Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ferraro Driving Me Nuts!

Aren't I woman too? So why am I dumbfounded everytime Geraldine Ferraro finds another willing camera to blast Sen. Obama and the media (specifically Tim Russert) for another exhibit of sexism? The latest camera is on FOX News, the enemy territory but who cares, air the dirty laundry of your party to folks who really would love to see that party's failure come November.

Ferraro is old enough to be my grandmother, so I want to give her all the respect she deserves for her contribution to society but she is really making it tough not to tune her out. I feel like calling her to the side to tell her she is tainting her legacy of feminist rights BIG TIME! The taint is coming from playing the victim; the antithesis of what the feminist movement is all about.

Making statements such as "all the surrogates that they had out there, from the black journalists — you know, have you read Bob Herbert recently in the past six months? There wasn't one column that had anything decent to say about Hillary." WTH! Bob Herbert is one of the most respectable journalists out there (black or white) and he calls it as he sees it regardless of race. So because he happens to be black, he automatically supports Barack Obama? Are you freaking kidding me?

Then she went after Tim Russert (this is where you could really see she's losing her bearings - all pun intended): "When Tim Russert came into the campaign and he went after Hillary in the debate, he had done that also when she ran for the Senate here in New York," Ferraro said. "And we complained about it then. He kind of almost was up on the stage helping her opponent." Ok Time-out! Russert goes after EVERYBODY!!! I guess Ferraro has been living in a bubble for many years for not watching Meet The Press or the parody on SNL. What does Ferraro want? Russert to ask Sen. Clinton easy questions and overlook her policy decisions? Then what is he getting paid for?

And don't even get me started on her perceived sexism from Obama. Ferraro saying Obama was belittling or demeaning Sen. Clinton for shrugging off the Philadephia debate - What? Let's be honest, Obama has gone out of his way to be very gracious to Clinton even with the latest RFK gaffe because he doesn't want to run the typical mudslinging political campaign.

So Ferraro, please do us all a favor especially for the future of women coming after you and stop playing the victim - it doesn't help our cause.

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