a 68 (not 58 per police report) year old man walking with a cane in his OWN HOME.

Now I truly believe that a little guilt should be given to Gates for overreaction but think about the irony of the situation, Skip is a Professor who's made his life's mission studying about race, tracing black folks' "roots," etc, to be the subject of what he's taught. I also believe that there was some serious EGO going on with Sergent James Crowley to make an example of Skip for standing to him which he had the right - it WAS HIS HOME. Do I think race played a significant role in all this? Well in the words of an Aunt: I don't care about the whole spin, all I know is if Skip was a white man, he wouldn't have been placed in handcuffs. And for me: I'll say in the words of the X-files - THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

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