Monday, May 26, 2008

Sen. Clinton and the RFK Assassination Comment

This election season must be really draining when one of the smartest politicians starts throwing “assassination” comments around without realizing the impact of such word. I’m talking about Sen. Hillary Clinton of course defending her reason for staying in the race since her husband didn’t get the nomination till mid of June (not really true) and RFK was assassinated in June (chilling but true). I’m more confounded by the day why a person I long admired resorted to spinning some words and events to make a case for her candidacy.

As usual, the TV pundits had a field day dissecting what Sen. Clinton meant by the latest gaffe. Personally, I don’t think she meant any harm to Sen. Barack Obama but I find it hard to believe her excuse of having the Kennedys on her mind these past days as the reason for the controversial remark. Granted, the bad news of Sen. Ted Kennedy malignant brain cancer diagnosis has been on everyone’s minds but she made the same remark to TIME magazine back in March when there was no event about the Kennedys. So what gives?

It is becoming the modus operandi of Sen. Clinton a la Bosnia sniper attacks and now the RFK comment to spun events for her benefit. She can’t blame exhaustion when it can be proven she mentioned the same scenarios three other times. Also, she can’t compare RFK’s run with hers when he officially entered the race on March 16, 1968 before his assassination in June of the same year. Sen. Clinton has been in the race for over a year and winning Primaries since January – as usual, this is fuzzy math on her path just like her calculation for winning the “popular vote.”

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