Friday, April 3, 2009

Why I Don't Facebook or Twitter

Just about a couple of months ago, I was engaged in a family discussion about "Facebook" and why most of them in the room were on it but I'm yet to join. Simple: I don't like showing my face! To which a person now like a brother (joined to the family by marriage) said - "Oh please, I bet if someone searches the Internet, they could find your picture." "Then they have nothing better to do with their time." I responded.

Besides, I only gave my picture for an article on the Internet because it was required. And what do I care, as some folks have said, my face changes depending on the hairstyle. I remember when a friend of my sister's said once the first time he met me "you look different from your pictures." I asked him after that question "was that a good or bad thing?" "Good thing" he responded. "Good answer" I thought and smart guy.

And I don't have much time to "update my status" as Facebook users seem to do. Since then Twitter has taken off and I have problems with that too because I DON'T LIKE BEING TRACKED! I was the person as a teenager who said if a guy gives me a beeper to track me, I'll drop him. That's how I see Twitter, "Right now I'm going to lunch at . . ." Who freaking cares?

Anyhoo, I never say never. I might join the Facebook craze soon (if I feel the need for it). But it will be at my own time . . . like I do everything else in life.