Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Propose To You . . . With A Fake Ring

Every now and then I come up on a story that makes me think of how I'll react in the same situation and blog about it here. One such story I read was: In this time of recession, more men are proposing with (gasp) Cubic Zirconia. Ok hold up! Has it got that bad now, that one of the most poignant parts of one's life - being proposed to has to be signaled with a fake (ok, imitation) ring?

Most friends of mine will tell you I'm not impressed by flash. I admit it takes a lot more to impress me. And I don't think you need to bankrupt yourself with an engagement or wedding when you need to think more about the marriage. But come on! This is hard to stomach; if you truly love someone, you will sacrifice and get a proper engagement ring. I don't care if it is a half or one carat you can afford. Get the real thing dammit!

I'm just saying . . .it reminded me of a peculiar family situation over a year ago. Somebody I know well proposed to a girl he's been seeing. So when I ask him, how was the ring? He told me he didn't give her a ring right then but wanted her to know she's the one. You know I took a semester of "Logics" in college and I think for an already extremely "logical" person like me, it makes me really confused when someone doesn't make sense.

You see, logics tell you, "if this condition, then that result." If you propose based on the love you have for her (the condition), the result should be a ring. And oh I made my point clear to this family culprit I love dearly . I was like "scuse me."He repeated what he said (I heard him the first time just wanted to be sure) Then I ask, why he proposed. "Because I love her" he said. "Will the love change in six months or more to save to buy a ring?" I asked. He got testy -"You know what Mo, not every girl is like you" (strike one). "That is for damn certain " I retorted (I can give it just as I take it.)

I've thought about that exchange after I read this article and though I may not agree (all the way) with the way my family member handled his proposal, I hold him in high regard because at least he chose to wait to give his fiancee the real thing instead of a replica.

I propose this question to the readers: Is it okay to propose with a fake ring (and may be wait for the real thing later) or wait and buy the real thing then propose?