Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Must Talk About "Idol"

I must admit American Idol has lost some of its lustre since I first fell in love with the show from its inception. My favorite season will still be the year Fantasia was crowned winner. There was just so much talent in that group including one later Oscar winner - Jennifer Hudson.

Since then, I've enjoyed Idol for the most part for its auditions. Oh admit it! That is one of the best guilty pleasures on TV: Hearing William Hung innocently singing "She bangs" to the disgust of Simon but Hung using that minute of audition to the longest 15 minutes of fame I've ever seen. I just like to laugh at folks who are convinced they can sing, nay, sing professionally and can't carry a tune.

But this season (as well as last season with two "Davids) have been quite special and I won't go into bringing a new judge (Kara) - I think she brings something different (in a good way) because whether you want to admit it or not Paula (Abdul) may be sweet but she can drive you nuts - at least for me. Let's here it for Simon! (Love him!) And don't get me started on Randy with all the Dawg, Dude, pitchy - did I miss any other over-used word from Randy's judging?

So it comes to this season and boy, there are some mad talent. Used the word "boy" for a reason because the edge of talent (as last year) goes to the guys. The gals with such promise are Lil Rounds and Allison Irahert (I can't believe that girl is 16 - SHE CAN SING!) Which girl did I deliberately omit - MEGAN! Why is she still there? America, Get the wax off your ears! I know the girl is stunning but this is A SINGING COMPETITION for crying out loud!

Hear my case out against Megan: I'm going to concentrate on two major weeks out of the last three (excluding Country week) which featured Michael Jackson's songs and last week dedicated to Motown. And in my humble opinion, I can speak of those two weeks with authority.

On the week for Michael Jackson songs the girl picked OF ALL SONGS Rocking Robin - Seriously! A song Jackson did when he was a boy - come on! She was horrible! But they sent the wrong person home. Then last week came and the girl killed (and not in a good way) one of my fave artists song - Stevie Wonder's "for once." OMG! And you guys chose to let her stay again and voted the nice guy (Michael - the oil rigger) off. So he wasn't that good but he wasn't the worst - It was MEGAN! Please vote her off!

Then you guys did another unthinkable and put Matt Giraud (a guy with real soul) in the bottom three after a stirring Marvin Gaye "let's get it on." But then again, it might be the curse of being first - folks tend to forget the person who was the first to start off the competition.

So who are the top contenders on the guys side. No doubt, the final two that will be left standing at the end of this competition will be good guy Danny Gokey and glam rock dude Adam Lambert. And the edge? If I can look in my crystal ball (lol) I will give it to Adam - just judging the two weeks of Jackson and Motown, he's overtook Danny who's been playing it safe - a kiss of death in the music business.

Hear me out: On Jackson week, Adam did "Black and white" and nailed it! What did Danny do? P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) - Oh Gosh Danny, haven't you heard of song choice? You couldn't pick out something that will show your powerful vocals? How about "man in the mirror?" You would have KILLED IT (In a good way). But check out Adam:

Then Motown came and I really didn't give Adam much chance, I thought the glam rock thing will get in the way of the "soul" of Motown music but I'm glad I was proven wrong. The boy flipped the script even to his look. And to sing Smokey's song when he was serving as mentor - that takes balls (no pun intended). And "tracks of my tears" hold a special place in my heart especially the version with the duet with Michael McDonald and the late Ray Charles. Adam got it! Whatever "it" is, he got it!