Friday, April 3, 2009

My "Summit" Musings

It's FRIDAY! And you didn't think I'll go away from this without my international musings about my comrades across the pond. So here are my thoughts about about the historical trip of the Obamas:
That is one telegenic couple if I must say so myself: Oh admit it! You were thinking the same thing when you saw that picture our first couple landing in London. That picture looked like something that could be in Vogue. Shucks! Too late . . .they've already been in Vogue.

As the British said: "They look like they could be in a toothpaste commercial." And you know some of the British should recognize folks in a "toothpaste commercial" because dental hygiene is not something they excel at - I'm just saying . . . have you seen their teeth? Cigarettes and liquor have done a number on those former baby pearly whites.

But I digress, about the Obamas - what a way to make an entrance. Let's here it for the first couple of cool!

The First Lady of J.Crew: J.Crew needs to kiss the ground Michelle Obama walks on for making their store one of the only ones relevant in this deep recession. Even a family member asked me last night if I've ever shopped at J.Crew because of the publicity this company is getting.

Checked out that cardigan on my left, that's from you guessed it - J.Crew, which made the site crash hours later and sold out in hours on the site along with the $158 skirt (also by J.Crew) worn with the cardigan.

This is not the first time J.Crew has been getting this kind of frenzy. It started way back in October (during the whole Sarah Palin $150K fashion-gate) and Michelle appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno where her whole ensemble was J.Crew for about $350.

According to reports, the outfit she wore that night in October saw over 400 percent hits on the Web than previously before Michelle wore the clothes and the company's stock (literally) has shot up over 10 percent. Did I mention we were in an economic downturn?

The Obamas Meet the Queen (and the Prince): Was it only me who got fed up of all the "etiquette" tips for the Obamas for meeting the Queen? "Don't extend a hand until she does." "Don't speak unless you're spoken to" "Don't hold her hand too longer than usual." Oh shut up! (that's how I felt).

Then the meeting FINALLY happened and it seemed to go well but then all hell broke loose about some PDA (Public Display of Affection for those of you not hip to the lingo) between Michelle and the Queen. What's wrong with embracing someone or just extending an arm as a form of compassion? It was as if the first lady committed the unpardonable sin. Oh Gosh! The news kept spinning until Buckingham Palace had to release a statement. Read that again, they released a statement about a PDA. You've gotta be kidding me!

Has it ever dawned on these "etiquette" police people that perhaps the Queen liked that someone showed her some PDA and not put her in this bubble she's been living in for over 50 years. That she could actually be a REAL PERSON! And according to reports, she extended arms first towards Michelle - the HORROR!

Now to some serious stuff, what was up with those PROTESTERS? I guess they've never heard the term "civil disobedience" by Henry David Thoreau which motivated folks like Gandhi and Dr. King. You can protest without being a nuisance like destroying everything in sight.

And another thing about these protesters, they all had different agenda why they were protesting. Some wanted to "eat the bankers," others were for "Palestines" and some were just there for show. Hel-lo, you guys need to get schooled on the act of protesting from one group - black people.
You fight for one common goal at a time: the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Education, Voting Rights, etc. Get the picture? So new rules to the act of protesting: New rules, unless y'all can agree on ONE THING to protest about so folks could hear you clearly, GET SOME REST OR GO TO A MEETING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU'RE PROTESTING ABOUT.