Friday, March 20, 2009

The Pope and Condoms - Oh No!

File this musing as "things that make you go hmmm." Or things that make you go WHAT? It's about the red-loafer wearing pope saying condoms make AIDS worse. And of all places to say this scratch-of-the-head notion is to say it in a continent (Africa) where AIDS is an epidermic.

Did I mention this was the Pope's first trip to Africa? What a way to bring good tidings I say. I find it confounding that he will bring his standards of vow of celebacy to preach chastity is the only way to solve the AIDS crisis.

This shows the ignorance of many about the wonderful continent. Millions who have died of AIDS there didn't do so because they couldn't get enough SEX. Many were women who have been married to just ONE HUSBAND and many of these women didn't know they had AIDS while they were pregnant from their cheating husbands, so the virus went to the children. And the cycle continues with children dying of this horrific disease.

So if the Vatican wants to solve this problem. How about start with educating girls and women. I remember hearing a famed author saying "educate a man, educate an individual, educate a woman, educate a community." You might start in empowering these women about their bodies and futures and it might come in the courage to tell the jokers to have some CONDOM SENSE. And their communities will thrive instead of being ravaged by the virus which leads to many deaths and worse economic status to those left behind.

And then you might want to start donating money to hospitals who can't keep enough medicines for HIV-infested individuals to lead as normal of lives they can and not see it (the virus) as a death sentence.

The Pope says AIDS can't be cured using condoms? Ok what does he propose (besides abstinence)? I've given him a couple of pointers in this blog, it's time for him to build upon them and care about the lives of Africans and not some religious dogma.