Friday, July 17, 2009

The Question Is . . .

So in my extremely busy schedule, I managed to catch the highlights of the snoozefest (need those these days) called the SCOTUS confirmation hearings for Sonia Sotomayor. I get it that every nominee has to go through this protocol, what I don't get is that in the year 2009, with a historic President, I can still count on U.S. Senators to play up racial and sexist stereotypes during the hearings.

As a woman and a person of color, it made me wince when words like "major meltdown," "temparament," "got some 'xplaining to do" - I'm looking at you Sen. Lindsay Graham could perpetuate the ridiculous stereotype women (for the first two instances) and folks of color (showing you're hip with some colloquaism) have had to deal with.

Anyhoo, if you don't believe me, here are some highlights from the good folks of The Daily Show:
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Another point I want to make is why do we keep having these hearings when you will NEVER know how these nominees are really going to vote when they get to the Supreme Court? It's called the "Ginsberg Rule" - named after one of our nine SCOTUS, who will give vague answers about controversial topics such as gun laws, abortion, etc. And many nominees after her have followed the same rule. Use "hypothetical" "abstract" as words that say you can't give an opinion on an instance. So what these senators have is to go by their records - the cases they've already JUDGED on.

The person Sotomayor is going (SHE WILL BE CONFIRMED) to replace David Souter was known to have hoodwinked the Senators because former President George H.W. Bush nominated him and many thought he was going to be "CONSERVATIVE" that some Democrats fought his nomination but over 20 years in the Supreme Court, he was known as the court's most LIBERAL of the judges.

What's the lesson here amidst the ridiculous questions of her heritage, gender, etc. The lesson is as long as she's undeniably qualified (not like Dubya's Harriet Mayers he tried to nominate but never served on a bench) and wasn't a proven racist (a word some conservatives have just found) then just go right ahead and confirm her.

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