Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Disastrous Game

We (my family and friends) just finished watching the Heat and Hawks Game 1 and we are in the slumps right now. Gosh! What was that? So here I was planning the rest of my evening around this game at 8pm because this was supposed to be the GAME! A number four seed (Hawks) and the number five seed (Heat) team who are both evenly matched and the series could go either way. But what we got was a blowout (by almost thirty points). Did I mention this was the PLAYOFFS?

You know people are depressed because normally my cell phone would be ringing with some funny texts about some play or even after the win of the game. None came during or after the game and I didn't send any - why bother? This game was a dud!

I can't believe the Heat. I can't believe this is a Pat Riley orchestrated defense (none tonight) minded team. I can't believe this was a game by one of the superstars (D-Wade) in the league who might I add is one of the contenders of the MVP award. It was a sorry sight for all our eyes. The Heat was just lethagic, couldn't buy a basket and pretty much defeated long before the fourth quarter. I thought they might have been partying last night but one of the folks in the living room told me they had a curfew. So what was the problem?

I could count many . . . but I just want to forget this game ever existed and I hope the Heat team do the same and make a statement come Wednesday (I hope).