Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Man Lays Hands

There are times I wish I wasn't proven right especially when I shed light to things like domestic abuse others don't want to talk about. I wrote about the Chris and Rihanna drama over a week ago and I called to carpet men for staying silent and Preachers (overwhelming men) who deal with this matter as hush-hush.

So imagine seeing it as ironic exactly a week after I wrote about the above, hearing one of my favorite gospel artists, Bebe Winans was charged with assault on his ex-wife.

As I left my church service this afternoon, the song "I'm lost without you" by Bebe and Cece was playing on my radio, and I must admit it didn't do anything for me because I was reminded about the cloud of an alleged domestic assault surrounding Bebe.

Now I'm not saying because he's a Gospel artist, he's any different from Chris Brown; he's STILL A MAN. Hence the reason I have a problem with preachers who choose to stay silent and rappers who support their boys to the point of one of them opening his mansion (Hi Diddy).

I'm begging these guys to get professional help. To find the source of their anger and not use any woman as a scapegoat for their issues. I'm also begging guys who swear they won't hit any woman but choose to remain silent and support their friends who do. Your silence is DEAFENING! And in this case, your silence is not golden - IT IS JUST PLAIN YELLOW.

Tag: Domestic Abuse