Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sex And The City Movie

Hello Lover! You’ve been four years coming. I’ll put a brake on the puns of Sex And The City. Most SATC fans know the “hello lover” was Carrie’s greeting to some to-die-for-shoes and I, like many women was hooked. Yes SATC was a revelation to men and a revolution to their opposite sex.

Four women navigating their thirties and forties on having great careers and great or grim personal (yet public) lives. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha became household names; at least to the female households and males who dared to ask or were secret fans. They showed men how women really talk among themselves; let me let you in on a little secret guys, it’s even worse in real life.

Through Carrie’s keystrokes, the world learned the secret lives of her dear friends and her missteps in love with Mr. Big and others. Charlotte was the forever romantic (couldn’t stand her), Miranda was the realist (could hang with her), and Samantha was the unapologetic (LOVE her).

Here’s a side note: I don’t approve Samantha’s lifestyle but I love the notion of not caring what people thought of her and giving her friends straight up advice of how not to short-change themselves. Samantha literally stole the show. Ladies watched SATC for what Carrie was going to wear but Monday morning, they talked about what Samantha said.

So for four years, women have been subjected to SATC reruns and this weekend and others to come, they will be like birds free from their cages barging into movie theatres to catch up on the lives of their fictitious girl friends.

My advice to guys: don’t try to make sense of it. Schedule your own me time or some time with your boys. You’ve been trying to do so for a while anyway. Let your girl have her four to five hours girls night out. Don’t assume anything when she’s dressed to the nines just to see a movie. This is not just a movie; it is an EVENT.

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