Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Roland Martin Gets Some Loving

I have a confession to make: Roland Martin was not my favorite TV pundit; that accolade goes to Donna Brazille. I always felt Martin was just too hyper for me. And don't get me started on Jamal Simmons, who I feel is vying for a position in the cabinet if Barack Obama gets elected.

But about Martin, I've said in other conversations with friends, I needed a couple cups of coffee to listen to him. But over the past few weeks, he grew on me and now I actually look forward to hear his take on some ridiculous assessments his fellow conservative or white liberal colleagues might make.

Such was the case last night (I'm still searching YouTube for the Video) when the issue of the flag pin with the perception of patriotism (I can't believe we have such conversations). And the white guy I don't know was just going off on why Obama finally wore the flag pin on his lapel and you could almost feel Martin about to jump out of his skin about this B.S. from this guy.

When it got to Martin's turn via satellite, he called the white guy out on the stupidity of his comments. He reminded him that some folks were called unpatriotic a few years ago just because they questioned the iraq war. Martin was almost pleading for the American people to use their brains in this election. Wow, a pundit who actually believes Americans have brains; now that's a person I can give a second look.

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