Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Did The Refs Help the Lakers?

Anyone who knows me know I REALLY don't want to see the Spurs in the Finals. They are BORING!!! In fact, the most watchable person on that team isn't even playing; that will be Eva Longoria Parker. Be honest guys! I've been pulling against the Spurs since the first round when they played the Suns. But after watching one of the best games I've ever seen in Game 1 of that series with two (almost three) overtimes, I knew the Suns were toast. That was just a heart-wrenching loss most teams don't get over.

So on the next round and I was pulling against the Spurs again but they prevailed and you know who I'm pulling against now in the third round; you're right, the Spurs. According to ratings, I'm not alone. The ratings of last finals were absymal and so was 2005 finals; both featuring the Spurs.

But watching last night's game especially in the waning minutes, I couldn't help but form some conspiracy theory if the Zebras (I mean the Refs) weren't helping the Lakers in some form. There was a moment Kobe got entangled that I thought the Zebras should have called foul against him, but no call.

Then the most controversial non-call that's got every basketball talking today; the Derek Fisher of the Lakers and Brent Barry of the Spurs in the final seconds with Lakers leading by two. Barry is one of the deadliest three-point shooter I know, and it seems Fisher got a piece of him but the Zebras let it go and he missed the shot and the Lakers are just one game away from the Finals.

The "No Spurs in the Finals" part of me is happy but the logical and fairness part of me is wondering should the Zebras have made that call; I don't know . . . what say you?