Sunday, March 8, 2009

Some Pop-Culture Musings

OK Guys I haven't done this in a while - giving my rapid fie response with all things that have bombarded us during the week. So here are my musings:
The Bachelor is Public Enemy #1: ABC's new bachelor Jason Mesnick is setting most folks off with his proposal to Melissa then having second thoughts about the proposal six weeks later for the first runner-up Molly.

Can I just say this: I am SO HAPPY that I didn't get sucked into this show since I saw and watched the very first installment some years ago. I wouldn't have known about this if it wasn't for my Aunt who watched the finale (and very angry about the outcome) and then my TV screen being hijacked the next morning.

Let me say this: The guy shouldn't have broken up with her on camera - THAT WAS A PUNK MOVE! Have some dignity for goodness sake! Nobody was expecting you to marry her - have you seen the track record of marriages for that show? Zero percent. So do what others expect you to do - break up with her privately in four to six months. I'm just saying.

Also, what was up with all the crying!!! OMG! Ok, I'm not for a guy not revealing his emotions; we've come a long way from the cave-man era but COME ON! The guy didn't lose any loved one, his favorite team who's been losing for a lifetime (like Boston Red sox before four years ago) didn't finally win a championship, and he wasn't getting married on his wedding day. So what is the problem? HUH!

The OctoMom Should Shut-Up Already: Is it only me who's fed up with the Octomom's story being called news for three weeks. Seriously!

We get it (no we don't) that you love being a mother to point you will have 14 with no means to support them and you don't want our help (but you could set up a website asking for donations) or the government's help (but it shows you're getting almost $500 in food stamps).

Now all we ask is for you to do what you're supposed to do - find a way to raise those kids and stop giving another interview everyday of the week about your plans, plastic surgeries (or the lack thereof as you said, even though the Angelina Jolie look is uncanny) and your parents' issues.

Jacko (I mean Michael Jackson) Is Back! So the King of Pop announced his comeback saying "this is it!" But why is this Jackson fan (moi) not that excited! I don't know, perhaps his off-the-wall (pun intended) appearances haven't really convinced me he's ready but I will gladly change my mind if in five minutes of the so-called concert, he shows he could still moonwalk and show the mad crazy moves of "smooth criminal." Until then, I'd like Jacko to "beat it!"

I'm Not Watching "WatchMen:" I love superhero movies but why do I have a blah attitude towards the much-buzzed movie "Watchmen?" Simple, I don't get what it's about! I've never read the comic (which apparently debuted in the mid 80s) and don't know the premise.

See, most superhero movies are uncomplicated (in a little complicated) way. But don't give me a complicated movie with complicated characters (they were good but became bad because of some conspiracy theory government). I need to escape at the movies NOT GET CONFUSED!

In the meantime, I'll stick with Superman, Spiderman, the Hulk (nobody likes it when he's angry), Ironman, and my favorite BATMAN!

Michael Steele Is An Aliminium: You want to support a "brother" who heads an opposing party even if you think (ok know) that the said party (the GOP) is only using him because another brother (Barack Obama) got elected to the highest office. But what you can't support is a brother who seems to have lost his spine and for the love of all things decent he was named "Steele."

How do you explain a guy like Michael Steele who said what most thought of Rush Limbaugh then go crawling back to him apologizing for saying the RIGHT thing.

That is NOT BEING A LEADER. You should be a leader when it is convenient and when it's not and that might mean speaking truth to power (even though the notion of thinking Limbaugh is in a "powerful" state makes me cringe).

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