Friday, May 30, 2008

Father Pflegler Joins The List

I'll be honest, at first I found the embeded video funny but then the logical side of my brain kicked in and it was: NOT AGAIN? Not another Pastor joining this election season's fray. Seriously!!!

What is it about this year's election with religion? We've had Rev. Wright - who is not a suprising preacher to most black folks but became a revelation (for lack of a better word) to the rest of America. Then you have the John Hagee and Rod Parsley? Oh boy! I'm still waiting on not seeing the videos over and over again on my TV like the Rev Wright's greatest hits.

Now, Father Michael Pfleger joins a growing list of Pastor problems. He is a friend of Sen. Barack Obama's Trinity Church in Chicago. Oh did you notice he's white? The Father must have spent a lot of time with some black preachers with all the contrived dictions associated with the black preacher. I'm just saying.

So now the hoopla is about what Father Pfleger said about Sen. Clinton's "crying." I'm not saying his perception is unfounded but come on! We are in a YouTube, Internet driving political charged atmosphere. Obama doesn't need the headache of trying to explain what happened in his church. Too late! He had to speak out against this latest Pastor Problem. Obama's statement was that he was "deeply disappointed" in Father Pfleger. Also, Father Pfleger released a statement of apology.

The apology reads: ''I regret the words I chose on Sunday. These words are inconsistent with Senator Obama's life and message, and I am deeply sorry if they offended Senator Clinton or anyone else who saw them," he said. Really Father! The tape doesn't lie. You were laughing on the tape before you said the words knowing it will get people talking.

Again, I would like for all this preacher fiasco to stop so we can get to the real issues. But my hope might be wearing thin, knowing that's not really sexy for the political pundits. Isn't that a shame?

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