Friday, November 14, 2008

Daniel Craig Returns As Bond

Time to get shaken not stirred with the new installment of Bond, James Bond. I'm looking forward to the Quantum of Solace played by the hunky Daniel Craig.

Now I've got to be honest, I was a bit apprehensive when I heard Craig was taking over the illustrous franchise a couple of years ago. He was blond (well, so was Roger Moore and I liked him) and wasn't well known (save for the independent film scene). So I went into the movie theatres to see "Casino Royale" with my guards up wondering if he could deliver. Oh yeah! He did so with pizzazz. This was not your Grandpa's bond (all due respect to the great Sean Connery).

Loved the movie! As soon as I left the theatre I text a family member saying "best action movie of the year!" as my review. It seems this bond will pick up from where the last one finished; Bond losing the love of his life. So expect some revenge masking as "duty" from 007, all kinds of out-of-this world action scenes, and for the guys, the Bond girls.

So enjoy yourself at the movies (as I will). I believe there will be some blockbuster record-breaking profits to get folks' minds off this recession. Also, as a PSA, enjoy your martinis respoinsibly.

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