Friday, April 24, 2009

So We DO Torture; What a Surprise (NOT!)

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. Why are folks acting all shocked when the "torture memos" were released or how the Bush admistration concorted stories of keeping us safe.

Oh sorry, they didn't use the word "torture" as Dubya infamously said "we don't torture," no they use "enhanced interrogation techniques."

That euphemistic term really gets my blood boiled up as initial readers of this blog have found out. It is wrong, wrong, wrong to use torture. Don't call it enhanced interrogation techniques when there is waterboarding, walling, stripping with shock plugs to some private parts, sleep deprivation among other deplorable acts - that is TORTURE!

You know during the Democratic Convention in August, former President Bill Clinton (don't you love him) made this profound statement about how we deal with our National Security: that we are not to show the world the example of our power, but the power of our example. I doubt Darth Vader (I mean Dick Cheney) knows what that means when he's had some secretive stuff while in office like how in the world he could be the only one to remove his place of residence out of Google Earth. I'm just saying . . . and can he just disappear already instead of doing the undignified thing of criticizing the current administration left and right to anyone who will put a microphone in front of him.

So like I previously said, many Americans are so shocked and expressing their various "outrage" over these memos - whether for or against the release. And who better than to show these views than two of my fave guys on TV - Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

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Don't you just love Shephard Smith (a former South Florida News Anchor)? Smith and Chris Matthews are the glimmer of hope for Fox News (I actually watch that network just to laugh, like after Pres. Obama clinched the win for Presidency - I know I need help)

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