Sunday, April 5, 2009

What Ever Happened To Calling?

I've wanted to blog about this particular musing for a couple of weeks and it is directed to our male counterparts. So here I was stumbling out of my place of work late one night to get home and crash. I flipped open my cell phone to turn on my usual silent ringer while at work when I noticed I had a text message.

The number from the text message was blocked but it was from some guy I don't know who said he got my number from somebody I knew and saying "I bet you can't guess who I am . . ." (No Negro or whoever you are, because you have your number blocked and this is not the first way to communicate with me if I DON'T KNOW YOU). Then this guy had the audacity to say on text to check him out online with his profile address.

"What the . . ." That's how I felt and I thought to myself what makes this joker think I'll be interested in him and he's starting on a bad note when he is telling me to check him out - BOY! And I use the term "boy" intentionally because though through this nameless guy profile address, I could see the guy was IN HIS 30s due to the smarty pants putting his birth year in the address. Seriously, when do you grow up to be a man and put away childish things?

It shouldn't surprise anyone that I never checked the profile - I AM NOT INTERESTED! But if I ever was, this guy would never get such intrigue from a person like me. You don't text a girl you want to get to know, you use text messaging as an extra incentive (not the MAIN SOURCE) for communication.

For example guys: Using a text to set a date (especially in the first stage of a getting to know you) - WRONG! Using a text after you've been on a date and just to drop a quick note you had a good time - CUTE! THUMBS UP!

Gosh! Whatever happened to chivalry. You know being the gentleman, doing something in a proper way like opening the door and not letting it slam in a girl's face as she walks behind you, oh this word called "etiquette." You are smart for doing so.

And going back to the "texting boy," as it ever occured to him there is an appeal when a girl hears a guy's voice. Perhaps I might think does he have an aversion to the phone because he has oh let's see a "Michael Jackson" type of voice - thumbs down unless you're singing. And I'm not saying you need to have a "Barry White" type of voice - though kudos if you do. Then I'll have to ask myself if he has that kind of voice because he has a face for radio. I'm just saying . . . But let me figure that out for myself.

In the meantime guys, go back to a simpler time. Understand that though we are modern girls, a lot of us still have vintage souls. Rediscover this genius invention by Alexander Graham Bell called the phone, it is still a very cool tool. Then from the phone, we can decide if we want to see you face to face, better yet, that's when you use this extra tool called the text - send us your picture so we don't get rude awakening. After the meeting, then you can text with a cute thought - we get to see another side of you. Now it's that so hard . . .