Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mishmash of Musings

I have a lot on my mind and about to give the rundown of my musings:

The President's Prime-Time Press Conference: Is CNN's Ed Henry's jaw off the floor yet after the President put him in his place. In case you missed it, it was when Henry asked Pres. Obama why he didn't show the "outrage" (and y'all know from last week how I love that word - not) after the AIG executives bonus mess and waited two (a lifetime in Media) days to give a response and the Prez' sharp comeback was (paraphrased): I like to know to what I'm talking about before I speak. OH SNAP! In your face Henry! You've just been posterized.

Ok let me get back to my dignified self. Perhaps I enjoyed the exchange because I could relate to some folks getting on your last nerves, and knowing how to wield the sword of the tongue just so that the words will only be a "flesh wound" - you'll feel the impact but it won't be damaging or deadly. One of my guy friends sagely observed a while back: "You know what Mo, you have a way with words that it takes a minute for someone to catch you've just insulted him." I just had an innocent smile on my face (I'm not admitting to anything).

The Party Of No: Seriously, can somebody send a memo to the Republican party that they need to REALLY get a message and it shouldn't be all about saying NO to stuff to make our lives better. It seems they're in the "terrible twos" stage except these guys and gals are full grown. You want to fix the economy? No! You want to fix the environment? No! You want to increase benefits to our veterans? No! What about the broken health care system? No! How about we increase taxes lightly to go back to the 90s (when more millionaires were created) and stop giving tax breaks to less than 10 percent of the society? Double NO! Get the picture?

You Need to Catch Prince On Tonight Show: If you haven't seen Prince the past two nights on Tonight Show with Jay Leno, you don't know what you're missing but you still have one more chance - Friday night. Ok I'm a bit biased because I'm a fan but I just saw his second showing 45 minutes ago (a bit tamer than last night) but still with punch. I can't (well I can) believe someone could speak on socially conscious talks (i.e race matters) and do so with funk!

As Prince strummed his guitar as if it was the first time (I just noticed the pun in my words, anyhoo), I thought to myself I don't care for the metrosexual look but Prince can wear all the high heels, guy liner (eye liner to us ladies) and shiny fabrics all he wants and still be all "MAN." NO other guy will get away with that.