Friday, July 17, 2009

Richard Jefferson's Foul Play

I'm an NBA fan (as followers of this blog know) but I wouldn't have thought during the off-season, many players (literally and figuritively speaking) would have much action going on off-the- court.

The news story that broke a couple of days ago was former New Jersey Nets and newly acquired San-Antonio Spurs player called a time-out on his $2 million wedding two hours before event. I remember thinking how did he break it off with the girl? Were both of them cool with it that the marriage wasn't going to work out? Then I thought, ok this doesn't go well with the "gay rumors" that have plagued Jefferson for a few seasons. In the words of "Seinfeld" - not that there's anything wrong with that! (Being gay that is)

Only to find out today, that this Negro broke up with the fiancee via e-mail 48 hours before the wedding but didn't tell his folks who were on their way to the wedding till two hours before the event. Now I cry FOUL to that move. I won't call him a punk, but that was a "punkish" move.

Let me go all Carrie on you from Sex and The City for a minute: When you become of age as a man, you need to learn the rules of the breakup. You need to learn how to be what's the word I'm looking for . . . CLASSY! Show that the person you were involved with (not to talk of about to marry) means something more to you than just a cheap thrill. And that means you don't break up with the girl with a phone, a stand off, an E-MAIL, text, or a "post-it" note. Get it?

And the nerve for you to buy her off (which you said wasn't so) with a "Six-figure settlement" afterwards when the news broke for her to "move on" is more CLASSLESS - what is she ? A high-priced hooker? Do these brothers think? Your defense was she's still one of your best friends. Huh! Gosh, I hate to think how you treat your enemies, if that was a "best friends" action.

In closing, my memo to you is to get your head together for yourself. Go see some therapist or something and learn why a 29-year old (ok, that's a year too young in my books to consider marriage for a guy) still doesn't know who he is - gay or straight.

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