Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Boys Are Jealous Cuz The Girl Can Play

I love basketball but you wouldn't find me at a WNBA game anytime soon (or ever). I'm all for female equality but that is one area I just prefer to see the bodies diving for loose balls, flying in the air for insane dunks, and flexing their biceps after great plays to be MEN.

Yes I'm proud to say I'm a feminist and I tried to watch the WNBA in its inception with Sheryl Swoopes, Theresa Witherspoon, Lisa Leslie and company but there was just something (actually a lot) missing. It was (and still is) difficult for me to watch female basketball games (both college and pro) when I fell in love with the game as a young girl watching the theatrics of Magic Johnson and the sky hooks of Kareem Abdul Jabaar of the ShowTime Lakers to relegating myself to a league of layups (I mean the WNBA). Ok Lisa Leslie finally did a slam dunk a few years ago but how long did that take?

So why did I take an exception to this story about a 12 year old girl, Jaime Nared, who was kicked out of the boys team she was part of since second grade? The answer is: she was better than all of them. Also, it doesn't help the boys team case to kick Nared out a day after she had a 30-point effort against an all boys team. Hmm, hey boys, did your ego take a beating too?

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