Thursday, November 6, 2008

Musings on Obama’s Victory

I’ve been in a surreal state for the past two days. Barack Obama as the President-Elect had to take some time for such feat to sink in my psyche even though I told a relative a couple of days prior to November 4th, that an African-American President for me, was not a far-fetched idea.

But I stayed on even-keel temperament after I cast my vote last week – my thoughts were I didn’t want to raise my hopes too high so I don’t become disappointed. I told an Aunt my young brain couldn’t take another presidential defeat for my said candidate that I’ve been subjected to for eight years.

After Obama’s victory, I thought to myself about my temperament in the past week and my average expectations. I wondered if people like me, especially African-Americans are so used to disappointments that they try not to dream big.

Don’t get me wrong; I had a quiet hope that Americans would really make the intelligent decision and stop trying to have a President they would like to have a beer with but someone who will inspire and perhaps, aspire them to their best selves. This was one of the reasons I was encouraging folks to vote and making the case for Barack Obama to one of my Latino friends who was still undecided on the eve of the election.

Since that fateful election night, I knew America made the right choice. The last time I saw people dancing in the streets in my neighborhood was after the Miami Heat’s NBA championship in 2006. So to see such jubilant expression for a presidential candidate was truly overwhelming.