Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PLEASE Pick Jesse

Now that Barack Obama is our President-Elect, we have no black person in the U.S Senate. Think about that for a minute, out of 100 Senate members, there is no African American. It's now left to the Governor of Illinois to make a critical decision to choose who will take Obama's former seat.

There are many viable candidates being passed around but my pick along with Chicago Defender's is Jesse Jackson, Jr. He is 43 years old, if selected he'll become the youngest member in the U.S Senate - wouldn't that be grand! And not only because he'll bring a fresh face to the Senate, he is qualified. He's spent 13 years in Congress, he was once named among the "Top 50 Lawmakers" in the Congress.

I know another name being tossed around is Emil Jones, who is also an African American, the President of the Illinois Senate and the "GodFather" who groomed Obama in Chicago politics. But here's the deal: Jones is 73 years old! We just elected our fifth youngest President EVER! Can't we start showing holding high public office is not just for the chronologically gifted? I'm just saying . . .

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