Sunday, March 22, 2009

25 Random Things? Well Maybe Less

I wasn't lost on the "25 Random Things" feature on the web for folks with blogs, facebook, etc earlier this year. I've had a shift with my time and to be honest, I just couldn't come up with 25 things others might not know about me - ok maybe I could come up with a lot but I also thought how do I share and still keep the air of mystery about who I am? I think I can manage to do both, so here goes:

Born in the USA but I've traveled and/or lived in four continents before the age of eighteen. I guess that helped shaped the way I see the world. For example, a couple of years ago when folks kept saying then Sen. Barack Obama wasn't black enough, it baffled me. My aunt had to remind me that as much as I saw myself as an American, I have more of "world" view and not the "American" view on things. I'm still wondering if she's right.

Those who are close to me call me "Mo" which is part of my first name and the initials of my first and last name (got that) among other affectionate terms. But you better have known me before using that because my first name is short enough. A late friend found that out the hard way, he was my then college roomate's boyfriend (and later her husband) and I was meeting both of them for the first time. When I introduced myself, he said "can I call you Mo?" Without missing a beat I replied "No you can't." He was taken aback, then I replied "only my friends call me that." "Well I'd like to get to the point you can call me a friend." He became one of the best I've had.

Yes my name is a conversation starter. I've just resigned myself that (given a unique name) is part of my lot in life - so go with the humor.

I'm a night owl. I don't understand early risers who are truly AWAKE in the morning. I need some coffee to function before 10 am.

I'm a foodie. Willing to try all kinds of ethnic foods unless I'm gross out from the onset what went into making the food. So one of the things I love (before the recession) was checking out different kinds of restaurant or hole-in-the-wall places with great food. My favorite cuisine? Don't have one. It used to be Italian, then I discovered Thai (which I thought was an expensive version of Chinese food) some years ago and I was hooked. Thai food is still more expensive than Chinese but definitely not the same. For one, Thai is healthier and spicier (my kind of forte).

So how do I keep my lean (with sharp curves) frame if I love good food? See, I try this novel concept called working out:-) I'm also fortunate to have great genes.

I don't smoke. I find the smell disgusting . . . not to talk of what it does to your health.

I don't drink (at all) but I'm down for a good rum cake. Lol! A few waiters have chided me on not even having a brand of wine, in their words "to truly complete a meal." For me, dessert completes my meal. How about that!

How do I relax? You will find me at a bookstore (have a knack for the used-books bookstore), at the beach, or a basketball game.

So what am I reading? I'm one of those weird folks who read about four books at a time including periodicals. I'm reading the current Vanity Fair (with our President on the cover), Vogue (with our First Lady on the cover), "O" (the historical cover where Oprah shares the spotlight with you guessed it "Michelle Obama), and I'm reading one of my Christmas gifts "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

What else do I consider a hobby? Readers of this blog can tell I love music. Who do I listen to? Many! The King of Pop (Michael Jackson) will always be in my playlist. Love Prince, Stevie. All kinds of Motown singers. Michael McDonald, Hall & Oates (they put up a great concert), New Edition etc. Don't do country much. But I heart Dolly Parton (one of my Parents' taste from childhood which stuck) and Kenny Rogers (also from childhood, he gives you lessons in life like knowing when to hold 'em, fold 'em or run:-) What about some new cats? I love me some Robin Thicke! Ne-Yo (great songwriter and singer) Will-i-am (I love that he's also an activist with his music) Lupe Fiasco. Gospel? I love Clint Brown (Gospel's version of Michael McDonald), Israel, The Winans, Commissioned.

I wish I had a poker face - can't tell what I'm thinking . My loved ones rib me for having a very expressive face even if I'm not saying a word. You will know if I don't like you , you bore me, or I'm not buying a word you say.

What do I find sexy in a guy? I think the brain could be the sexiest part of a guy's anatomy - if he develops it. There's nothing more disappointing to me than a guy in tip-top physical shape and you find out his brain hasn't got the same rigor of training. I find a guy who's comfortable in his own skin sexy. And I believe there's some truth to whoever said "a woman laughing is a woman conquered." Have a good sense of humor PLEASE!

I think the world's religious crisis will be solved if folks took a look at my family. I'm part of a family who's had a Nun (Rest in Peace) who used to babysit me and my brother. A Priest (found that out last year, and my first question to the person who delivered this news was "he's never gonna have sex?" To which she replied "that's the point Mo-"), a few Alhajis (a sizeable number of Muslims), one Jehovah Witness I knew of growing up, the Agnostics, and me who took a shift in my Parents' practicing faith some years ago. The way one of my agnostic Uncle responded after a good discussion about my so-called decision was "at least you still dress well." (LOL! Gosh you gotta love family). I believe if you're really secured in your faith, you don't have to tear anyone else's down.

What do I love about living in South Florida? The food! Ok aside from that, the people (you find all kinds of nationalities here) which fit with my international background and makes me more sensitive to other's cultures. And the weather . . . gotta love it. The hurricanes not so much but you pay a price for living in paradise.

What don't I love about living in South Florida? The traffic - makes me want to scream! Also, the people too sometimes because they quickly want to box you into one cultural group. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked if I'm Jamaican or someone just starts speaking Creole (assuming I'm Haitian), or Spanish. Then when you speak English, people say you "speak so well." I never say thank you . . . I'm supposed to speak "well." That's when sometimes, I feel like being up north again.